Over 250 Rockets from Gaza Thrown at Israel Civilians

  • Rockets are still flying over Israel from Gaza and Israel is retaliating
  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Islamic Jihad that Israel will continue to pound them until the rocket fire stops. 
  • Israel targeted strikes on Jihad military bases and launching sites have killed 22 Gazans.

Starting Tuesday morning, over 250 rockets have been shot at the Israel civilian population in the Southern settlements up to Tel Aviv after a targeted attack on a commander in Islamic Jihad in Gaza.  The rocket fire brought life in much of Israel to a standstill and schools remained closed in communities close to the Gaza border. All public gatherings have been restricted. Israel early Wednesday evening is still under rocket fire.

Damage to property in Gaza from IDF air strike.

The Iron Dome system has been successful in preventing a catastrophe but several missiles have penetrated populated areas causing damage to property and injuries. So far there have not been any Israelis killed by these missile strikes which are intended to fall in populated areas.  The Iron Dome system detects the direction of the missiles and if they are pointed at populated areas the Iron Dome neutralizes them in the air. The Iron Dome is not 100% effective and the people are cautioned not to depend on Iron Dome but to enter bomb shelters until the sirens stop.

Israeli tanks stationed at the border.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a special cabinet meeting that Israel has no interest in sparking a wider confrontation but warned Islamic Jihad that Israel will continue to pound them until the rocket fire stops.  The army from the air and with artillery are concentrating on striking Jihad rocket production sites. Israel targeted strikes on Jihad military bases and launching sites have caused 22 deaths to Gazans many of which are their soldiers or caused by them using human shields to hide the missile launching sites.

New Israel Defense Minister Naftali Bennett.

Gaza Hamas rulers have yet to enter the fray which is a sign that the current round of violence could be brief. With the economy of Gaza in tatters it appears that they have little desire for more fighting.  The terrorists are firing rockets sparingly in order to extend their capabilities and may be holding back firing longer range missiles for the future. Israel is ready for future attacks on major cities and has employed the Iron Dome specifically in these places. So far the Iron Dome has a 90% success rate. The rockets are being launched one every seven minutes.

Naftali Bennett the new Defense Minister has declared a special situation in the home front for communities within 80 kilometers of the Gaza Strip. There will be provided special security measures for these communities which include Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, even up to Raanana.  Magen David paramedics have treated over 39 people for who were lightly wounded, two of which were wounded by Shrapnel.  An elderly woman was moderately hurt by flying glass causing wounds to her face and limbs in a direct hit on an Ashkelon assisted living center. The woman was taken to Barzelei hospital in Ashkelon by a Magan David ambulance.

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