Numbify – Your Retail Partner For an Honest and Powerful Numbing Experience

All over the nation, everywhere from tattoo shops to online pharmacies, from day spas to waxing salons, Numbify is being found in more and more locations, and the reason why will blow your mind.

Numbify is well known for being at the top of its field in numbing effectiveness. Because of their commitment to product improvement and a real focus on effectiveness and targeted delivery, Numbify has created a monster of raw numbing power. But in order to do so, it took more than just a group of very smart individuals; it took thousands.

Numbify is a deep penetrating formula delivering 5% lidocaine when numbing is needed for fast and strong relief of pain and itching.

When Numbify first launched its product lines, it was a great product. Like many of its competitors there was room for improvement; when you have a limited test group you can only gather so much data before its time to release to the public. What sets Numbify apart is that instead of calling it good at that point, Numbify looked at its public release as a whole new test group.

While many if not all of their competitors in the pharmaceutical industry tried to hide bad reviews (by paying people to put good reviews on their products), Numbify really listened to what customers had to say. Is it really good? Do you like the smell? How is the feel? Does it absorb well? All of these things and much much more were looked at as market research. The truth is in any industry, you can do all the market research you want, but until you get a product in front of a few hundred thousand people, you won’t know for sure how it will be received.

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Numbify then took all of the responses that they got from customers, and developed a new formulation that was even better. Constant product improvement based on what the customers are really saying, and it worked!!! Even though Numbify was already better than any other product it was tested against, Numbify didn’t shrug and say good enough. They continued improving their products until they got it right. And even now they are still looking for even better ways to deliver that sweet pain relieving lidocaine.

You see Numbify does things a little differently at their business. Their threefold approach to products is bolstered by their commitment to honest reviews, honest advertising, and quality above all else.

  1. Stronger Numbing – When the core of your product line is numbing, making it as powerful as possible is key to success.
  2. Natural Ingredients – While not every ingredient is natural or organic, Numbify is committed to using the safest, and healthiest ingredients possible. Sometimes that is natural, sometimes synthetic, but you will never find cheap chemical fillers in Numbify’s products. Every ingredient has a purpose!
  3. Low Cost Pricing – With a better product that costs more to make because of the quality ingredients it contains, you would think that Numbify would be more expensive. However, when compared to most of their competitors, they are actually far cheaper. If you are wondering why, it could be because all those fake reviews other companies are buying can get expensive fast!

    Numbify has been shown time and time again to be the strongest, most effective numbing agent on the market.

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Since we earned our business through hard work and not fake reviews, Numbify has issued a challenge to all other lidocaine product manufacturers. It is affectionately being called the Put Up Or Shut Up Challenge. Numbify has challenged the entire Lidocaine numbing field to side-by-side testing by a 3rd party product testing company. Ceo of Numbify Steig says, “We have tested Numbify side-by-side against a plethora of other numbing creams on the market, and nothing compares to the effectiveness of Numbify! We want to show the public real review results, rather than Amazon review results that are often highly manipulated, by a plethora of dishonest companies.”

So with the power of Numbify, combined with an honest and transparent purchasing process, you might be asking yourself, how do I carry that in my storefront. The answer is easy – head on over to and sign up for a free sample to try out at your business, or give them a call at 877-906-4806 – That’s right, they even let you try it at your business for free!

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