Preparing for Doomsday with Spiritual Healing

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Preparing for Doomsday through Spiritual Healing

Living in the twentieth century after the Second World War there is nobody that can avoid the thought of a third World War which will be much worse than mankind has ever seen in the past.  The third World war will be a nuclear war.  The world has become smaller through technology.  People can communicate through internet and share their ideas from one end of the world to the other.  At the same time technology has brought to the world the dangers of weapons of mass destruction.  Doomsday is in the back of every person’s mind.  Everyone knows that it is inevitable but it is the work of all of mankind to postpone the date of destruction if possible forever. Through cooperation between nations the date of doomsday can be delayed.  At the same time the world is faced with Global warming.  The earth is aging like human beings.  The life expectancy of people has grown but at the same time each person has his day of death in the future.  The earth also has it limits as population growth creates pollution of the waters of the earth, air pollution, natural catastrophes like fires in California and Europe and hurricanes which are only signs of the future. 

Doomsday is nothing new.  Doomsday always existed on the individual level through sickness, accidents, war, and suicide.  Today everyone is faced with mass destruction which was never to this degree.  The destruction of the holy temple of Jerusalem and wars following it shredding the blood of Jews from inland parts of Israel until the Meditarrean Sea is a classic example of mass tragedy.  The Jewish people remember this day as part of their religion as a day of mourning.  History is filled with bloody battles mass tragedies.  However life continues. 

The Bible teaches that in six days God created the heavens and the earth and in the seventh day he rested.  The wise men of Israel teach that each day of creation corresponds to one thousand years of creation.  The world has the potential for man to live and work in it for six thousand years.  The seventh millennium the world will be empty.   Today according to the Biblical calendar the world is in the year 5770 close to doomsday.  Global warming is just a sign of the end.  World War two and Hiroshima is another sign of doomsday.  Doomsday will probably not come at one time but after various events in history.  Each event will give mankind the chance to prepare spiritually for the ultimate doomsday.  Death is not new, but today it is harder to hide from death.  Technology and medicine has added to life and given the way to prolong life with more pleasure.  At the same time people have the tendency to put their faith in doctors and not in God.  People are always looking for a safer place to live.  For people living in the Mideast today there are more dangers and more instability of life.  The dangers exist all over the earth, however living condition vary according the place in the world.  Not everyone has a choice where to live. No one can run away from doomsday. 

The advice of spiritual teachers and healers is to take refuge in God.  In the psalms of David 23 it is written, The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.  As I walk in the shadow of death I shall feel no evil, because God is with me.  For many people believing in God is enough comfort for them in times of danger, for others they also need the Messiah.  The Messiah may not be God but his presence in the heart of man gives an additional comfort in times of trouble.  Many people see no difference between the Messiah and God.  Today to find the Messiah has become of utmost importance for all mankind.  In Judaism, the Messiah was always given secondary importance to simple faith in God and following the precepts of their religion.  Even for Jews today, the Messiah takes primary importance. Jews find the Messiah in a different way than other people.  Christians worship to the Messiah and bow before his statue but sometimes feel very distant from him.  They may even become atheists or agnostics non-believers in Jesus.  Jews and Moslems pray to God who is far away from them in the heavens and God may be closer for them, than for Christians that have the Messiah in front of them in a physical form.  Jews and Moslems also need to feel God close to them not only in the distant heavens.  It has always been important to prepare for doomsday but even more so today.

People are waiting for Jesus to return because they have lost his eternal presence.  Most important is to find the eternal presence of the Messiah than to look for an excuse not to feel his eternal presence.  There is very little that Jesus or any other man can do for this world which is heading for destruction.  President Trump feels that through strengthening America doomsday can be postponed and Americans especially will have more security.  The United Nations is working for postponing doomsday.  There is a lot that can be done through cooperation between mankind and its nations to prolong the good years of this world.  The spiritual answers have already arrived through the prophets of God.  There are new prophets born in every generation but the foundations of faith has already been established in the world of six thousand years.  If you believe in the resurrection of Jesus he doesn’t have to come back again.  The belief in the resurrection of Jesus and his eternal presence adds to the faith of King David in God the Almighty, the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.

Judaism has recognized the need for the Messiah for its people and the whole world.  In the last generation in Judaism God revealed another two Messiahs of eternal life for the strengthening of faith in God and in the afterlife.  These two great saints were revealed in the way of the Messiah of eternal life in the way of the eternal life of Elijah the prophet recorded in Bible the Book of Kings who went up into heaven in a cloud escaping death forever.  The second Messiah was revealed through resurrection Rabbi Nachman of Breslov who died over two hundred years ago returned to the earth to reveal his eternal life when he wrote a letter to his favorite student and signed the letter in an interesting way Na Nac Nachma, Nachman.  Today on the internet You Tube you can find out more about this coming of the Messiah. 

To meet the threats of Doomsday has also been revealed the resurrection Moses together with Jesus and Mohammed.  See my webpage at:   Interfaith has been combined with religion to add spiritual strength in preparation for doomsday.  Hiding from doomsday is no answer.  Just like at a wedding is greeted the bride, so we have to greet doomsday with a smile and dance and sing before the bride.  There is nothing to fear but suffering which is only temporary.  God or President Trump cannot take suffering out of life.  Waiting for Jesus to come back is only making an excuse for not believing in him. God has paved the way before us for receiving the joy of life and its sorrow. 

The last moments of life should be the best of life.  Make the best of life that God has given to us as a gift.  The preparation for doomsday is secondary to living the life God has given us working for World Unity and Peace.  The end of life will surely come, greet the end of life like it is the beginning of a new life in the afterlife.  Surely Jesus is ready to receive Christians in the next world, and the Rebbe of Chabad and Rebbe Nachman to receive Jews that have done their work and preparations in their lives.  Being a Good Moslem believing in Peace is the preparation to receive Mohammed in the next world.  Today there is one world faith as well as each person’s own private specific religion.  Death is one part of life which we have to face, more important is always life. You can never appreciate life until you have faced death and doomsday.

The Eastern faiths emphasize overcoming the fears of doomsday which interfere with true happiness and joy in life.  Sometimes it is hard to relate to their teachings like The Tibetan Book of the Dead. You don’t have to enter into Eastern Religion which may seem like idolatry but they also encourage to seek and find truth through connecting to a teacher of truth who is a Guru.  They try to bring God close through statues of their saints bowing to them before meditation.  Though faiths which worship God in the heavens far and removed from man call the faiths which bring God close “pagan faiths”, in interfaith you don’t look at the external aspects of faith but at its goals which are peace, unity, truth, oneness, and mercy.  The word for one in the Hebrew language is the same numerical value of Ahava (love) and equivalent to 13 which is called the attributes of mercy.  The word for Truth (Emet) combines the first letter(Aleph) and last letter(Tav) with the letter Mem the letter of the heart in the middle. The letter Aleph the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet (א) whose numerical value is one is a unity of a point above with a point below connected through a line. The prophet Isaiah teaches 57:19, Peace, Peace, near and far, I will heal them.  The healing comes from God in the two ways of religion far and near.  These two ways of religion far and near one opposes the other like it says in Ecclesiastes 7:14, God has made one side against the other.  His solution to this conflict in Ecclesiastes 7:16, don’t be over orthodox religious, over righteous, if love and peace is your preference.  For some peace and love are not as important as maintaining their strict religious faith. Religion has an important part in life.  Atheists and Agnostics have already given up hope; they just don’t care, and have accepted doomsday as part of life relying only on doctors and pills. 

There is spiritual healing for those that are interested.  Rabbi Nachman of Breslov taught, “Don’t give up, there is no such thing as hopeless. The world is a narrow bridge to cross over, the most important thing is not to fear. Joy and happiness is a great goal of life.  Go into the fields and pray to God in your own words from your heart. If you believe that it is possible to destroy, believe also that it is also possible to correct.” God loves you. Find the Messiah.  Truth and peace is a group effort. When you find the Messiah you find spiritual freedom and no longer fear doomsday.  Truth includes in it both aspects of faith in God formless and the form within the heart of man.  The two aspects of faith are two Messiahs of truth.  Only God is one and not the Messiah.  The Messiah is the son who has a father in both aspects of truth.  God is his father.  The son is near; the father is distant. 

For people in distress you can pray directly to the son, but not to forget the father.  The father is the strictness of God and the son is his mercy.  Orthodox religion separates the son from the father.  Religions conflict.  People become discouraged from seeking their healing. For some the healing is in the father; for some it is in the son.  Interfaith unites them together so that no one should be excluded and everyone should receive their healing.

The whole world knows for two thousand years that Jesus is the Messiah.  He was opposed by Mohammed who recognized Jesus as the Messiah and claimed to be the last prophet.  The world became split in two religious blocs two opposing faiths.  Judaism had already been established almost two thousand years before Jesus.  Those that want the Messiah Jesus is here.  However he is the most difficult to locate since he is the Messiah of spiritual freedom which rebels against religion. Judaism for the New Age has brought into the world two Messiahs not to replace Jesus but to encourage the world to continue their search for the Messiah before will come that awesome day “doomsday.”  Moses and Mohammed have resurrected to join Jesus in a march for World Unity and Peace.  They are embracing each other under the holy temple in Jerusalem in love and peace.  Jerusalem is the place of World Unity and Truth.  The prophets of Christianity Judaism and Islam are the three pillars of World Unity and Peace.  Jesus represents spiritual freedom and Moses and Mohammed preach the law.  They unite together in the Religion of Life as the crown of eternal faith.  Have I brought you closer to the Messiah and God?  


David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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