Numbify Numbing for Many Uses

Numbify is a wonderful product for a wide variety of numbing purposes. It is designed as a general topical anesthetic, and it also has a 5% Lidocaine version that was designed for Anorectal Hemorrhoids.

Normally a general use anesthetic is used for first aid situations where pain and/or itch relief is desired such as cuts, scrapes, minor burns, insect bites, and even tattoos. However in recent years many people have taken to using Lidocaine products for off label purposes, and we wanted to talk a bit today about some of the ones we thought were pretty great.

To start with, our legal guys asked us to mention that, as with all off label uses of any kind of medication, Numbify was not designed with these purposes in mind. Studies have not been done to ascertain the effectiveness of these products, and we here at Communal News are NOT recommending anything, merely informing about some interesting uses we have heard good things about. This article is not associated with or endorsed by Numbify. We have found in our research that they are the strongest Numbing products on the internet in our opinion, and so would be the best for any numbing purpose.

Great, now that we have the legal stuff out of the way – let’s get to some exciting off label uses that our readers have told us Numbify works pretty great for!

  1. Arthritis care – Arthritis is a painful degenerative illness that many people struggle with. It’s no surprise that many would be searching for any way they can to manage that pain, and it seems with Numbify that they may have succeeded. The numbers of Arthritis patients using Lidocaine products off label for arthritis pain is rising, and no company is getting better results than Numbify. As with anything of this nature – check with your family physician to see if they feel this would be a good fit for you personally!

    Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market
  2. Muscle pain – Topical anesthetics like Numbify are primarily used for topical pain. That generally means it goes no deeper than the skin. Many people however find that Numbify’s deep penetrating formula not only numbs the skin better than others, but that it helps relieve muscle pain as well. Athletes have been known to use Numbify before and after games to help with pulled muscle pain and shin splints. This unlikely use has helped Numbify gain popularity nationwide. Again – Consult your physician before using Numbify off label.
  3. Kinky bedroom time – Topical definitely means outside the body, but some adventurous couples have found that it can enhance bedroom time. Whether it be anal desensitizing for easier access or helping your man last a bit longer, Numbing products have been known to do wonders in helping couples be more adventurous in comfort.

Whatever you use Numbify for, it’s always a good idea to run it by your physician. They have been trained in how the human body works, and can help guide you in making the decision to use a product off label or not.

Thinking about carrying Numbify in your shop? They have some great wholesale options available on their website Or you can give them a call at (877) 906-4806 and ask for a free sample to try out for any business considering carrying their products.

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