Peace Between Nations – Peace Between Religions

  • Corona Pandemic has united the world
  • Israel has made peace with Arab Countries
  • Muslims have made peace with Jews despite their religious differences

Peace is a universal goal of all mankind. Peace Shalom is the name of God. The True peace must also include the right to remain separate, separate nations and separate religions. The meaning of “God is One” means to include One God who is separate and One God united.  One means separate from his creation; one means united with his creation. Each person has the right to be an individual as well as being part of the whole, a part of his nation, a part of mankind, a part of the congregation of his religion.

Peace signing in Washington

Israel, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates signed a peace treaty in Washington called the Abraham Accords. Israel received its independence in 1948 in a short war with the Arabs after Britain had removed its mandate from Palestine. Israel over the past 72 years has had to again and again prove that the Nation of Israel is an independent nation in the land of its forefathers, the Land of Israel.

The borders of the Nation of Israel were designated by the United Nations but the area given to the Jewish nation was not accepted by its Arab neighbors Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Israel like all nations in the world had to protect its borders and the people which dwell within their land.

The Arab nations surrounding Israel did not respect the territories granted to Israel and continued to apply pressures upon Israel their neighbor. In 1967 Israel in self-defense to secure its borders made the decision to attack Egypt, Jordan, and Syria in a war on three fronts. In six days they had already extended the territories of its land to provide security to the people dwelling in their land. These territories which they captured are called “disputed territories.”

Israel and the world have attempted to solve the problem of these disputed territories. They made a peace treaty with Egypt in 1978 where Israel traded the Sinai Peninsula for peace. In 1994 Israel made a peace treaty with Jordan. Jordan released control of its Palestinian territories to be governed by the Jasar Arafat and the Palestine Liberation Authority. In the Oslo Accords Israel gave autonomy to the PLO to areas within Judah and Samaria where were located Arab cities and villages. Part of Judah and Samaria remained under complete Israel control which were places of Israel settlements.

The Palestinian authority wants Israel to return to its 1967 borders which is impossible. Over the past 53 years Jewish settlements were established throughout what is called the captured territories.  The State of Israel is a secular democratic Jewish state not restricted by Orthodox Judaism but friendly to Judaism and all religions. It provides education for Arabs and Jews to maintain their religious values.  Christians in Israel are a minority but Christianity is also respected by the State of Israel. All three religions Judaism, Christianity, and Judaism are in the background.

The decisions made by the Jewish democratic state are not dependent on Jewish religion but the State of Israel desires to remain a Jewish State which compels it to maintain its connection to Orthodox Judaism. More than half of its citizens are religious observant. Some Israelis are traditional without strict Orthodox values supporting democracy and the government. Strictly Orthodox observant Jews live in the democratic state of Israel but are against democracy.  They want a strictly religious nation like was in Biblical times. Not all strict Orthodox are vehement in their opposition to the State of Israel.  The Shas Sephardic party and the Agudah play both sides, religious and secular.

Making peace between nations in conflict is difficult. There are many border conflicts in the world which flare up from time to time. Today the border conflict between India and China has flared up.  These border disputes are often mixed up with religious conflicts like the conflict between Pakistan and India in Kashmir. Nationalism entered the world before religion. Nimrod tried to build a secular dictatorship in the world after the flood of Noah. He built the Tower of Babel.

Egypt became a great nation in the world even before the time of Abraham. Monotheism became mixed with Nationalism after the exodus of the Jews from Egypt and the revelation of God on Mount Sinai. The Jewish people chose to make a Jewish National State which became the Biblical Nation of Zion Israel. Moses gave the law of the Biblical Nation of Israel to make Israel an eternal nation in the world connected to the Land of Israel. To be a nation is needed a constitution and a land.

The first Americans fought the battle of independence to establish the Nation of America in 1776.  Afterwards was written the American Constitution. All nations became sovereign nations through war.  Israel the first Monotheist nation in the world conquered the land of Israel before establishing the Kingship of David and building the holy temple. Rome became a Monotheist nation when they adopted Christianity as their religion and built the Byzantine Empire.

Mohammed organized the tribes of Ishmael to become the nation of Islam to build the Ottoman Empire. All these three great religious dynasties fell.  Their tradition was preserved by their peoples but they no longer were nations but religions. Freedom is the fourth crusade. America is leading the fourth crusade to unite the whole world with democracy. The three religions will not agree to the peace that America is offering the world. These three religions are theocracies which oppose freedom.

In the historic peace treaty the Abraham Accords Bahrain, and UAE have broken off from their religious philosophies accepting the Abraham Accords. Freedom is not a religion but may be called a faith.  A faith is different than a religion because in a faith peace is most important. In a religion most important is preserving the establishment the nation of Islam, Christ, or Moses. Freedom is a new light.

When there is freedom there is no limitation on faith.  In a democracy there are always new religious cults connected to the religions of the past. Religions prohibit a new religious spiritual light claiming that the light of their faith and religion is the only way and forbidden to change. In this way in Islam is claimed that Mohammed is the last prophet. In Judaism is taught that there will never be a greater prophet than Moses. If Christ is God, for sure there is no room for another God if Christianity is monotheistic.

Moses gazes at the promised land. Moses did not enter the land of Israel. Perhaps he was waiting for today.

Under the pressures of Corona Pandemic the doors have opened to unite nations and to unite religions. In Jerusalem during the Corona Pandemic were gathered representative of the various religions in Jerusalem for interfaith prayer.

Corona forced Israel to make a unified government which opened the way for the Abraham Accords through cancelling annexation. Bahrain and UAE need America for security in an unstable Arab world. The Abraham Accords depends on the strength of America.  America is having its own difficulties.  China is the main opponent of World Unity with America as its leader, a unity united with religion and faith in One God.

In the Arab nations remains religious fundamentalists who are not willing to compromise.  These fundamentalists are in Gaza, Iran and even in Bahrain and UAE.  Bahrain and UAE heads sent their foreign ministers to sign the peace agreement rather than make the trip to America.

Netanyahu made the trip in behalf of Israel but when he returns he will find a bad welcome of religious demonstrations because of his decision to make the Lockdown during the holidays. The former Minister of Health Jacob Litzman from the Aguda Chassidic party resigned and has called for the Orthodox to demonstrate against Netanyahu.

Netanyahu has pressures on him to complete the annexation from religious Zionists. Religious Zionists are also against the two state solution and surrendering territories to the Arabs. A young man in Samaria was recently convicted to life sentence for burning an Arab home killing children and injuring the family. He claimed to be doing this act of terrorism in the name of the Messiah.

In the darkness of Corona Pandemic has become more important the revelation of the Universal Faith through the belief in the resurrection of Moses. The Universal faith includes in it Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It has also a place for new lights of faith which religions oppose. The Universal faith does not oppose religion on the contrary recognizes the importance of religion in child education and in teaching morality. The Universal Faith began as a movement in Acre Israel during the Ottoman Empire called Baha”i where a sincere Muslim preached progressive Muslim ideology accepting other religions and other prophets.

When war has become more dangerous with the fear of nuclear warfare and nuclear fallout negotiating peace to solve border disputes is the best way. About this it says in Psalms 120 in the name of King Solomon the wisest of all men, I am for peace therefore I will talk, they are for war.” Negotiating peace means sacrificing what may be called in religion sacred for peace which is universal, also called the name of God in the Bible. Corona has forced the various religions to gather together in interfaith prayer. It has brought to Israel a unified government. It has brought the Arab nations together with Israel. Corona may be called a blessing but most people call it a curse.

The Abraham Accords is named after father Abraham who in Genesis 22, was willing to sacrifice his children for the sake of the Unity of God. At the same time he became the father of the two religions Judaism and Islam, which are connected to the two families on the earth Jacob and Ishmael. The Unity of God was most important to Abraham which is the foundation of peace. Making peace means sacrificing issues of religious pride while remaining strong in your faith and religion.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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