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While it seems that natural and organic products are an ever increasing fad in the food industry, one may wonder why a pharmaceutical company rooted in science would even consider natural alternatives to cheaper synthetic ingredients. That is the question we would like to explore today, as we delve into why one of the nations favorite Numbing products went natural.

To give a back story, Numbify is known widely for its commitment to honest advertising, and actually listening to their customers, which has helped them develop one of the most effective numbing products on the market today. In fact, to date, no other company has dared to go head to head with them in a third party testing challenge. That may come as no surprise to you if you have ever tried their products; they consistently blow away the competition in effective delivery of the lidocaine.

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Numbify is also known for its commitment to low cost pricing. They believe that making effective medicine affordable to everyone is their duty as a member of the medical field. That’s why even though they use more expensive ingredients, their prices are quite often far lower than others in their field.

But that’s not what you came here to read about; today we are facing the perplexing question of why natural ingredients? There are a number of synthetic alternatives to ingredients drawn from nature, and many of them cost less to synthesize than the arduous process of growing and extracting what you want from natural plants. So why go with the more expensive option? The answer may surprise you.

It’s simply better. Numbify was founded by a family rooted in the natural living lifestyle. Having grown up themselves in the beautiful Pacific Northwest region of the United States, they and their families have been raised with the health benefits that come from healthy natural living. A healthier more natural experience is always preferable.

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That doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for synthetic ingredients in Numbify’s products. Being practical, in addition to fans of natural living they recognize that sometimes synthetic ingredients can be superior, but they only choose those ingredients for quality, never to save money by using inferior ingredients.

That my friends is why Numbify is committed to natural whenever possible in all of it’s sprays, gels and creams. Because in truth, it’s really about using the best and healthiest ingredients wherever possible. So if you are in need of some great numbing, and a fan of our environment and natural living, or even if you just want a high quality product for a bargain price, head on over to Numbify.com and order today.

And hey, if you own a tattoo shop, a pharmacy, store or day spa and want to carry Numbify in your storefront, there is a wholesaler sign up form right on the homepage where you can easily and quickly sign up for more information and a free sample today!

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