People and Brands to Watch Summer Series 2020: Part I

  • A five-part examination of entrepreneurship and influence in Hollywood from around the world
  • In 2019, Lotta Lassesson’s brand “Archery Jewellery” was featured in the “Swag Bags” of at least 3 Hollywood celebrity influencer gifting suites.
  • Just in time for quarantine, Sullberg offers wine direct to consumer from their Northern California base in the form of Cabernet (with 5% Merlot) added via cold cask blended-- as a special treat.

Throughout the Summer, I will be highlighting some brands and people to watch that are upcoming movers and shakers in the entrepreneur space, in Hollywood. How do I know? Because I have been in the production and placement of brands for many years. As a TV producer you recognize the talent in a person, that special “it” factor. As an entrepreneur you recognize the brilliance of the answer a brand/product/service provides or solves-right away.

Multiple times a year, a handful of production companies and teams put together gifting suites, celebrity lounges, and after parties gifting influencers, actors, and media around the award show season in Hollywood and New York. I have been fortunate enough to spread my producer wings wide enough to touch the intersection of influence and brand. Oh, and what a beautiful place that is to be!

Seeing entrepreneurs meet notable influencers and actors mingle and network to help elevate their brand and help it grow is one of my favorite things to witness. Some of the brands I will be mentioning in this series of articles will reflect my interactions and discovery of these brands at such events within the past few years from such events as Oscars week gifting suites, Emmys week gifting suites, Soul Train awards gifting suites, Black girls rock gifting suites and more.

Am I a little biased? Of course I am – but if you tried them, you would love them too.

Lifestyle Brands: Bali, Indonesia

Lotta Lassesson Owner/ Founder Archery Jewellery.

Archery Jewellery (spelled) the “British way according to Lotta Lassesson, owner of this fresh brand out of Bali. As a Swedish native, Lotta moved away with her family in 2005 and looked to Indonesia for a fresh start and a beautiful new place to grow inspiration to launch her lifestyle brand.

To pursue the ultimate dream of living abroad as an entrepreneur. Little did she know that one brand would lend itself to two. In 2006 Café Smorgas was born as a local reprieve offering a “Viking” cutting edge to the area’s beloved Balinese fare; and at a great price point and quality food difficult to match.

Lotta quickly learned that she was a creator in design, and books as well- and launched “Archery Jewellery” in 2018. Blending the cool “Nordic” vibe with the warm spirit of Bali. There is a handmade quality with a sharp defining clarity of beauty in her pieces that is unique to itself.

Whether it is Rose gold, silver, or gold it comes across clean and refreshing. Café Smorgas is not to be out done, as Lotta has currently shifted a lot of her creative energy in the online space to post cooking videos amid the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. “It fits right into the Viking/Archery motto and we will find a way and move forward and see what we can make that is positive, of this situation,” Lassesson, says.

Making a way and moving forward, she has. In 2019, Lotta’s brand “Archery Jewellery” was featured in the “Swag Bags” of at least 3 Hollywood celebrity influencer gifting suites. This year, her brand was featured at 2020 New York fashion week for the “Art Hearts Fashion” show in the gift bags, for the show’s VIP attendees. Some of the lucky ones took home a handmade “from Bali”-leather keychain with her signature “Archery Jewellery” logo. A Viking rune symbol for bow & arrow, adorned at to the key ring. Which also happens to be the founder’s star sign.

Lassesson’s brand is “one to watch” as her jewellery has already made it on the bodies of some of Hollywood’s most beloved actors, reality stars, and influencers. At the cost and quality point “Archery” offers; perhaps you will be next! Archery Jewellery’s primary aim is to create, empower and pay it forward. You can find Archery Jewellery on Instagram: @archeryjewellery.

Jessica Schatz, Public Figure-Wellness Coach.

Home Grown Brands – Hemp & Organic Meats with a sprinkle of love: Florida USA

He loves poultry, and hemp – She has a knack for just going for it!

Meet Randy Rembert and and Telli Griffin of Griffin Organic Poultry. When these two merged worlds it was a match made in entrepreneurial heaven. Telli Griffin worked for many years corporately for the government and was born and raised in California. She moved to Florida in 2001 for her career, and after years in corporate America, began her entrepreneurial journey, kind-of on accident.

Randy Rembert.

During a stressful time that one of her friend’s was experiencing while planning her wedding, Telli was asked to help with some details and quickly found herself handling everything with supreme ease. Her natural talent shined through at her friend’s nuptials which propelled her into the land of love. First, as an event planner/ coordinator and currently as a wedding officiant.

Telli is also a partner in the organic poultry business with Randy Rembert. As she puts it, “I like to be flexible when opportunities come my way. If I feel good about it, I jump in!”

Leah Sullberg & MTV Star, Farrah Abraham.

Randy is an organic poultry farmer and one of the few hemp farmers licensed in Florida. His goal is to bring awareness of the benefits of hemp, eating organic, and promote the direction in which American farming is heading. These two have a synergy that is launching power brands and are ones to watch. You can order their products at:   and follow them on Instagram: @griffinorganicpoultry @rembertfamilyfarms

Fermented Brands – Wine Country, Morgan Hill: Napa, California/Oregon USA

Michael Sullberg Family Wines is a second-generation wine brand owned by the founder’s daughter “Leah Sullberg” Ms. Sullberg has taken on the Hollywood influencer space with class and ease. Her commitment to approachable wine that “Pairs well with a wine glass,” is a winning mantra according to Sullberg.

“We want to make an approachable wine that honors what my father started in the 80’s,” adds Sullberg.

Telli Griffin.

Michael Sullberg Family Wines just partnered with Leah Vandale aka, Carmella of WWE’s Total Divas to launch “Capo Cagna” Wines in the Spring of 2019. A sexy and sassy “boss bitch” extension to the family oriented Sullberg brand. And thank God she did!

Just in time for quarantine, Sullberg offers wine direct to consumer from their Northern California base in the form of Cabernet (with 5% Merlot) added via cold cask blended– as a special treat. A signature process to “add structure” according to Sullberg. Merlot with (5% Cab), Chardonnay and Rose.

Grab your quarantine vino at their website or on Instagram at: @Michaelsullbergfamilywines


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