Numbify Receives Real Reviews – “Best Numbing Spray Ever. I LOVE This Spray.”

All-Star Reviewer here with an exciting new article about one of our favorite products on the market today. That’s right – Numbify numbing cream gels and spray products. Normally we do reviews ourselves, or post first hand accounts from friends and family, but today we want to see what real life customers of Numbify are saying about it!!! So we have gone through and selected the top 10 reviews from Numbify products sold on – real people, real reviews, and you can really find them on!

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One of the great things that we can say about Numbify is their commitment to honest business ethics. Many of the so called “top products” on the market are actually poor-to-extremely-bad products that are loaded with hundreds (and sometimes thousands!) of fake reviews. This is extremely disconcerting to us, as millions of consumers rely on those reviews to make purchasing decisions. When you read through reviews on Amazon for Numbify you know they are real, and we have personally verified this using top experts in the field of fraudulent review detection. These reviews have not been edited other than for spelling and grammatical errors. These reviews are selected for being liked by other consumers and are listed in no particular order. Without further ado, let’s get to the reviews…

Brandy gave a 5-star review:

“I have sensitive skin. This doesn’t cause me to have a bad reaction and it numbs for about 2 hours. I use it every tattoo now.”

Irene’s 5-star review:

“# 1 numbing cream !! – works using it for micro-blading !!”

Bruce Atkinson had a 5-Star review:

“I have been using this product for several months, and just bought a second bottle. I use it for night time pain relief in my feet, from Peripheral neuropathy. I also use a prescription product of 5% Lidocaine ointment, however that product leaves stains on clothes and bed sheets, so its not practical at all times. I think Numbify is just as effective as the prescription product, and I will continue to use it, and recommend its use to others that have similar pain issues.”

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Robert Madison gave a 5-star review:

“Works as stated and goes a long way. I’ll be back!”

Kathy’s 5-star review:

“This product is absolutely wonderful. I have several health problems and have had for years. I rub this on my hips and places on my back for the numbing properties. I actually use less of my expensive pain patches since stumbling onto this product! Yes, it is a weird consistency, as I am not using for hemorrhoids. I mix the ointment a little in the jar and apply to the places to be”

Michael Wagner had a 5-star review:

“I have bought this several times. This is after i tried many others and this product is far better than any anything the market. I know I’ve spent a lot of money finding thus out. I had some prescription of this in the same size and my insurance didn’t cover it but my wife bought it and it was $159.00 and i was going to make her take it back but i needed something. This companys is a lot better.”

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Todd Brunner gave a 5-star review:

“This stuff is absolutely awesome. Will be ordering more.”

Rogan helms posted a 5-star review:

“Had a wart removed and it was a bit painful, especially with how much I use my hands. This solved that problem perfectly.”

L.L. had a 4-star review:

“For a topical spray it is surprisingly effective. Still you will have deeper pain but far more agile movement. I do not care for the scent! Key pain reliever is Lidocane but for some reason it works better than others.”

Kellie Hayes posted a 5-star review:

“Best numbing spray ever. I LOVE this spray. I was using it when I got a tattoo. I have, in general, a 1 hour sit time before I have to tap out. I got a 3 hour wall to wall solid color piece and felt nothing! I sprayed this on about a 1/2 hour before I went and applied every 10 minutes or so, and the needle felt like a prick, nothing more. Also, it smells great! Fruity, like a pina colada. no gross medicine smell. Will be getting again for sure.”

So there you have it, honest reviews for a great set of products. Remember folks, when it comes to numbing, pain and itch relief – Numbify # 1 numbing cream !! – works great...

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