Passover – Easter Sunday

  • Without spiritual freedom you are a slave.
  • Passover and Easter are holidays for the sake of spiritual freedom.
  • Moses has resurrected in the New Age to bring mankind spiritual freedom.

The Jewish people will be finishing their Passover seasonal celebrations this weekend. Easter Sunday begins when Passover ends. There is no doubt that Judaism and Christianity have the same roots. Both Judaism and Christianity give honor to the Five Books of Moses. The five books of Moses begin with the story of creation. God created the world in six days and on the seventh day he rested called the Sabbath. Adam the first man was the culmination of the six days of creations. The Sabbath the seventh day represents complete and total peace between God, man and his creation. The eternal Sabbath is a goal for all of mankind.

Rabbi Odesser received a letter from Rabbi Nachman written to him two hundred years after his death. Jews today beleive in the resurrection of Rabbi Nachman.

The Jewish bible emphasizes less than Christianity the perfection of Adam the first man and his presence in the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve were forced to leave the euphoria of the Garden of Eden when they procreated naturally which is called by Christianity the initial sin. Christianity especially Catholic faith observed by Roman Catholic Christians in the place of the Vatican whose leader is today Pope Francis follows the teachings of Jesus regarding the importance of the choice of celibacy for priests and nuns as an atonement for the initial sin of Adam and Eve.

Judaism does not look back to before the sin written in the Bible but looks forward accepting the initial sin as the will of God. Judaism accepts the reality of life that mankind lives in an imperfect world. Through Judaism, the Law of Moses Jews work to build in this imperfect world a dwelling place for God employing the ethics and morals taught by Moses on Mount Sinai to the Jewish people. Part of the accomplishment of this purpose is to rebuild the holy temple in Jerusalem.

Christianity also accepts the imperfection of this world, man and woman born in sin with an attempt of reaching out to all of mankind to teach the world the importance of morality and justice. Catholicism is divided into two spiritual realms of existence the celibate and family. Judaism will argue with Christians that after the initial sin people are no longer on the level of purity of Adam and Eve to make the attempt to be celibate. The Bible teaches that Adam and Eve were created naked a symbol of their sexual purity.

Judaism considers sacred family purity. In the law of Moses is written the laws of incest. Incest are forbidden relationships. One of these forbidden relationships for a Jews is to intermarry. Jews have been given by God and Moses the obligation to sanctify their holy lineage the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob their forefathers. Lineage is connected to genealogy.

The bible has given Jews a way of family purity to preserve, cherish and nurture the genes of their forefathers. Abraham was commanded by God to circumcise his two children Ishmael and Isaac; both became holy nations through the prophets Mohammed and Moses. Christians do not have the obligation of circumcising their children. The sanctification of circumcising is connected to family purity.

There is a story in Genesis 38, the two children of Judah were punished for neglect of procreating with their wives. By not procreating they were guilty of spilling their semen in vain. Spilling the semen in vain is called in Judaism a terrible sin. The Old Testament compels Jews to marry and make families. Judaism is a national family religion. Israel is a nation in the world of the family of the Jewish forefathers.

According to Christianity the need for nationalism and religion comes from the imperfection of man and the initial sin. The connection of Adam the first man before the sin was the highest connection without selfish motives. Maintaining these higher ideals in Christianity could not prevent Christianity from becoming national when Christianity was adopted by the Romans.

Jews connected almost completely to their family and nation do not attempt to reach these higher ideals of complete selflessness with Adam being the example. Jews will argue with Christian biblical scholars that even the Pope cannot reach to the level of Adam before the sin. Since spilling seed in vain is considered a sin by Jews, the attempt to return to the purity of Adam is forgotten. Even Adam the most perfect man was not able to resist the temptation and ate from the forbidden tree.

The Kabballah teaches the secret of the ten emanations of God called the tree of life. Spiritual freedom the sephira called Kether or Crown is at the source of the tree of life.

The claim that Jesus was born through emasculate conception is denied by Islam and Judaism. Moses and Elijah reached to the highest possible levels of human spiritual perfection born from two parents. Jesus is called the son of man and sometimes the son of God. A human being has both a soul and a body. The soul is born from a spark of Godly holiness. The body is born from two parents the unity of male and female.

Supporters of Christian philosophy and even in later esoteric texts in Judaism principally the Zohar, holy saints are honored for attempting to reach the perfection of Adam. Moses fasted forty days and forty nights. Elijah fasted forty days. The prophet Isaiah gave honor to the idealism of World Unity and Peace to say that in the Messianic age, “the whole world will be filled with the knowledge of God.” The world will be united by this knowledge. It will be understood life is sacred. All men are created in the image of God. Christian monks lead the world in this direction but need also the cooperation of Jews, Islam and the secular humanitarians to reach the perfection of World Unity and Peace.

Exodus means redemption or freedom. The world faced with the suffering of Corona virus and a history of wars including World War II, need to find within their souls a reason to believe in the Bible and God. The belief in the Bible and God comes through connection to the holy saints of all monotheistic religions who have the knowledge of God and teach truth. They live in this world representing God and his word.

There is no human being who is perfect but some people have strived hard to reach perfection. They have connected to God as scholars and prophets. Perfection is only reached after resurrection. The Universal faith teaches that resurrection has already begun for specific holy saints. In Judaism in the last generation was revealed a letter from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov written to his student Yisrael Ber two hundred years after his death.  Christianity believes in the resurrection of Jesus three days after his death.

The Universal faith in the New Age preaches that Moses has resurrected and is dancing and singing together with Jesus and Mohammed under the holy temple. You cannot be free in this world until you reach spiritual freedom.

Passover and Easter are holidays to help all of mankind to reach Spiritual freedom. Spiritual freedom and complete perfect faith in God and the afterlife are a goal for all of mankind.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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