Poland Will Not Attend Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

  • The Polish regime in World War II participated with Germany in the execution of millions of Jews.
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Poland of starting World War II.
  • Poland made a new law freeing their nation from all these responsibilities.

January 27 will be International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Jerusalem. Israeli Holocaust Remembrance Day is in May of each year, but International Holocaust Remembrance Day falls out in January of each year. The function is dedicated to the remembrance of 75th anniversary of the liberation of Jews from Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland. The occasion will also give its attention to the problems of Anti-Semitism in Europe, America, and throughout the world.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (left) said that “the words of Putin are a disguise to cover up from Russians his political failures.”

Four kings, 26 Prime Ministers, four heads of state, American Vice President Mike Pence, and many ambassadors from embassies of nations located in Israel will be at the gathering. The gathering will take place at the site called Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister of Poland, although invited by Israel to attend, has given notice that he will not attend the function because of remarks which were made by Russian President Vladmir Putin blaming Poland for starting the outbreak of World War II. After Putin had made these remarks, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki retorted in return that “the words of Putin are a disguise to cover up from Russians his political failures.”

The Polish not only have reacted harshly to Putin but also to Israel, because they claim that the organizers of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day function refuse to let President Andrzej Duda address the crowd. Other leaders, including Vladimir Putin, were invited. The decision to exclude Duda as guest speaker may have been connected to a new law written in Poland that protects its people from guilt as a nation responsible for Auschwitz and the murder of Jews in Poland during the Second World War.

According to a new law in Poland, those that accuse Poland today of responsibility for the death of Jews are committing a crime.

According to this new law, those that accuse Poland today of responsibility for the death of Jews are committing a crime. Israel attacked Poland for denial of guilt. The conflict between Poland, at first, was severe on both sides, but has calmed down. There is still tension between the two nations.

Israel denies that the President of Poland was not invited. Their main reason for not attending the function is an objection to allowing Putin to speak. The organizers of Yad Vashem, when receiving notice from Poland that their leader will not attend, are in the middle of a controversy on both sides. That is, Poland-Russia and Poland-Israel.

Without Poland, there will be 40 leaders of nations giving respect to remembrance of the Holocaust, and the current battle in America, Europe, and throughout the world against Anti-Semitism. The ceremonies will be for two days, beginning January 27.  President Vladmir Putin is expected to attend the ceremony and will be given an opportunity to address the crowd. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will then have the opportunity to meet with Vladmir Putin to discuss Israel and Russian relations, amidst the growing tensions in the Middle East.

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