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One of the biggest complaints we have heard from tattoo shop owners, and artists all over the nation is that numbing products alter the texture and elasticity of the skin, and cause issues with the tattooing process, and later with the healing process, resulting in an inferior tattoo.

That is a big part of the reason we here love Numbify so much. It doesn’t alter the skin texture or elasticity. In fact, most artists find skin numbed by Numbify to be easier to work with, and because of Numbify’s unique formulation, most report that their customers healed faster and with no damage to the end result.

A big part of that is Numbify’s commitment to only using the best ingredients available, and to using natural ingredients wherever possible. This makes for an all around better numbing experience, especially for tattoos.

It is well established in the cosmetics industry that natural ingredients do wonders for the skin. Without getting too heavily into the details, as every formulation is different, finding high quality natural ingredients is a HUGE priority for the cosmetic industry.

For whatever reason, this seems to not be the case when it comes to pharmaceuticals. Most over the counter pharma products are manufactured by the lowest bidder, using literally the cheapest ingredients that they can find, regardless of how that affects the end quality. This can cause irritations, and unhealthy skin. As we all know, if your skin isn’t in good condition, its not the right time for a tattoo.

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Numbify on the other hand actively seeks out better ingredients. Perhaps it is a part of their commitment to honest advertising, and actually listening to what their customers tell them, or maybe it’s just because the makers were raised in the Pacific Northwest, they know the value of natural ingredients and treating your body right.

Whatever the case is, Numbify seeks out natural ingredients whenever possible to improve their products. Now that raises an interesting question: what does wherever possible actually mean? To answer that, I would like to quote their CEO Drew Steig:

“When we first started this company, it was very important to us that all of our products be as natural as possible. However what that means has changed over the years for us. A big part of that was listening to our customers. Sometimes natural ingredients just aren’t as good as a synthetic replacement. For example, we were one of the first companies to attempt a completely organic gel product. It worked wonderfully, and it was all natural.

However after listening to our customers, it turned out that the texture of the product was inferior in their eyes to synthetic gel, and in truth, that particular ingredient did not affect the end result either, so we altered our formula in favor of a synthetic gelling agent. It doesn’t make up more than 2-3% of our products, but it is a great example of the better ingredient being synthetic.”

He goes on to talk about how from that point forward, the commitment would be to the best ingredient. No cheap synthetic ingredients at all, quality is key, and sometimes a synthetic ingredient is just better. Other times, natural is better, and they actively seek out natural ingredients and incorporate them whenever they are better than what is currently in use.

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This has led to a consistently improved experience for their customers, and well established customer loyalty. The best part of that is that your tattoo shop can take advantage of Numbify’s reputation for great natural ingredients and honest advertising by carrying it in your shop. When your patrons see Numbify on your shelves available for them to buy, they will know that you support a solution that is healthier for them, for the environment, and that you are a supporter of honesty in advertising.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to today to request a free sample for your shop, or give them a call at (877) 906-4806 today!!!

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