Providing Technical Support Using Your Cloud and Blockchain Skills Makes an Excellent Freelance Gig

‍One of the most highly desired freelance gigs is technical support. Many companies have websites, with the vast majority on tradition IT networks. The world of the internet is moving much faster then small business can keep up with. Also, with the cloud and mobile applications exploding, the trifecta of need for technical support is very large and growing. Businesses are hiring technical support engineers to manage the software, network, and other applications that are related to the computer systems of an organization.

An IT engineers’ job varies depending on the organization they work for. They configure, install, troubleshoot, and manage their workplace technology and software programs and need the following skills:


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  • Web developer
  • Microsoft Cloud
  • IBM Cloud
  • AWS Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • Remote IT support
  • Remote Support Engineer
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • Network / IT support technician
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • IT Consultant Level 1
  • Technology Support Analyst for Software
  • Blockchain
  • Blockchain Cloud

These listed above are a few of many high paying freelance gigs. Until recently most companies have avoided the reduction of costs as the primary benefits of cloud-based flexible consumption (more commonly known as pay as you go). However, over the last year, two new and highly strategic factors appear to be driving the rapid growth of service-based IT, these two new factors go hand-in-hand with freelance gig opportunities.

With cloud and freelance tech becoming widely available, companies are seeing great benefits that greatly increase their business agility, and significantly reducing their overall costs. This greatly increases their value proposition, competitive strengths and time to the market.

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The next big markets to benefit is AI (artificial intelligence) and Internet of Things (IoT)-based solutions for large, medium, and small enterprises.  The entire technology utilizes cloud and freelance gig markets, giving access to services and solutions that were only available for the very largest enterprises.

Roughly 60% of enterprises are expected to move their IT systems to be cloud based, as a part of their digital transformation initiatives.  Where will they find the very specialized IT technical professional to do this?

The primary value proposition of cloud continues to shift from “cost/efficiency” to “innovation acceleration.” Now multi-cloud strategies are starting to play a very important part in the underlying corporate strategies.  It appears that over 65% of businesses are using or are expecting to use a hybrid model.

Integral to this will be an advancing technology we’ve discussed many times called Blockchain. As people and devices increasingly become mobile connected, funding, tracking, identity privacy/security will become much bigger overall concerns and blockchain has the ability to provide a robust way to solves many of these challenges.

Within the broad umbrella of IT Engineers, there are various fields, such as software engineering, network engineering, web development and telecom engineering, among others, all moving to cloud based and blockchain support. This is a perfect opportunity to become a beginning freelance specialist offering your combined skills on this low cost gig platform at Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace.

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