Providing Low Cost Global Freelance Gigs to Germany and the German Language

The number of independent / freelance workers has increased steadily over the past twenty years in Germany, from half a million people in 1992 to over 1.3 currently within a population base that has barely grown.

Now the low-cost digital platform in Germany and the German language has created a crisis for the salaried traditional workers in Germany. With Germany historically a very protected labor market, the freelance gig providers have become very challenging to the entire traditional German work structure.  Germany has traditionally developed their own Deutschland companies that often compete directly with large US companies such as Uber, forcing that ride share app to leave important and large German markets.

When you post a new gig on FGG you gain access to our FGG Low Cost Marketplace with possibly the lowest total transaction costs and no hidden charges. We believe, we are the lowest cost freelance platform in the global freelance industry.

According to the German government around 90% of freelance and Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace workers are earning a decent living.  Many companies are siting costs reduction, and increase flexibility as the top reason for hiring outside gig providers and freelance professionals, knowing globally traditional long-term full-time employees in Germany remain stubbornly high.

Gig providers often enjoy the thought of flexibility with no boss. The FGG market in Germany and around the globe is very fluid and fast growing. With lower platform costs every year the gig economy is slowly leapfrogging and eroding the traditional workplace, radically effecting high-barrier labor markets such as Germany.

Our FGG Low Cost Marketplace translates German into over 100 languages covering over 97% of the world’s communications, offering a truly worldwide open gig platform!

Over 100,000 IT specialists are independent workers today in Germany and that is expected to grow by 30% in the next 10 years.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace is now able to provide, in the German languages, a global supply of workers at a lower cost than the more expensive traditional digitized freelance gig platforms.

Freiberuflicher globaler Gigs-Marktplatz und kostengünstige Plattform

Our newer low-cost gig platform allows Germans to have more flexibility as they migrate to the freelance world, often providing these specialized services after they finish their traditional job or the kids are in bed.

German Freelance by occupation:

Our Freelance gig system allows you to basically build your own business.FGG Low Cost Marketplace provides a vast array of potential buyers by integrating your gig offering into our very fast growing Communal News service, with platform support from global leaders Facebook News and Google News. This allows new posts to receive over 200,000 links. And both the buyer and seller can review the affordable services in over 100 global languages.

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Freelance Global Gigs

Freelance Global Gigs We are building an open internet freelance marketplace service to help you, our readers, gain faster and more unfiltered services with the goal of providing the most intellectually diversified services we can.  Communal Freelance Marketplace has partnered with Communal News to provide a unique and special marketplace surrounded by a news provider with fresh, rich daily content to encourage more activity within our marketplace. This will significantly increase the number of buyers and sellers on our open platform and our growth rate– an enriching experience for all!

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