Online Sales Help Supermarket Set Expectations – Plan to Increase Your Count

  • More than 30% of buyers prefer to shop their day-to-day list online to provide them with more convenience and safety.
  • Customers are willing to pay for deliveries that they receive within 6 hours after ordering.
  • More than 27% of cart abandonment is because of the extended and complicated checkout processes.

COVID-19 has changed the supermarket landscape to a great extent. Traditional selling tactics might not work as they worked before years to help vendors increase their business sales and ROI. In 2018, 3,507 U.S. supermarket stores were offering natural or gourmet foods. The total number of supermarket stores valued 38,307 that year in the U.S. alone.

According to the Food Marketing Institute, supermarkets come under the traditional grocery segment. And they were identified as self-service and full-line grocery stores, which generated around 2 million U.S. dollars in sales or more each year. Within the category, conventional supermarkets are valued for the largest share of dollar sales. It is defined as a store format providing a full line of meat and groceries, which produce 2 million U.S. dollars in sales.

Retailers are going through a tough time these days; hence it becomes essential for them to find and implement practical tips that help them to increase in-store sales. Maybe you are experiencing a sales slump due to COVID 19 outspread and global shutdowns. Whatever might be the case, we know the importance of online sales; hence to help you out, we’re here with tactics that can increase your count and set expectations.

How Can Supermarkets Plan Increase Their Count During Pandemic?

The grocery landscape was forever altered due to COVID 19 spread globally. More than 30% of buyers prefer to shop their day-to-day list online to provide them with more convenience and safety. Global grocery spending grew 2.1% to 2.4% due to a 2.4% boost in the U.S. grocery market. While in other regions, the grocery sales growth was comparatively slower in 2019 and 2018.

Grocers have experienced a boost in their online sales from 5% to 10% during the COVID spread. At the same time, more than 50% of online grocery shoppers stated that they would continue shopping online to get their grocery needs satisfied at their doorsteps.

For grocers and supermarkets being online is now table stakes. With the changing technology, customer loyalty is the primary for the store to ensure their survival and bring a lot to the table. Hence grocers need effective tactics that help them to improve the online margin even during the competitive edge.

They need to replan their existing business models to meet the increased demand. After all, it isn’t so long ago that most hear about lost delivery time slots, pages crashing, waitlists, etc. Are you thinking of building a presence on the competitive edge? Explore a few tactics that help you to take your eCommerce channel to the next level.

Provide Customers with Essential Information

COVID 19 spread brought shortage for essential goods; it led shoppers to make blind purchases of things they aren’t familiar with. Most shoppers are toggling between different sites to know more about the products. Therefore to help shoppers make shopping decisions, add more details of products on your supermarket site or app. You can consider including:

  • Dietary considerations on pages for food;
  • Ingredients used;
  • Tag items like “low-sodium” or “gluten-free” to make the search easier;
  • Categorize products to make it easier for a shopper to find the needed items.

Most of the supermarkets who have just started make available mistakes, which cost them higher. Hence learn to avoid making such mistakes while operating online, add more details about the product to help the shopper make the right choice. It can help you to boost shoppers’ purchasing confidence, ensuring decreasing the chances of brand swaps.

Provide Convenience to Customers

More than 79% of shoppers stated that the experience supermarket provides matters the most as it produces. For supermarkets, this means creating an online presence that provides customers with convenience. For example, you can add a few recipes on your site, where users can choose the one they want to prepare and provide them the ingredient list accordingly. It will help you enhance customers’ experience and build a loyal base in no time.

Additionally, allow shoppers to save their grocery list, making it easier to purchase the same next time instead of selecting each. During a supermarket app development process, you can ask developers to add a few essential functionalities that provide shoppers with more convenience, especially when it comes to agile grocery orders. It means shoppers can have a running list and place the order of needed items within a few clicks to have it delivered at home.

Improve the In-store Pickup Experience

Customers are willing to pay for deliveries that they receive within 6 hours after ordering. Instead of getting a product delivered, some prefer the “Click and collect” option. Hence enable customers to select items and pick the items as per their convenience; make sure to provide the best in-store experience.

Research from PWC shows its primary customers in countries that the pandemic has influenced are spending less on unnecessary things and paying delivery charges. 56% of people in Spain are planning to decrease their spending, 43% in the U.K. and 42% in Italy.

However, online purchases for fast-moving goods increased dramatically during the global shutdown, even though the retail stores remain open. Over one-quarter of European customers (28%) used online shopping for buying groceries. It measures a 10% increase compared to the shopping done before the virus spread.

More than 80% of shoppers who started buying from supermarkets online during the COVID spread are planning to continue to do it. However, it becomes essential for you to provide takeaway and doorstep delivery options to meet every customer demand accurately.

Provide Omni-channel Experience

Most supermarkets have understood the importance of digital marketing for their business. They have even started leveraging Omni-channels to provide a flexible and straightforward experience to shoppers. It helps them to stay nimble and cater to new buyers’ expectations efficiently. However, with unknown looming, including global shutdown and future panic, it’s essential to provide an omnichannel experience to your shoppers.

Update Customers with Offers

To operate successfully and leverage benefits for your business, you need to value regular customers by providing them loyalty points and attractive offers. Notify customers ahead of sales online, reach out to customers through emails on their birthday, anniversary, or other festivals as well. It’s the best marketing idea for supermarkets to make it convenient for customers to plan a fantastic shopping experience.

Show Effective Search Result Online

Now more than ever, most shoppers these days are turning to Google to find products and stores. Hence if you own a business, make sure that you provide customers with everything relevant to their search. You can do all essential settings on different platforms such as Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other channels. While developing your business profile on all platforms, add essential details including:

  • Name, phone number, address;
  • Accurate hours;
  • Different reviews;
  • A lot of visual content.

It takes extra time, but make sure to make your listing attractive, helping you drive more traffic. You can even add reviews to win the trust of customers.

Simplify the Checkout Process

Simplifying the checkout process is the best way to increase supermarket sales. However, it’s one primary reason why shoppers abandon their cart in the middle of the ordering process. According to the study, more than 27% of cart abandonment is because of the extended and complicated checkout processes. Hence include a simple step in the checkout process to make it easier for customers to have a fantastic purchase journey.

Ending Note

Nowadays, the prevalence of online shopping is increasing dramatically. Growing sales is the primary goal of all supermarkets. No matter whether you’re planning to build an online store or already have one, you need to implement an effective strategy that ensures customer satisfaction and boosts your business sales to a great extent

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