Protect the Free World – Boycott the China Vaccine for Corona

  • President Trump led the free world toward International peace through democracy.
  • Corona the China virus interfered with the plans of President Trump.
  • Nations of the free world should not buy the vaccine from China even at a cheaper price.

The Free World believes in democracy. The Free World believes in freedom. Corona virus has crippled the free world. The free world has gone into quarantine. Until comes the vaccine for Corona the future of the free world is to go into quarantine return to normalcy and return to quarantine again. Israel went into quarantine and returned to normalcy only to return again to quarantine. The same is true for the whole world. Quarantine is bondage to the free world much more than to China and communist nations.

Netanyahu visits the IIBR the Israel Institute for Biological research where is being produced the Israel vaccine for Corona.

The plague of Corona originated in China. It is still unknown the origin of the virus; if it was man-made or began in the market place in Wuhan.  Beijing is guilty for not protecting the whole world from the virus. It protected its capital Beijing and other provinces in China but allowed the virus to get released to the whole world. The virus has caused an economic crisis as well as the loss of lives.  To punish China legally for negligence may take many years in the courts. China with its skilled attorneys and intelligence may in the end escape financial damages from the law suit which is in the works. There is another alternative way to punish China for its negligence in a civil way.

Many countries today are developing the vaccine which will eventually calm the world from the spread of Corona virus.

China is one of the nation’s leading the world in development of the vaccine. The world wants more than a medical solution to Corona but a solution which will bring the whole world to peace. America is working to bring the whole world to peace through spreading democracy which protects human rights. Democracy offers religious freedom which is denied by China and Communist nations. China has used its powerful economic machine to dominate the economics of the world. President Trump before Corona Pandemic attempted to weaken the economic power of China to monopolize the world. When China spreads out its economic power, also China influences the Free World to go back to dictatorship.

America leading the free world opposes the influences of the ideology of China. China is the last of three world powers to become democracies. The USSR fell in 1991 leaving China alone as the only world power which rejects freedom. Freedom is a crusade for World Unity and Peace. The true peace is not made through nations alone but to include a complete peace which includes freedom of religion. Pompeo visited the Vatican in a dispute with the Vatican over China and diplomacy. He said, “Nowhere in the world is religious freedom under assault more than it inside China.”

The world was once ruled by theocracies beginning with the Biblical State of Israel the kingship of David and King Solomon. The Biblical Nation of Israel was the sole representative in the world of Monotheism. The Babylonians destroyed the first temple in Jerusalem causing the Jews to be dispersed. The Jew returned to Jerusalem from Babylon to build their second temple. Greeks and Romans destroyed the second temple which stood for over four hundred years. Through Jesus Christ began a new empire representing the one God in the world, the Byzantine Empire also called the Roman Empire.

Mohammed began a new monotheistic religion the Islamic State which became the Ottoman Empire. These three empires Zion, Christian and Islam were theocracies dictatorships without freedom. World War I ended the realm of the Ottoman Empire which had defeated the Byzantine empire. From these theocracies remained two major dictatorships rejecting religion completely USSR and China. The rest of the world after World War II became part of the free world America the leader of the free world. USSR fell in 1991 leaving China alone the opponent to freedom.

China is working hard to capitalize on the Corona Pandemic through producing and selling their vaccine.

The crusades for freedom and democracy has temporally been postponed by Corona Virus. The main interest today is to end the Corona Pandemic, also called the China virus. Corona virus has crippled the campaign of President Trump MAGA to include the work of America to spread democracy and freedom in the world. President Trump has not given up and continues his important work to unite the world with democracy. Corona has cause American anarchists to rebel against the regime of President Trump. Even before Corona these liberal socialist factions opposed President Trump’s ideology even to the extent of impeach him.

They did not succeed but Corona the China virus succeeded to postpone the Trump Crusades for freedom and peace. President Trump succeeded to make a new peace in the Middle East between Israel and Gulf Arab nations. He has held down Iran a theocracy an opponent to democracy through nullifying the nuclear deal which was made by President Obama and through sanctions. North Korea a Communist nation feared President Trump. China feared President Trump who threatened their monopoly over the world economy.

November 3 will be the chance for Americans to decide to go ahead with the battle for World Peace and Unity through democracy which began President Trump or for America to return to the passivism of the democratic administration of President Obama, Trump against Biden. Most Americans have forgotten about the ideals of America suffering under the China virus Pandemic. Whether will win Trump or Biden America and the free world have to receive compensation from China for causing suffering economic and the loss of lives breaking up families.

The United Nations was established after World War II with the recognition that war is no longer a solution. World War II ended in Hiroshima leaving the realization that technology has made war dangerous to the survival of mankind. Compensation from China must be made peacefully. China did not intend to cripple the world through the China virus. It may have been caused by a Chinese scientist terrorist without the knowledge of China.  If they had knowledge of this terrorist plot they would have stopped his plot.

The Corona Pandemic will soon end. Already the vaccines are almost ready to be used. Medical technology has made it possible to produce a vaccine in the shortest time in history. For sure there will be some problems with the vaccines which will be worked out. China is leading the world in producing the vaccine. China is not completely innocent for negligence but has not yet been proven guilty. There is a way of taking justice peacefully on China the place and origin of Covid-19.

The nations of the world should refuse to purchase the vaccine from China even though for sure it will be cheaper than vaccines produced in other places in the world like most Chinese products. Buying the cheap virus vaccine from China will only be supporting Communism.  Pope Francis recently made a statement that the world should look deeper into the solution for the Corona Pandemic and recognize that modern capitalism and technology have failed. The complete solution to Corona is not only through the vaccine. Life in China is not the way it looks on the surface. The people are suffering suppression of their human rights of which is the right to demonstrate. China is a dangerous example to the world.


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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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