Peaceful Demonstrations Get Out of Hand – Anarchy

  • Peaceful Demonstrations can get out of hand if they are not supervised properly.
  • Peaceful Demonstration must be limited by city officials to a particular time and place.
  • When a peaceful demonstration gets out of hand is required to end it immediately.

Peaceful demonstrations are part of democracy. The first amendment of the constitution of America states that Congress can make no new law hindering the right to peacefully assemble.

Congress according to the constitution can make no new law hindering the right to peacefully assemble. This does not prohibit officials of states and cities from controlling demonstrations. A city can request to know from those that want to demonstrate the reason for their demonstration and the place in which they want to demonstrate. It is not against the constitution to control peaceful demonstrations. If a city will deny a group of people to demonstrate, these people can go to the courts to receive permission.

Mahatma Ghandi taught that the way of peaceful demonstration with non-violence.

After will be finished the demonstrations in America about the death of George Floyd should be examined how to prevent peaceful demonstrations from becoming violent. To do this does not require a new law. According to the law a demonstration is only allowed when it is peaceful.

There has to be put limitations even on peaceful demonstration to prevent them from becoming violent. Permitting people to assemble does not necessarily permit people to demonstrate walking through cities like they are in America today. Demonstrations have to be restricted to areas which will not interfere with peaceful life of the citizens of a city. It is very popular to organize a demonstration to block an intersection. This type of demonstration can only be called peaceful for a limited amount of time so as to not interfere with peaceful life. When the time permitted for this peaceful demonstration is completed; the demonstrators should clear the area. If they refuse they can be arrested.

Demonstrations which are parades have to be limited to a particular time and place according to the judgment of the city authorities. Allowing people to parade unlimited through the city will only lead to chaos and anarchy like is happening in America. Gatherings in a particular park are best to be sit-in rather than allow the demonstrators to wander in the area which can later turn out to become violent.

The right to demonstrate peacefully is not to give permission or to place behind the blind innocent demonstrators stumbling blocks that can induce violent. There are always people whose intentions are to cause trouble amongst groups. Only through strict supervision of demonstrations can these peaceful demonstrations remain peaceful.

When demonstrations get out of hand like these demonstrations through the country, even peaceful demonstrating should be prohibited temporarily until those groups which want to continue to demonstrate peacefully receive their permission again from the city authorities.

Today there is no law prohibiting flag burning.  The communist party traditionally burns an American flag on the lawn of the White House on Independence Day.  Creating fire during a demonstration like the burning of building and cars being done throughout America is not different then burning an American Flag.  Lighting a cigarette is making a friendly fire but burning an American flag or a dummy of a policeman or government official is destroying property and should not be allowed as part of any demonstrations. Carrying fire arms should not be allowed. Molotov Cocktails and firecrackers should not be allowed since they are not friendly fire. Shooting up fireworks on Independence Day is a friendly fire because of its meaning.

There is only one law in America which requires enforcement.

America to protect the rights of people to gather peacefully and demonstrate must define more clearly the difference between peaceful demonstration and violent. President Trump took on the problems of America when he became its president. The constitution cannot be changed but American life can be improved through working within the constitution like defining the meaning and limitations of “peaceful demonstrations.” President Trump has also confronted problems in America about gun control when several mass shooting have taken place. The right to carry weapons is in the constitution. Storekeepers and homeowners are standing in front of their homes carrying firearms to protect their property and families from these violent demonstrators. There is still a need for civilians to have firearms. The licensing of firearms can be limited but is still necessary.

President Trump has tried to stop drug traffic in America by strengthening its borders. Drug addicts are those that are vandalizing properties amidst peaceful demonstrations. George Floyd in his autopsy was found to have amphetamines in his blood. Amphetamines may have influenced him to resist sitting peacefully in the police car. How much amphetamines George Floyd took that day is difficult to determine but it is well known that amphetamines can create violent reactions.

Democracy is a gift. The right to demonstrate is a gift. Freedom is one of the great pleasures of life. There are two sides to freedom the good and bad like everything else in life. Freedom has gone out of hand in America. To have to enforce martial law in a democracy is sad but necessary. When America comes out of these two crisis, Corona Pandemic and George Floyd rioting, changes will have to be made that should not be repeated these atrocities. A dictatorship like Assad in Syria can destroy brutally the opposition but not President Trump who believes in democracy.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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