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Advertising. Even to those of us with decades of experience, and intimate knowledge of its complex and inner workings, it can still be both overwhelming and at times surprising. It never ceases to amaze how advertising has evolved through time. From carved wooden signs, to painted ones, radio ads to television, billboards to internet ads. Even the clothes we wear advertise companies, political opinions, and even our intentions.

As advertising moves gradually forward through the 21st century, a new trend in advertising has been slowly integrating itself into our society, and that is LED sign technology. Once reserved for sports arenas and major concert venues, Jumbotron technology, like many fields, has come along way. Instead of old school cathode ray tubes, low cost Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s) have completely taken over. Brighter, cheaper, and farr less expensive to operate, LED billboards are saturating the market. Everywhere from coffee shops, to highway billboard signs are using them. The bright colors and animation catches the eye, and draws attention to the businesses that we might otherwise drive by every day without noticing.

One might ask themselves, what could possibly be better than this? The answer is simple. Make it mobile! One such company, LED Trailers, has done exactly this. Specializing in mobile advertising for fairs, festivals, concerts, and other events, LED Trailers has it down to a science. Interested in exactly what and how the process works, I met with a representative of their company, onsite for a full walk-through with him of a potential site for a concert. I tried to prepare for the meeting by learning some information about concert set up, however I was blown away by the expertise brought in by the LED Trailers rep.

The first thing that he noticed as I was describing our layout was that we were facing the wrong direction. Being an evening concert, the sun would be setting right behind the stage, blinding the audience. Secondarily, he pointed out that we weren’t leaving enough room behind the stage for backstage activities and trailers for the artists. We spent over an hour re-configuring the site map for optimal viewership, and by the end of it we had a plan to boost alcohol and food sales with the LED tech, and proper placement and management. When people say these guys are the best in the northwest, they aren’t kidding!!!  They help a major County Fair repeatedly make around $1 million dollars profit per year from mobile large screen LED advertising.

I was amazed at all of the little details that were provided by LED Trailers for how to boost revenues in so many ways. If you think that is impressive you should have heard them talk about the LED tech itself. It was obvious to me that when it came down to ad design, appeal, and conversions, that these guys really knew their stuff. I didn’t expect a company that focused on video equipment to be so knowledgeable and helpful in advertising, and putting more money in my pocket! For a few minutes there I actually thought about going through with the concert, it seemed so profitable!!!

Advertising will continue to change and adapt to new markets, and new marketing techniques. Nut it’s exciting to see a company so motivated to keep up with the latest marketing techniques. And wow did the bright colors and attention grabbing animation really make a difference. But one of the coolest features that LED Trailers has to offer, is their retail partnership program.

Rather than charge you directly for use of their screens, LED Trailers will reserve you a screen for a $100 reservation fee – and that is all you pay. Period. $100 to get a dedicated sponsor board that you can fill up with sponsor messages and advertisements. LED Trailers provides the screen, and creates a price list based on your events attendance records, and you bring those prices to your sponsors and keep half of the income!!! This is an exciting new way to try out their advertising program at little to no risk to your event.

So if you need help with advertising, marketing, layout configuration, or simply want a cool LED screen for movie night or football season, give led trailers a call. They will blow you away!!!

4995 Ridge Dr, Salem, Oregon, 97301
11600 – B SW 69th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97223
(971) 338-4444

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