Protests in Russia – Who is Winning?

  • The majority of protesters are community organizers utilizing Facebook and demanding Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin's resignation. 
  • In reality, Sobyanin will not resign.
  • The indoctrination in the past 20 year has been astonishing.

Protests continue in Russia and the trigger for the protests is dissatisfaction with the upcoming Moscow government elections. The dissatisfaction is purely abstract and does not have a specific goal. Meanwhile, the Russian government is not affected by the protesters level of dissatisfaction, which is useful to them for the purpose of social engineering– they steer protesters in the direction of blaming the US.

Vladimir Putin (born 7 October 1952) is a Russian politician and former intelligence officer serving as President of Russia since 2012, previously holding the position from 2000 until 2008. In between his presidential terms, he was also the Prime Minister of Russia under his close associate Dmitry Medvedev.

Additionally, it can stir up nationalistic feels, white supremacist views, homophobia and hate directed at abstract liberal views. It is a free propaganda tool for the Kremlin to stir up racism and hate for nations like Ukraine– providing justification for military actions in Ukraine and strengthen Putin’s desires for a Russian empire.

The only point at which the Kremlin would be worried was if opposition political focres and Western influence was able to turn dissatisfied individuals into politically motivated ideologists ready to take down Putin’s regime. Thus far the chances of such a scenario are estimated to be 20%.

The majority of protesters are community organizers utilizing Facebook and demanding Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin‘s resignation.  In reality, Sobyanin will not resign. As much as Russia is corrupt and the mayor of Moscow is another puppet of the current regime and the Russian oligarchs, there are no justifiable reasons for his resignation. However, it gives protesters an opportunity to feel important and gives them a purpose.

Sergey Sobyanin (born 21 June 1958) is a Russian politician. He has served as Mayor of Moscow from October 2010 to 5 July 2013, and was re-elected Mayor in the September 2013 city election.

Yes, if Putin wants, he can give Sobyanin a federal portfolio, providing a false sense of success to the protesters. Yet, he’ll just make sure the next Moscow mayor is even worse to punish the pesky opposition. Everyone in Russia knows it is impossible to freely demand that the Russian President Putin resign. It is a known fact that Putin has all the executive powers he needs to remove governors, authorize raids and silence opponents using any means necessary.

Boris Berezovsky (23 January 1946 – 23 March 2013), also known as Platon Elenin, was a Russian business oligarch, government official, engineer and mathematician. He was a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Berezovsky was politically opposed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin since Putin’s election in 2000 and remained a vocal critic of Putin for the rest of his life. In late 2000, after the Russian Deputy Prosecutor General demanded that Berezovsky appear for questioning, he did not return from abroad and moved to the UK, which granted him political asylum in 2003. In Russia, he was later convicted in absentia of fraud and embezzlement. Despite an Interpol Red Notice for Berezovsky’s arrest, Russia repeatedly failed to obtain the extradition of Berezovsky from Britain, which became a major point of diplomatic tension between the two countries.

Even if all opposition candidates ran in the municipal and federal elections in Russia, it is impossible for them to win. Meanwhile, if by fluke one won, the ramifications would be immediate placement under criminal investigation or an accidental death scenario. Historically, in Putin’s Russia opponents were found dead or the lucky ones ended up in exile, mostly in the UK. The prime example would be late Boris Berezovsky.

Interestingly, the latest polls in Moscow have suggested over 65% of Russian citizens support mass arrests and using excessive force to remove protests. It’s impossible to identify what regulations are being enforced nor what agency the “law enforcement officers” represent.

The indoctrination in the past 20 year has been astonishing. Putin’s United Russia Party has been operating in elementary and middle schools across Russia. Children get additional school credit for marching on the school property wearing quasi military uniforms. Even during the Soviet Era, marching was mandatory only in high school, not junior schools. Putin has created a new crop of voters already socially engineered to support United Russia.

Russia is on the path of no return under the guise of patriotism and a nationalistic agenda, which is starting to spread to the West. Putin’s Russia is a contributor to the extremist views infecting North America. The US Embassy issued a warning to American citizens in Moscow to avoid participating in or being in the area of the protests, due to safety reasons.

It is imperative to continue to closely monitor the situation in Russia, as the impact could have a domino effect on the former Soviet republics.

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