Os idiomas brasileiro e português agora têm oportunidades de carreira não pertencentes à COVID em todo o mundo com vagas abertas para freelancers

O Brasil está testemunhando uma disparada de casos COVID-19, o que certamente tornará o tipo tradicional de negócio mais desafiador. O Brasil teve mais de 50,000 mortes de COVID 19, e agora tem o segundo maior número de mortes no mundo. No domingo, o Ministério da Saúde brasileiro disse que mais 641 pessoas morreram e 17,000 novas infecções foram adicionadas nas últimas 24 horas.

Brazil also had a negative economic growth (XNUMX%) in the first quarter of XNUMX. The current expectation is that the unemployment rate is about XNUMX%, but expected to soar to XNUMX% by the end of XNUMX, as the COVID-XNUMX pandemic is now hitting Brazil very hard  and directly in several very important categories such: number of deaths,  infections, economic impact and unemployment.

With jobs being so uncertain and with massive layoffs still ahead in Brazil, there might not be a better time to start a career as a global gig seller.  Even if today you have a good job, that may not last with what’s going on and the growing questions about the second half of XNUMX.  It’s very hard to predict, that’s why running your own global business makes a lot of sense where you can, through hard work, have success and control of your own destiny. This is better than relying on a direct supervisor who probably also is unsure of his/her position (which is almost never a good sign).

It’s always a good time to start and run your own business as a gig seller, but for Brazilians today it is possibly the most important time. In a few years you could become self reliant with your own global business. Many people provide global gigs after work or after their children have gone to bed. Mercado de baixo custo de freelancers Global Gigs (FGG) and Communal News (CN) will provide free and low cost services to Brazil in it’s several languages. In Brazil, they are presenting their services in the most common languages for your beautiful country. The hope is to bring their worldwide free and low cost online serves to the local citizens and communities.

Portuguese Language

Mercado de baixo custo do FGG

Free Communal News

Idioma Inglês

Mercado de baixo custo do FGG

Free Communal News

Spanish Language

Mercado de baixo custo do FGG

Free Communal News

German Language 

Mercado de baixo custo do FGG

Free Communal News

FGG and CN is reaching out to Brazil by using many of the best technology platforms combined with low cost or free internet technologies, helping to create a sea change in Brazilian opportunities. They are not at all affected by the COVID-XNUMX pandemic and have very accessible online opportunities.

By reducing the large bureaucracies, very high costs and lethargic business associated with them, they try to provide the best, open third-party platform with unfiltered (often non-conforming) global news and services– all in the major Brazilian languages to help reach the smaller, local communities. They are giving Brazilians the power of global information.

Utilizing a far smaller bureaucracy, they can pass most of the savings to you, with your long and beautiful beach beaches and gorgeous people. You’ll have access to millions of global readers plus their partnership with Google News, Facebook News and other social media. Their extremely low-cost global structure allows you to make more money while they expand their free, uninhibited, global news service in many languages including Portuguese.

“We can only hope and dream that, with our truly global multi language platforms, Brazilians will take it to the next level and start shopping, or better yet developing your own global online business service,” says one company executive. “We hope to give everyone in Brazil the ability to lift up and empower their daily experiences to such an increased level that anyone can launch and run a thriving global gig business.”

Sobre Mercado de baixo custo do FGG and Communal News

At FGG Low Cost Marketplace and CN we are proud to do our duty in providing superior news and services, with honest fact-based information, implementing environmental improvements whenever possible, keeping our prices very low or free, all while helping to improve the world both socially and economically.

We are fighting corruption and greed with honesty, intellect and transparency, providing a more beautiful, healthier world today and for our children tomorrow. We couldn’t do it without your outstanding support.  So with that in mind, thank you for your Brazil patronage, and keep up the great work.

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