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With today’s global world, having an ongoing income, self created inside your home, is now more important than ever. If your kids are staying home or the business where you work is closed, what are some of your options? Most economists are not looking at a fast recovery from the global pandemic as it has been roughly six months and little with COVID-19 has changed.

This is forcing jobs and careers to change radically and there’s a whole new world of online employment.  We call these opportunities many names like online gigs, selling gigs, or side gigs that all occur online.  This is not another freelance job like the Uber or Lyft type approach, indirectly working for a big company.

This is really working for yourself, provisioning your own original online solution so that you can market globally for free.  You are in essence building your own business for home, using low-cost third party platforms to help market your services.  You’re not working a freelance job for others.

One of the best solutions is to go to an online coding bootcamp where you can provide coding solutions for websites. This is a gig that almost always has demand.  Coding needs never seem to end, and you could possibly find online employment very quickly.

Two careers that that I think are very attractive are providing advertising for Facebook and/or Google as the advertising platform each and every year seems to become more complicated. To me, a small business owner trying to increase their business and who does not have the time or ability to understand the nuances of Facebook and Google advertising, this is a fantastic avenue to travel down. (P.S. I did not realize that you can become certified in this field.)

Possibly the best solution for helping small businesses is posting news related articles, or info news, or news blogs (informational based news/blogs). These are designed to be like news but also designed and published on news platforms to help promote your business. These articles you can write yourself and have someone publish them globally on Communal and Google News for only $11, or you could have many writers that will write an article for your product and service and then publish it globally.  This type of article is info news/blog news and is published globally on several platforms.

Another skill that is up and coming is providing cartoons or sketches of yourself for Facebook, social media avatars or simple illustrations of a product. This could be shopped around the globe very effectively.

Part of what Freelance global gigs does, more than providing a very low-cost and fast growing platform, is to provide informational articles on many gig developmental issues such as Troubleshooting SQL Server Database or Coding Bootcamp – How to start a Global Coder’s Gig Business or how to sell you side gigs.

There are many ways to start your own business online. We tried to show a few that caught our eye.  But if you are looking for a way to improve your life, providing online gigs for sale might be one of them that really works well inside a COVID world.

About Freelance Global Gigs:

We try to utilize the best of internet technologies, to radically change how open third party news, global goods and gig service content can be delivered. By eliminating significant infrastructure, their associated high costs and lethargic bureaucracies, we aim to provide the best, often unfiltered non-conforming global news, shopping and services, in every major language, giving the power of information to you.

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