Numbing Creams for Epilators and Laser Hair Removal – Why Numbify Works Best

Let’s face it: hair removal of any kind is a huge pain in the…well, a pain in wherever you are removing the hair from! Shaving doesn’t last, waxing and epilating hurt a lot, and don’t even get me started on laser hair removal, the literal burning of your hair and follicles to prevent hair growth.

Today we want to focus on two very different types of hair removal, and one very powerful numbing product that we have found to be particularly effective when using an epilator, or getting laser hair removal (It’s great for a lot of numbing purposes, but we have been getting asked about these two in particular lately).

On the surface, these two types of hair removal services have little in common. Laser hair removal is performed in a clinic, under the supervision of qualified medical professionals, and involves literally burning the hair follicles through the hairs themselves. Epilators on the other hand are generally devices used in the home. They work by mechanically tweezing the hairs out by the roots. The one thing you know for sure that they have in common is pain.

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That’s why we are excited to tell you a bit about an up and coming brand. Numbify manufactures powerful 4% and 5% lidocaine products, enhanced with the best natural ingredients available.

Numbify operates on four pillars of business integrity:

  1. Stronger Numbing – Instead of ignoring their customers and covering up bad reviews, Numbify really listens to its customers, and uses the feedback it gets to make its products more effective. That has led to unparalleled quality.
  2. Natural Ingredients – Not every ingredient in Numbify is natural, but many are! Numbify has spent years scouring the world for the highest quality ingredients. Founded in the Pacific Northwest, the company’s leaders were raised on the benefits of natural living!
  3. Low cost Pricing – No matter how good a product is, it’s not helpful at all if you can’t afford it. That’s why Numbify has committed to making its products affordable for everyone who needs it.
  4. Advertising with Integrity – Every day thousands of companies purchase fake 5-star reviews for their products, and fake 1-star reviews for their competitors’ products. Yes this happens, even in the pharmaceutical field. Numbify stands, often alone, firmly against these dishonest practices. You will not find fake reviews on Numbify’s products online, unless they are 1-star reviews put there by their competitors who don’t appreciate falling behind a company that won’t cheat the system!

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Numbify is designed for powerful pain relief, and their honest business tactics have given them a huge edge over the competition that throws cheap lidocaine products in with poor effectiveness. That’s why Numbify is the perfect choice for numbing before a laser hair removal treatment, or home use of an epilator.

One of the best parts is that Numbify is available wholesale. So if you sell epilators, a display with Numbify placed close by would be a great way to bring in some extra income. Or if you run a laser hair treatment clinic, we know that your clients would love to have some Numbify available to ease their pain. Whether you incorporate it into the price of treatment, or sell it on the side, Numbify will bring in additional revenues, and please your customers, which will drum up more business for your clinic.

So whether you are buying for yourself, or want a free sample for your business, head on over to, or give them a call at (877) 906-4806, and get in on powerful pain relief, for your next hair removal experience.

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