Portland Leaders Knows the Riots Spread Covid-19 and Still They Do Nothing – Rioting, Looting and Crimes Continue

With Oregon seeing a rise in COVID cases, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti now admits protests in his city did lead to a spike in coronavirus cases, after he previously insisted there was no link. Garcetti confirmed LA County health officials believe recent demonstrations have contributed to a significant spike in COVID-19 cases in the city.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

This is absolutely a major reason Oregon is seeing a tremendous spike in COVID-19, and the government knows this is endangering all the people of our state. It is shameful that Mayor Ted Wheeler and Governor Kate Brown, when offered a solution to clean up the city of riots and the correlated spread of COVID-19, instead accused Trump officials and the Portland Police of being the problem.

Governor Brown and Portland Mayor Wheeler called on federal officers to leave Portland. Both said they had no plans to meet with Interim Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf while he was in the city, and Wheeler said he would decline if asked. Even so, Mr. Wolf immediately went to work cleaning up all the rioting.

Tax paying citizens are not being protected. My small business was robbed. COVID is exploding. For the last 60 days the local politicians have been looking the other way. But if you’re Gilmore Hair Salon in Salem (Lindsey Graham is the owner) that tries to cut someone’s hair during COVID – wow the all mighty Oregon Government and City of Salem came down on you full force!

The Oregon Department of Human Services Public Health Division retaliated against this small business and abused her civil rights. They attacked her because she did not comply with the governor’s order to shut down her own business; she wanted to pay for her family’s food, clothing and bills herself.

But oh no, that was not enough force! The government added the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division (OSHA) the Oregon Health Licensing Office, and Child Protective Services to punish and bully Lindsey Graham even more. Her unacceptable sin was cutting some hair for a fee. Meanwhile, all government officials continue to appear to be well groomed.

This is who Oregon Government attacks.

The real issue was not cutting hair for a fee; she challenged the Democratic-run system and the Oregon governmental powers wanted to prove that would be fatal for a small business in Oregon.

Making matters worse, the local newspapers and TV continue spreading the hoax that local police in Portland and Oregon (that have been run by liberals and Democrats for years) are systematically racist; that it’s the police and Lindsey Graham who are the real problems. The press doesn’t even have the balls to be honest, let alone be truthful.

News admitting the riots in LA caused COVID outbreaks came out, and no one in Oregon even reported it, not even as an underlying reason we are seeing a monster spike in cases. The largest (by far!) explosion in COVID-19 is occurring in Multnomah County, where all the riots have occurred.

Oregon’s official response to COVID-19 is:

State public health officials attributed the rise to social gatherings and so-called “sporadic spread” — cases that do not have known exposure to any other COVID-19 case or outbreak.

May 30th, Ted Wheeler showing his concern for Apple Store being looted. Forty seven days later nothing has changed.

Our governments and press are knowingly, wantonly and openly hurting the hard working citizens that pay taxes and respect the laws, in favor of their illegal rioters and terrorists in order to paint the President as losing control of the country, all with the goal of promoting and growing their own Democratic power– even if it hurts the people they are paid to serve.

This is one Oregonian that is just sick and feels no one but the police and Lindsey Graham are providing The People with real hope.

In my 60 years in Oregon I have never seen a more sinister government than the one running our cities and state today.

The Democrats help to destroy, attack, loot and riot and see nothing wrong with this, but if you challenge this with hard work, honesty, and a desire to build a better society– such as by supporting the police, free speech and honesty– then you’re seen as an enemy of the State.

Today the Oregon Government has become evil.

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