One Stop Online Wholesale Shopping Soon Worldwide

Is the global free markets wholesale business the most inefficient market in the world?

With the exposition of the internet and online retail business, has the wholesale market kept up with its peers?

Not only has the wholesale market not kept up, but the industry’s failure to keep pace with Amazon is a key reason why Amazon has been so successful and the wholesale industry has done very poorly.  Amazon reached out to the Chinese wholesale industry directly with many seminars in China, and Amazon even started their own shipping business to move goods from China to the US and then directly into their prime marketplace.

Shop The Globe 

Prime allowed the China wholesale industries to link with Amazon, a local US shipping solution, providing a win-win for both sides. From Amazon’s point of view, this will be seen as a brilliant move. However, today their appears to be some cracks now that China is inflamed with many issues, especially those involved with the Chinese Communist Party, which appears to have long established plans to not only hurt but to destroy and replace the US as the world power.

The Chinese companies Amazon hired have created POP UP companies, with only a single small office often without even webpages. This is so they can meet the bare minimum to establish business in America, but without making any tangible investment in America.  Many of these Chinese companies use false names, and a pop up structure, so the US operations have no legal recourse and no association with the mainland headquarters if something goes very wrong.

Most even have several pop companies set up as a backup in case the first one fails. That is part of the reason the Chinese companies have created massive amounts of fake reviews. They have almost no liability even if they get caught, unlike their US competitors. To make matters worse, when Amazon has identified a cheater, in most cases they make Portland, Oregon look like a hard nosed law enforcer in comparison, as they have done almost nothing unless it threatens their brand.

While this massive sea change in the world wholesale market has been occurring, the wholesale industry has basically watched their business be attacked and not done much more than cry that things are not fair, which they are not.  But the free market online wholesale market has done almost nothing to counter this massive move by Amazon, working jointly with the Chinese. It has, in most cases, improved its structures and efficiency little if any since Amazon has been launched.  This has made the entire online wholesale shopping industry one of the most inefficient industries in the world today, struggling to fight against a strong and growing beast.

That’s where a new company soon to be launched might be able to help this industry to compete better. It introduces one-stop shopping for wholesale, something Amazon proved that most shoppers almost always prefer in the retail landscape.  The surprise is the same human nature that worked for retail is also true for the online wholesale buyer; they too want one location that is much easier to manage. Of course, this is why we have markets and central business districts.  Shop The Globe not only established a one-stop solution, with the ability to easier filter, but they publish in over 100 languages, and in every major language free. They are providing a platform that will work with almost every major currency, to make it even easier for the online buyer, no matter the country or language.

Is this fighting back? I hope so.

In an attempt to make the wholesaling industry very competitive again, and of course much more efficient, Shop The Globe will be marketing its service in most major countries around the world and the largest cities. If you would like to be part of the sea change and become part of a very efficient global platform, Shop The Globe is asking vendors to sign up now.

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