Peace Between Christianity, Islam, and Judaism; A Way for Everyone

  • When the people of the national religion alter the interpretation of the words written in the sacred scripture there is created conflicts within their nation.
  • The root source of the conflicts between religions today and between Eastern Religion and Western Religion is in the way to receive God in the heart and soul of man.
  • Peace and freedom need a strong arm and hand to maintain unity of these conflicting spiritual beliefs.

The name of God peace Shalom is the most important revelation of God in the world. It is difficult to believe when you look at the religious conflicts which plague the world everyday. In the Middle East is the political conflict between Israel and the Arabs, Muslim – Jewish conflict,  Muslim Shiites conflict with the Sunni, Catholics conflict with Protestant, Judaism clashes with Christianity, Islam clashes with Christianity, Hindu with Muslim. What is the source of these conflicts from a Biblical eye?

In order to answer this question it is important first to separate religion and politics; political conflicts from religious conflicts.  Politics all the time interfere with peace.  Politics is defined by Wikipedia as the process of making decisions by members of a group. Groups conflicts exist in their interests and within groups when there are conflicting interests.  The goal of politics is to make peace like the goal of religion.  Whereas politics is connected to group interaction religion is divided into group and individual.  Religion has a place for the individual and for the group. 

There are religions in which the individual is excluded from the group.  There is religion in which there are only a place for individuals.  A religion which has only a place for individuals can be free from politics but not a religion which is a religion of a group or nation. A religion which only has a place for individuals is limited in size in numbers unlike the nation of Abraham. In Genesis 12L God promised to make Abraham a great nation. In Genesis 14, God told Abraham I will establish my covenant with you and your seed and I will give to your children the land of Kanaan, the land of Israel. I will make your seed like the dust of the earth which is impossible to count.  From Abraham was established two great nations which are Ishmael the nation of Islam and Israel.  Islam and Israel are two National Religious faiths descended from Abraham.

Abraham his son Isaac, and Jacob are the fathers of the nation of Israel. The nation of Islam was established by Mohammed in the year 600 CE.  Mohammed is called the final prophet of God following Adam, Abraham, Moses, and other prophets. The establishment of the Nation and Religion of Islam by Mohammed came through the new scripture called the Koran with a new law of God called Sharia.  A nation and religion needs a constitution.  The Koran is the constitution of the nation of Islam and the Torah is the constitution of the nation of Israel.  In national religion is almost exclusively emphasized the study of its constitution or scripture the word of God given to their prophet.  This scripture or constitution is sacred and cannot be changed.  In Judaism and Islam their nations after was given the Torah by Moses or the Koran by Mohammed the generations which follow must uphold strictly to the instructions which are given by God to their national religion and people.  When the people of the national religion alter the interpretation of the words written in the sacred scripture there is created conflicts within their nation.  In this way was created the conflicts between Shiites and Sunni sects of Islam.  In Israel these conflicts began to develop almost immediately after establishing their nation and building the holy temple in Jerusalem by Solomon when the nation became split in two parts Samaria and Judah.  In the time of the second temple the nation became divided in two sects called the Pharisees strict observers, and the Sadducees a reformed sect. 

Islam and Judaism is always faced with these conflicts between ultra- orthodox and reformed factions within their group.  The Orthodox factions maintain their nation and religion in each generation.  When there was an Orthodox nation which ruled in Israel the laws of the country prohibited any reform movements from influencing the culture.  However even through the use of force the Biblical nation of Israel could not stop these reformed movements and there were civil wars.  When these nations were one party nation, one religious sect was in power any reformed movements were severely punished and suppressed. The law and constitution opposed change to cause police action against these people who were called rebels.  The Torah allowed the king of Israel to kill rebels at his own discretion. The nation of Israel was a monarchy with a one party religious bloc.  The survival of the nation of Israel and Islam depends upon strict observance of their sacred scripture the constitution of their national religion the word of God of their prophet. 

Both the Torah and Koran claim to be the only true law of God.  This creates a greater difficulty in making peace between these two nations.  Mohammed did not deny the prophecy of Moses but claimed that God gave him the word to establish Islam.  In this way the Nation of Islam became a separate nation of God and according to the Koran the nation of God of first importance.  The Torah Nation came before Islam and Christianity and its law was established before these other religions came into the world.  Therefore the Torah does not give credence to any other way or divine law.  The nation of Israel established through the Torah prohibited any changes to be made within their nation by other prophets or through other interpretations of the Torah.  For this reason the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish bloc do not receive and recognize Christianity and Islam.  The Ultra-Orthodox Jewish devoted to the solidarity of their national religion follow the scripture literally and refuse to accept other religions even if they are monotheistic.  They also have difficulty accepting new religious movements within the Jewish people like Chassidism which started about three hundred years ago. The founders of Chassidism were persecuted by Jews and imprisoned by talebearers amongst Jewish orthodox.  Chassidism is messianic Judaism based on The Book of Splendor, the Zohar which was discovered in Spain about eight hundred years ago.  The Zohar gave credence to other approaches toward worship not only the Jewish Orthodox way which was practiced for thousands of years.

Islamic and Judaic scriptures are against freedom.  They preach one party dictatorship based upon scripture.  Christianity also has problems with fundamentalists who follow their New Testament scriptures literally and refuse to accept change.  Christianity in this way joins the war between Islam Israel and Orthodox Christianity.  These religious leaders consider first the survival of their gospel faiths before peace.  They may even oppose interfaith dialogue. 

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.  From the east has come a new age of prophets with unestablished religions preaching what Jesus preached before Christianity became a religion, unity with God which comes before religion.  Rabbi Israel the Baal Shem Tov the founder of Chassidism taught the importance of the unity of God, the knowledge of the divine unity of God as more important than religion. Jewish Scriptural Fundamentalists immediately opposed his new approach Messianic Judaism directed toward World Unity and Peace rather than just National Jewish Unity.  His message is felt even until today but it needs additional strengthening as through each generation it becomes weaker.  In Judaism the Torah scripture is considered the only connection to God.  Fundamentalists opposed connecting to God through the Baal Shem Tov and his teachings. Chassidism has climaxed in Judaism in the last generation through the Lubavitch Chassidic movement when they declared their leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson the Jewish National Messiah of eternal life.  Fundamentalists even amongst Chabad Lubavitch opposed another Messiah other than the Messiah which they pray for each day to rebuild the traditional Old National One Party Monarchy the Biblical Nation of Israel. There is a big controversy today in Judaism over the Lubavitch Messianic movement.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe has passed away over twenty years ago and this movement continues.  The Rebbe opposed change in the law but admitted that to return to the Old way would not succeed since it failed in the past.  In this way he endorsed a new way with a broader mind. 

There is hope for peace between Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  Judaism is even more difficult than Islam. Protestant Christianity is more difficult than Catholic since they depend more on scripture.  The New Age movement in the East has brought the solution to bring all the religions of the world together.  The solution is through connecting to Adam the first man before the world became confused after the sin.  Islam considers Adam as a prophet.  Christianity primarily Catholic emphasize the relationship with Adam and Eve as celibates before the sin.  Judaism has difficulty with accepting Adam as a prophet or an example of perfection.  Judaism does not look for perfection on the individual level at all only on the National level.  They have rejected the Baal Shem Tov as a special soul and are wrestling with the acceptance of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov the grandson of the Baal Shem Tov as a messianic figure.  There is almost no one in organized Judaism that accepts the Lubavitch Rebbe as the Messiah of Jewish Unity except for his close followers.  In my book Zohar – Psalms a prayer book and teaching for World Unity and Peace I explain in the introduction that the Zohar gave credence to Adam as a prophet of truth.  The Zohar divides the world into two kingships, the kingship of Adam of World Unity and Peace and the kingship of king David of Israel. Biblical proof is in the relationship between the age of Adam 930 years and the age of King David 70 years.  It says Adam gave 70 years of his life to King David. The world became split at one point in history between World Unity and peace and National Unity.  World Unity and Peace was almost completely forgotten as a goal for mankind.

The root source of the conflicts between religions today and between Eastern Religion and Western Religion is in the way to receive God in the heart and soul of man.  Western Religion receives God in the perspective a realization of God from earth to heaven.  God is considered by Western Religion to be unknown the Lord our father in heaven, the earth and heavens are separate realms.  In Western Religions are emphasized fear of God and the connection to God through his word and scripture.  In Western Religion man and God earth and heaven are separate realms.  Eastern Religion connects to God as a unity through the meditation of the heart that there is nothing in the creation separate from God all part of his essence. When looking from heaven down to earth which is taught in Eastern Religion there is peace and unity.  In Western Religions which are national the heavens and earth are separate, man and God are separate.  Western Religious scriptures  the Koran and Torah look at God from earth to heaven.  The Zohar which recently entered into Jewish thought declared that there are two directions in spirituality from below to above and above to below, two separate unities National Religious Unity and World Unity.  The Zohar makes a separation between the written Torah which is universal and the Oral Torah which is strictly Jewish.

When I studied Yoga from the Guru Janardan he emphasized two directions even though he taught the way of Eastern Religion above to below.  In Lubavitch the Rebbe spoke about two directions derived from the Zohar and through the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov, but he taught the way of the Torah from below to above.  Pope Francis has been criticized by his opponents by giving credence to Judaism and Islam.  Catholic Christianity is the foundation of Monotheistic Eastern Religion preaching One God and World Unity and Peace.  There is hope for peace.  These new prophets have great power to unite mankind in the goal of Spiritual unity.  Fundamentalists have their place in maintaining their religious values but need also to recognize there is another side in spirituality which is from above to below and the name of God is peace Shalom in heaven and earth.  If we believe in Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, we can begin to make the world a Garden of Eden.  If we believe only in scripture and separate ourselves from God and Adam, there can only be war for the scriptures conflict.  People who have given up on religion and become humanitarians connecting to philosophy and poetry endorsing freedom without religion suffer from depression and hopelessness. We need the messiah; we need religion.  We need also the humanitarian and politician.  Religion does not only mean believing with blind faith; there is also a place in religion for wisdom understanding and knowledge. By definition monotheism the belief in One God cannot be two; but he can be the unity of the two direction which are opposites justice and mercy.

When two become one is created the power of three which is called the Trinity.  The three are one great energy of truth.  The One God unites mercy and justice but God is not limited to either side.  Peace combines these two opposites which conflict Christianity and Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  Peace and freedom need a strong arm and hand to maintain unity of these conflicting spiritual beliefs.  The sword of Esau who is essentially wicked is the sword of peace through freedom.  Judaism has already begun to understand that it can no longer preach one party nationalism.  The State of Israel is a democracy.  Jews are more intellectual than Islamic.  Orthodox Jews can more easily understand the conflicts in life and accept the humanitarian.  Ishmael Islamics are called in Genesis 16:12 “men of prey.”  They are today much more fundamentalist than Jews.  God placed them in the world and gave them the covenant as a threat to mankind to restrict their desire for freedom.  However they are part of the New Trinity which includes Moses, Jesus and Mohammed. The trinity is the foundation of faith.  

The Guru Janardan taught the Trinity as the unity of creator, sustainer, and destroyer.    Christians call it in the name of the father, the son and the Holy Ghost. The whole Christian trinity is attributed to Christ.  In the bible Genesis 17: Moses raised his hands up on the mountain with the help of his two students Chur and Aharon in the battle against Amalek symbolically the enemy of faith in God. At this time Moses was in the center of the Trinity.  The Trinity today the father is Moses the first prophet the giver of the Torah, the son the sustainer the attribute of mercy is Jesus, the destroyer is Mohammed.

Each religion claims to be the trinity.  The result is religious conflicts even war.  The humanitarian has given to each human being free choice.  The humanitarian is not interested in the Trinity for himself his interest is in politics.  The humanitarian will not allow again religion to control politics. The opportunity to choose your own connection to God is open to everyone.  The Jew can choose the Lubvavitcher Rebbe the Messiah of Jewish Unity, the Muslim the Koran according to Shiite or Sunni.  The Christian can attach to whichever sect of Christianity he belongs or he can be protestant.  Today there is an additional choice the religion of peace, the trinity of peace shared by Moses, Mohammed and Jesus and the second resurrection. No one today is forced to believe like once was the way.  The Guru meditates on peace between all religions and peace between all mankind, the unity within the breath of life.

There is a way of faith for everyone. People born into families that are Muslim or Jewish their way is the according to the law the Koran or Torah.  People who are born Christian they are connected to the Vatican.  Judaism and Muslim faiths are one way faiths.  They can recognize that there are other faiths but their law forbids them to leave their faith and adopt another faith.  They can even have respect for Christian monks even though their faiths call Christianity idolatry; for sure they will not bow in front of an idol even if it is in the image of the messiah.  The faiths of Muslim and Judaism are looking toward God from below to above as the infinite omnipotent God the master and judge the creator an ungraspable existence.  Christian and Eastern mysticism already have concluded that God is the messiah his image is worshipped.  An open minded Christian can recognize the need for two ways of faith not only from above to below the way of World Unity and Peace but the way of below to above the way of Muslim and Judaism National Religious faith.  The trinity of the second resurrection includes the prophets of all monotheistic faiths and is for those that have found themselves on the outside and need God in their hearts.  There is a way for everyone in the day when they need help from God; no one is left out.   Religious wars are in the past. The Kabballa speaks about the fourth part of the divine chariot spoke about in the book of Ezekiel chapter 1, the chariot of the Ox, the eagle, and the lion each are symbolic.  The fourth connection is man who receives in his heart the message of the chariot, the message of divine unity.  God and his name is one.  The name of God is peace.

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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