Progressive Evangelists Rule the World with Trump as Their Leader

  • President Trump is blessed by Evangelist Christians and people that love him.
  • Immunity was once given to public officials but today the majority rules.
  • Orthodox Jews and Muslims will always depend only on God, not on Trump, Netanyahu, or any human being.

President Trump is fighting for America and freedom. He considers Israel his partner because Israel is a democracy supporting America and defending freedom. The goal of President Trump as an Evangelist is to light up the country of America through adding to America faith in God which it is slowing losing. Israel although it is a secular state, the land of Israel represents to Evangelists as the homeland where was born Jesus Christ and his followers. Israel is the land of the Bible.

President Trump is defending religion even though religion may oppose sometimes freedom. The world and America cannot succeed without religion. Freedom has two sides which are republican and democrat. Believing in democracy means believing in the two sides of freedom which are secular and religious. Trump is on the side of religion even though he is far from the example of a religious observer. His religion is progressive and not Orthodox. He is a progressive Christian; therefore he can stretch out his hands to Jews who are accused to be the enemies of Jesus. The other side of democracy which are secular liberals have their right to freedom of speech and perhaps they may want to impeach President Trump fight against his immunity as a public official. Democracy is against immunity of public officials.

President Trump on the day after was assassinated the Soleimani addressed the public at an Evangelist Event. Before the event he was blessed by his Evangelist supporters:

The immunity of President Trump is limited to a four year term or maybe to another four years after the elections in 2020.  The democrats opposing him are already working to destroy his immunity and his evangelist progressive goals including opposing Iran and the nuclear deal made by Obama, sovereignty of Israel over their land and Jerusalem, uniting the world with freedom and religion. President Trump knows that there is no immunity in the Constitution where there is separation of church and state but the Evangelist goals are in the Declaration of Independence One nation under God in liberty and justice forever.

Netanyahu is in the middle of indictment proceedings which are a threat to him being able to continue his position as Prime Minister.  He is asking for immunity for himself and other government officials.  Like President Trump he is in the middle of a conflict between the two sides of democracy which are freedom with religion and freedom without religion. To be a Jew and a citizen of Israel requires the connection with Judaism and the laws of “Who is a Jew.”

Netanyahu and Trump both believe in Progressive Spirituality for their nations.

To be an American there is no religious requirements.  America was founded by White Anglo Saxon Protestants who put God in the constitution and on the dollar bill; but America is not limited by the law of God and is governed by the law of America. In the law of America is included the law of God; but the degree of emphasis on religion in America depends upon believers in religion being the majority and the President being their leader.

Netanyahu and the political system of government which is secular Zionist have no problem joining Trump in his evangelist ideals even they are the representatives of a Jewish state without complete equality because they are progressive. Progressive can be flexible; but Orthodox is a rigid belief. Already Israel has failed to make a government in two elections, and are on the way to a third election.  Israel Zionist leaders have difficulty defending their progressive Jewish ideology against Orthodox religious Jewish leadership.

President Trump stated in his speech, “America worships God and not their government.”  Trump means that America worships God with freedom and religion and not the nation without God.  Netanyahu and Likud like Trump are progressive for Zion with freedom and religion. Israel cannot exist without religion because the idea of a Jewish nation connects with the Bible and the land of Israel.

Orthodox Zionist Judaism is not flexible and against the two state solution. They are for a Zionist Orthodox religious state and waiting for the Messiah to initiate the Zionist Religious State. Orthodox Chassidic Israelis are inflexible on all issues of Torah law and against freedom of religion including in it Christianity.

Netanyahu wants Israel to be progressive religious Zionist State.  His opponents from the left side of Zionist secularists are against mixing religion with politics.  Judaism is automatically mixed with politics even in a Jewish secular state.

Trump a progressive Evangelist can succeed with Americans when the majority supports him. Netanyahu or any progressive religious Zionist leader can succeed when the majority supports him.  Israel and America are democracies. Democracy in America is broader than democracy in Israel. Trump wants America to be a Progressive Christian state. Netanyahu wants Israel to be a Progressive Jewish State. He wishes to all Christians a Merry Christmas.

Secular people will never support Orthodox religious values but can support Progressive religious values. Orthodox religion is against freedom, the opposite of democracy. To make this world a better place without wars; Orthodox religion will have to accept progressive spirituality. Orthodox Judaism will have to accept Christianity as an authentic religion which they don’t today. The same is true with Muslim faith to accept Christianity.  Christians will have to accept that Christianity is not the only way.

Immunity of public officials and the clergy today is in question and under attack. When Israel was a dictatorship the King of Israel and his representative had immunity.  There was immunity to Church officials in the Byzantine Empire. To give immunity to priests in the Catholic Church has been overthrown in the light of democracy on the issue of sex abuse. Pope Francis has accepted the rebuke of democracy and has given up immunity for his priests.  President Trump and Netanyahu have no immunity but can only depend on the power of majority. Trump still has the senate to defend him against impeachment. In Israel the courts will decide for Netanyahu to step down or not. Pope Francis is willing to accept progressive values which the previous Pope would not. There is a movement in the world for compromise between religious and secular. President Trump is fighting for the middle way. Judaism and Islam are on two sides which conflict. Progressive Evangelist today rules America and the Middle East even if the Orthodox Jew or Muslim do not accept it. Even the Catholic Church has become progressive.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe is considered Progressive by his opponents because he praised America for being a nation of kindness.

Orthodox Jewish leaders will almost always refrain from making any comments concerning politics. Judaism is the most strict to refuse to accept another law other than the Law of Moses which was the foundation of a religious political state. There are Orthodox leaders in Israel who put Trump and Putin in the same category with Zionist secularists including Netanyahu. In a democracy what they are saying has no substance because they are not a majority. Orthodox religious leaders say the law cannot be changed. Progressive secularist say the law is man – made and can be changed. Progressive Spiritual Baha”i faith and PJS say God is a partner with man in his creation. There is no immunity for man; only for God. Times changes and the law changes with times.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe of Blessed memory Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson praised America for being a kind country giving to its people including Jews religious freedom. When the walls of Communism fell in 1991, the Rebbe declared the day to be a holiday and instructed his students to dress in holiday clothing. Even though theology conflicts with democracy, Orthodox can bend to receive progressive spiritual values. Trump is for progressive spiritual ideals accepting all faiths. America being progressive spiritual evangelist can bring democracy to the whole world even to Islam and religious Zionists.

The Zohar written over a thousand years ago the foundation of Progressive Jewish Spirituality that Progressive Christianity will rule the world at the end of time and warns all other faiths not to fight against them. It says Being Orthodox will give you a reward in the next world, but this world and the sword belongs to the Progressive Evangelists, the children of Esau. It is a hard lesson for Iran after the assassination of its leader; and for religious national Zionists. Netanyahu is with Trump.  The Arab states need also to learn this teaching in the Zohar even if it may conflict with the Qoran. However, Orthodox Jews and Muslims will always depend only on God, not on Trump, Netanyahu, or any human being.

Immunity belongs only to God. America is a powerful nation but still has to be concerned about its opponents which are Russia and China. God is the only King and no one else. There can only be peace when the whole world is in peace.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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