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If you’re in design, graphics, a content creator or engineer, and you published online content, you can provide and post global gigs. Posting your services online allows you to make money and with some websites, such as Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace, even more money as a percentage of sales. Most people in the gig world start out simply, doing it part time, and eventually work full time into a career.

Since gig posts are done virtually, you don’t need a workplace– you can be anywhere in the globe. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can provide and/or build a robust global career.  The world becomes yours.

Often the first way gig Buyers review your post is by reading your profile.  The more data you provide the better– it really looks good to the Buyers.  You should include your  professional experience for the gigs you are posting in the profile. It will put customers at ease, especially the first time Buyers.

Make sure the title is very attractive, hopefully a little playful or uplifting.  You want the Buyer to be pleased/feel good about their selection. Make sure you are truly descriptive in your service.  The more your gig post stands out from the crowd, the more reviews you will have. It’s actually quite simple.

Take your time and establish an overview of your gig post, even take a piece of paper and simply sketch it out. It often looks more organized that way.  This is a must if you’re going to provide a graphic service post.  Remember, your presentation is incredibly important as the gig Buyers often will want your work to represent them or their firm, and the better/cleaner your work appears to them, the easier it is for the Buyers to mentally project your work onto their pages. If you can repetitively achieve this projection, you’ll have many orders.

When filling out the body of your gig post you need to make sure you are honestly describing what you are presenting. Take the extra time and provide a wordsmith type approach to each and every word. If your offer could require revisions, then state your policy on revisions.  Make sure the Buyer understands that you will provide a fully finished product, and you will not leave them hanging.

It is almost always better if your name is relevant to the service you provide. Describe the content like the number of pages, the number of flyers, ect. You need to be more descriptive and better written than your competitors. This is often a very key element when Buyer are making their final decision.  They want to understand what they are Buyer and for it to match what they are looking for.

Many gig posts could be widely misinterpreted, which is a major issue with many posts. If the Buyer is confused or unsure about what you’re offering, they will not buy, because most Buyers will never want any conflict whatsoever!

On pricing, we believe you always need to be competitive in your pricing, and almost always towards the lower end of your competitors. However, you still need to provide a clear, detailed account of your services, including delivery times. Combining low prices with a higher level of services is often the sweet spot in gig markets.

We like FGG because they allow you to write and publish an article about your gig post that is also published on Google News.  This is a very accelerated way to take your post into high gear, with much wider and global market exposure. Most web pages can not get into the news.

This superior method is especially powerful if you’re posting gigs in advertising, digital marketing or content writing because you’re hopefully showing some of your “gig posting” skills, allowing Buyers to project your skills onto their needs. It’s often the little bit of extra effort that wins the Buyers over.

Even though FGG is the new kid on the global platform block, their ownership connection with Communal News (which is on the Google News platform) greatly increases your exposure. Plus, their price is great!  You can see that they are giving that little extra effort.

You want it to be as easy as possible for the Buyers to find your post, and often many gig posts are ranked by the most views.  So take your time and do it right.

We hope you can Post a Gig soon.

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