Numbify – Strong Numbing? YES – Your Grandpa’s Numbing Cream? NO

2020. One fifth of the century has come and gone, and as we look back on our technological advancements and how far we have come, it’s an amazing time to be alive. Smartphones abound, medical care advances, and the world is uniting to stop the advance of a global pandemic in a way that we haven’t seen before.

Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market.

In a new age of modern medicine, we should always be revisiting old methods and searching for better ways to do them. Nowhere is that more true than in the Numbing part of the pharmaceutical field. Lidocaine, the primary anesthetic in most over the counter numbing products is an effective, and time tested numbing agent. However, the fact of the matter is that it has been around for over 70 years, and unfortunately for many people it doesn’t work.

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This is due to the shape of the sodum ion receptors in the nerve endings in your skin. With everyone’s body chemistry being slightly different, it can affect the shape of those receptors, and prevent them from bonding with the lidocaine molecules, or the low cost delivery mechanisms used by many in the field.

Many pharmaceutical companies continue forward with the same low cost crappy formula, year in and year out, because it just costs too much to reformulate. Research and development is an expensive program, and for them, its much cheaper to monitor online sales outlets like Amazon, ebay and, and simply pay large review farms to post fake 5 star reviews on the product pages. While there are a large variety of products on the market, with a wide variety of colorful containers, food dye additives, and texture, in the end though it’s the same cheap delivery methods and the same lack of effectiveness, just rebranded to look pretty.

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That is the exact reason why Numbify is not your grandpa’s numbing cream. In addition to coming in four different formats (Cream, Gel, Liquid Gel, and Spray), Numbify takes a completely different approach. They actually listen to their customers, adjust their formulas accordingly, and release better products on the market.

When a company, any kind of company, launches a crap product on the market, and simply buys reviews, it cuts them off from their customers. While they may trick new customers into buying products, they cannot manage to keep returning customers. That is why on sites like Amazon and Walmart you will see Numbify— with a far lesser quantity of reviews– near the top of the page next to others with thousands of reviews. Numbify’s customers come back again and again, with no need for fake reviews!!!

So when deciding which numbing product to carry in your store, head on over to and request a free sample for you to try, and see what cutting edge numbing power is really all about!

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