Police Scramble to Secure Insecure Surveillance Cameras Exposed Online

  • Anyone with the URL can watch and control these camers.
  • Police have been scrambling to protect or remove them.
  • A police chief in Delaware told a radio show that "another agency" is responsible. A day later the first Delaware camera was removed. A day later the first Delaware camera was removed.
  • There are more.

This is a developing story involving law enforcement agencies across the United States that are scrambling to secure and in some cases remove surveillance cameras left open to the general public after finding their URLs posted online. CopBlaster.com learned of this after receiving an anonymous tip about a gas station in Milford, Delaware that had yet to be posted online. An independent media outlet has since verified that the camera belonged to law enforcement.

Insecure Police Cameras Exposed on Reddit.

On May 12th, a Redditor posted a list of URLs belonging to suspicious unsecured surveillance cameras and the thread became quite popular. When browsing the thread, it appears as though several of the cameras received password protection after being exposed and one of those cameras may have belonged to the LAPD’s Gang Narcotics Division.

Milford Liberty Gas Station Camera.

Other cameras remain online where anyone can take control of them by using a user interface designed by Cannon that lets people adjust their zoom, angle, or rotation.

On May 18th, an anonymous source sent Cop Blaster a URL that was not part of the Reddit thread and the physical location of that camera. The camera was disguised as fake wireless transformer towards the top of a telephone pole across the street from a Liberty gas station in Milford, Delaware.

Cannon Camera User Interface Allows Online Control.

Cop Blaster contacted a few media outlets in surrounding areas and 105.9’s Dan Gaffney investigated. Gaffney contacted the local police who said that the camera belongs to “another agency” and received tips from utility workers saying that they had installed that camera and/or similar cameras for the Delaware State Police in that area. Gaffney talked about the issue for several hours on the 20th. The camera was password protected soon afterwards.

Milford Liberty Camera Removed.

On May 21st, Gaffney posted an update on his Facebook page stating that the camera has been removed, but that he still plans to write a bigger follow up. Gaffney had previously stated to Cop Blaster that he was awaiting comments from Milford Mayor Archie Campbell, local police, and employees of the local utility company.

Exposed Police Cameras Now Password Protected.

The Cop Blaster’s anonymous source also identified a second camera in the Milford area and the location of a previously unidentified camera targeting a specific residence in a black neighborhood in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Kalamazoo camera has a preset called “Home” that zooms in on a specific house and is virtually identical to the Milford Liberty camera. It appears to be the same be the same make/model and it too is disguised as a fake transformer box towards the top of a telephone pole.

The second Milford area camera is different than the first because it is not on a telephone pole and has no presets, but it is pointed directly at a series of homes and allows viewers to see through the windows.These cameras now have password protection, but are most likely still live because unlike the Milford Liberty camera their connections do not timeout.

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