The Strongest Numbing Cream for the Best Topical Pain Relief!

  • Numbify is the strongest numbing cream that we have found
  • Great for Tattoos and pain relief

Looking for the Best / Strongest Numbing Cream?  

We were reviewing with a friend the other day who has always wanted to get a tattoo, but who was desperately afraid of needles, and more specifically, needle pain. She asked me how was the best way to handled it, being a bit of a needle-phobe myself. We talked with her about some of the numbing products that I had tried out, but I didn’t even remember the name of what I had used. She raised another point, what works the best? I didn’t have an answer for her, so we decided that we would apply our next test and review on what is the strongest numbing cream !

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Being avid Amazon shopaholics, we popped onto Amazon and did a quick search for numbing creams. There were a few different options in the top runners, long standing brands like Hush, Numb 520, and Aspercreme, and so we bought about a dozen different creams. One in particular caught my eye, it was called Numbify! It had a 4 or 5% Lidocaine option, and while I am sure it was the classy black and gold product photo that caught my eye, it was its promise of being the strongest numbing cream and its unique blend of Lidocaine and healthy natural ingredients instead of chemical fillers that sold me on it. We decided we would give it a try, so we picked up a 5% jar of the cream. BEST DECISION EVER!!!

We had my assistant take all of the products and put them into numbered testing containers so it would be a blind test. Then, we sterilized some needles and went to town. There were some decent creams in there, that helped take the edge off of our pain, but one cream hands down beat all the others in every pain relief category –
Numbify 5% cream!

Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market

It took effect faster than any of the others. I couldn’t even feel the needle pain at all and accidentally drew blood without realizing it, it worked that well, and it outlasted the other creams by at least an hour! Some of the other creams might have smelled better, or were a bit smoother, although some of them were worse in those categories as well, but when you’re looking for the strongest pain relief, you want power over aesthetics.

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Now I have to admit, it took me by surprise. Numbify wasn’t the highest priced cream on the market, but it certainly was the strongest. I took a look through the ingredients, maybe they had some new super chemical in there that could explain the effects, but all there was, as promised, were natural ingredients. So I decided to do a little poking around the internet on some of the ingredients, and I stumbled into something pretty cool!

Numbify has an active ingredient of Lidocaine, but one of its inactive ingredients (Called inactive because the FDA chooses not to recognize the active effects of many healthy natural ingredients) is Kava Kava! Now I love Kava Kava myself, I think it’s delicious. It’s a safe healthy way to relax, that can numb you up quite nicely! Pacific Islanders have been using it for this effect for relaxation, and pain numbing for thousands of years.

The company that manufactures Numbify specializes in hybrid medications using both natural remedies and
scientifically proven drugs like Lidocaine in combination for a healthier and more effective treatment.

This combination of
5% lidocaine and Kava Kava earns Numbify 5% Cream our award for strongest numbing cream!

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