Over 250 Newly Published Market Reports to Choose From

Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace has now opened up its vast and fast growing library of research reports for purchase.  In just under two months since they started taking third party research reports, they were able to list over 250 individual market research reports for purchase.  This is considered very successful for under two months.

Knowing that in the past, leading platforms had such an unfair economic approach for the publishers, FGG Low Cost Marketplace decided to sell third party market research reports. They are being posted on the FGG Low Cost Marketplace and are selling at their normal fee of only 12%. Working with Google News, Facebook News, social media and published in most major languages, Communal News will continue to provide a large number of views and hopefully continue this rocket-like growth. The number of total gigs is up around 500% in just the last quarter alone.

According to the founder, Mr. Durig, “the goal of low cost or free, open, global inclusion and sustainable living in every major language appears to be working,” referring to the FGG Low Cost Marketplace Mission Statement published on the company’s About Us page.

Knowing the great savings they can achieve (the FGG fee is only 1/4 of the leading provider), FGG Low Cost Marketplace asks the research publishers to pass on their lower cost, by reducing their prices by 20%. This will help the FGG very low cost model to succeed. In time, the research on the platform will become much more competitive.

With the significantly reduced infrastructure and smaller bureaucracy, FGG Low Cost Marketplace is not just focused on third party publishers. With this top to bottom approach, they believe they can supply a superior experience for all, at a significantly low cost or free.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace has historically provided rocket-like growth and works directly with their clients, readers and the public, trying to find a better more open platform, in most global languages, either at low-cost or as a free solution for all.

About  FGG Low Cost Marketplace:

We are proud to do our duty in providing superior news and services, with honest fact-based information, implementing environmental improvements whenever possible, keeping our prices very low or free, all while helping to improve the world both socially and economically.

We are fighting corruption and greed with honesty, intellect and transparency, providing a more beautiful, healthier world today and for our children tomorrow. We couldn’t do it without your outstanding support.  So with that in mind, thank you for your patronage, and keep up the great work.

And of course, tell your friends so they too can enjoy or even contribute to our robustly growing global services!

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