Prominent Push in Anti-wrinkle Products Market

  • Anti-aging is the overall treatment and prevention of aging.
  • Anti-wrinkle is meant to diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • They are not meant to reverse the aging process but to reduce the aging effect on the skin. Both aging and wrinkling can be solved by using anti-aging creams.

Skincare has been an important segment driving the personal care and cosmetics industry, of which anti-aging products capture a sizable share. Increasing personal investment in self-grooming, especially anti-aging products, will sustain the sales of anti-wrinkle products in the global landscape.

Surging retail availability of a wide range of anti-wrinkle products, coupled with a dramatic rise in the number of brands providing diverse anti-aging products, is projected to play a significant role in the revenue growth of anti-wrinkle products market.

At an estimated year on year revenue growth rate of roughly 6%, in 2019 and 2020, global landscape of anti-wrinkle products is likely to witness a prominent push from the premiumization trend that has been shaping anti-wrinkle products space in the recent past.

With a current share of just-under a third of the total market valuation, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan) remains the global leader, as indicated by the report. North America, Europe, and Japan are also positioned as attractive investment territories for investors in anti-wrinkle products landscape.

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The Visible Rise of Natural & Organic to Shape Market Performance

Holding more than half of the total market value, creams & moisturizers are foreseen to remain the dominant shareholder in anti-wrinkle products market on account of sustained consumer preference for cosmeceuticals based on creams and moisturizers, especially in developing regions.

  • Celebrity endorsements remains a major influencing factor here, according to the report.
  • Posing stiff competition to synthetic anti-wrinkle products, organic and naturally sourced anti-wrinkle products are gaining ground at a brisk pace, according to the report.
  • In addition, the reports points to steadily rising popularity of branded and premium quality anti-wrinkle products as an expanding consumer population is prioritizing quality over everything, before purchasing skincare products.
  • Clean-label anti-wrinkle products continues to constitute a notable trend that holds a strong impact on the purchasing decision of consumers.

Breakthrough Anti-wrinkle Treatment May Hold a Long-term Impact on Anti-wrinkle Products Sales

With an objective to overcome the complexities associated with Botox and a heap of fillers, a breakthrough treatment – Profhilo is launched recently, this year. The treatment is being claimed to rehydrate, moisturize, and retexture aging skin. Emergence of such innovations, following the already popular high-end anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox and fillers, is likely to hold a considerable impact on the sales of anti-wrinkle products.

“While this could be the situation specifically for a premium consumer segment, it would not be an overstatement to expect its considerable influence on anti-wrinkle products market growth in the long run,” says a senior analyst at FMI.

The report covers extensive profiles of some of the prominent players active in global anti-wrinkle products marketplace, including Allergan PLC; Avon Products Inc., L’Oréal S.A., Unilever, Revlon, Inc., Oriflame Cosmetics AG, Lotus Herbals Limited, Procter & Gamble Co., Nature Republic, and a few others.

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Some of the prominent brands leading regional markets, such as Sisley Paris, are maintaining the R&D focus on existing portfolio expansion.  Sisley’s recently launched concentrated anti-wrinkle serum adds value to the company’s previous offerings and is claimed to more efficiently address the typical aging signs that are resultant of multiple environmental, genetic, and behavioral factors. The new launch reportedly includes plant-based ingredients that help optimization of the lifecycle of human skin cells.

A large number of anti-wrinkle products manufacturers are also investing efforts in R&D of innovative, multifunctional formulations that could effectively address multiple aging signs besides wrinkles, simultaneously. Targeting untapped opportunities in retail and organized sales channels, established companies in anti-wrinkle products market are focusing on enhancing the space on retail shelves and strengthening sales network. Market participants in developing economies are more likely to implement aggressive pricing strategies to remain a step ahead of competitors.

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