One of the Best Retirement Activities: Making Money Providing Freelance Global Gigs

Many retire people want to become self employed and they just don’t know how to do it. They would love the freedom of working at home and scheduling work around their other retirement schedules of walks, golfing, or coffee with friends.

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Many retirees, especially professionals, are highly skilled and become somewhat bored with the extra time.  Possibly even more important, many retired workers want some addition income, at least for a few more years, especially if they have home mortgages. For example, school teachers are naturals at correcting papers. People in their trade are becoming editors and advisors, and of course there are always writing opportunities. you could build websites, create graphics, help with programming, marketing, administration and/or research. After you looking and think about it a while, the opportunities are almost unlimited especially on gig platforms like Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace (FGG).

Here is a surprise about Americans over 55: between 25%-35% did some freelance work last year. It appears to us that this number is rising significantly over time as new gig opportunities and online platforms are opening up daily.  Many workers didn’t want to retire, but due to their age, they were forced to leave their work. The Federal Reserve says that about 25% of retirees were forced to end their careers.

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Womem often made less money while in the traditional work force and to meet current income needs, they are more likely to look at freelance opportunities.

“If you’re facing ageism in your industry, freelancing may be your best opportunity to explore new sources of income,” said Arielle O’Shea, retirement specialist of Nerd Wallet. She also says that over 36% of retires claimed it wasn’t their decision to retire early. Many retires enjoy the freedom of working in the freelance world  “A lot of people who freelance after retiring from the traditional work force find it enjoyable. They’re more likely to be using the career skills that they’ve built to do something they’re interested in, on their own terms.” claims Ms. Pearce.

Today at firms like Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace it is easy to start a freelance career. Basically, all it requires is you posting your gig and prices.  So if you want more time and freedom to travel, working for freelance gig platforms such as often provide a nice opportunity to produce more income as it is helping to change the employment world.   For retired workers, it keeps your mind sharp and gives your something important to do. You could make good money over time.

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