Pet Portraits – A Timeless Way to Memorialize Our Companions

  • A pet portrait will serve as a piece of pet memorabilia long after your animal companion leaves you.
  • Depending on what kind of artist you hire, you can get a great story involving your pet and you.
  • A portrait of your pet serves the same purpose as your family photographs.

What is that one special touch that makes your home unique and truly yours? Well, you probably have a bunch of photographs of you, your loved ones and your friends, but what about your furry companions? If you just now realized you don’t have a good photo with your pet, it’s time to surprise them with a truly unique gift—a pet portrait!

You might think it’s a bit silly to spend money on a piece of art your pet has no ability to cherish, but that present for your dog or cat is more for you than them actually. A beautiful pet portrait can bring so much happiness, interest and fun to your home. Want to know why you should definitely memorialize your animal companions? Here are just a few reasons that will inspire you to order your first pet portrait right away.

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They last practically forever

Unfortunately, your pets will inevitably leave your household at some point. No matter how unfair it is, but animals don’t live forever. However, a pet portrait will serve as a piece of pet memorabilia long after your animal companion leaves you. High-quality portraits will last for hundreds of years, just like the art you see at the museum. The more professional the artist, the better the art product and the better the materials involved in the portrait-making process. Experts will not only make your pet look amazing, but they will also use the highest-quality paints, canvases and printing materials that will stay vibrant and firm for years and years.

They capture your pet’s personality

Pet portraits have an opportunity to be brimming with personality and fun. Since your pet can’t sit for hours and pose for a portrait, the artists usually use photographs as help to capture the animal’s nature. The photos you can provide to your artists can involve your pet caught up in play, your pet relaxing or your pet snuggling with you—these usually show a lot of personality.

If you choose a good artist, they will even pick out the most fitting art style for your pet. Some pets have a very modern aura while others look better as caricatures or classical paintings. The artist might even add various elements they receive from the pet’s personality to make the portrait unique and worthy of your special friend.

Both physical painters and digital artists can capture the unique personality of your pet, the question is what do you like more—graphic or classical art? If you choose graphic art, you can get custom pet portraits using whatever photo you want.  If you don’t have time to waste, this is the type of art for you, since you can order your portrait in only a few minutes—you just need to be patient until your package arrives! This way of doing pet portraits is also great if you’re planning to gift one to another pet lover (just find a photo of their pet on Instagram, upload it, and voila—you have an amazing present they’re bound to love).

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They tell a story

Pet portraits won’t just keep the memory of your pet alive forever, but they also tell a fun story about your companionship. Depending on what kind of artist you hire, you can get a great story involving your pet and you—you will both be larger than life! If you want to tell a specific story with your portrait, make sure to prepare by taking a few themed photos to provide a reference. The artist will still have to find the right shapes, perspective, colors, textures and angles—all of these are very important aspects when it comes to presenting a certain story and emotions. If you want something very specific and complicated, expect it to take time to finish and you might need to pay a little bit extra, however, it will totally be worth it in the end.

They are a great touch to pet’s areas

No matter if your pet lives indoors or outdoors, they probably have their own little area where they can relax, catch some Zs and chew on their bone in peace. Their little area usually contains a bed, their favorite blanket and toys, but what about some decoration? If you feel like your pet’s space needs some art, order a pet portrait to hang in their quarters.

If you choose to take a digital route, you don’t have to limit yourself to wall art. You can print your pet’s portrait on a blanket, on their little rainy weather clothing or turn them into wallpapers to truly make their space pop.

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They allow you to look at generations of pets

When you look at family portraits, you can often see generations of new members and a variety of family structures. These portraits show how your family grows and evolves and keeps the memory alive of those who came before you. This concept can also be applied to pets, especially if you decide to have a new litter of pups or kittens. Order a portrait of your pet’s offspring and place it beside your pet’s art so you can see whole generations of little furry families.

They bring the family together

Do you have hundreds of solo photos of your pet on your phone? Every pet owner does. However, you probably only have a few badly-executed selfies together and some amateur shots your mom managed to capture with her old phone. Well, if you commission a pet portrait, you can double it up and get a pet+human portrait. This way, you’ll not only have an amazing painting of yourself but also have your faithful pooch or kitty beside you forever. If that’s too much money for you (human portraits can be very expensive) you can hire a photographer and have a photoshoot with your pet to immortalize your friendship.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels.

They are a great conversation starter

You probably know that super famous painting of dogs playing poker by Coolidge. This painting was very popular in the 60s and 70s, and you could see it in many homes and bars. While your pet’s portrait might not become world-famous, but it will serve as a great conversation started whenever someone steps into your home. Your pet’s portrait will become a source of interest and your visitors will get to know more about your pet and your relationship.

They will remind you of your pet 

A portrait of your pet serves the same purpose as your family photographs. The picture will stay a lasting memory of your pet and remind you of them whenever you see it. This is especially emotionally useful if your pet has already passed away. Seeing a beautiful painting of them when they were happy and youthful will allow you to remember the good times you spent together and help you battle those gloomy days when you miss your late friend the most.

If you and your pet have a special bond, it’s a great idea to order a portrait of them. It’s also a great gift for any pet lover and you can really make someone’s day if you choose to take this gift route. Make sure to cherish your pet every day, but since portraits usually outlive most dogs and cat, it’s a great way to keep the memory of your beloved furry companion alive long after they leave you.

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