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Communal News has made it easy and painless to publish news. The cost is only a little of your time. It takes just a few minutes to set up your contributor account and then you can published at will! We encourage you to write a real, detailed biography, because often after a couple of articles, the biography is published on Google News too! So when we say “set up your bio as if your mother might read it,” well, your mother really might read it.

Many Communal News articles have been listed among the top stories in “Google organic search,” as well as “Google News.”

Setting up your contributor account will take about 10 minutes and most of that time will be spent writing your biography. After that, you have your very own news blog. Publish away! It’s that easy. Of course, your work has to be quality and fact based.

What Communal News provides is one of the fastest growing open news and blog platforms on the planet.  We are building a robust readership on our website. The vast majority of both our news articles and blog posts are published on Google News. We are on all major social media websites.

Your work will not be alone. We have over 700 contributors and we’ve been adding about 100 contributors per month for the last three months. That is not our best statistic either. The number of referrals over a 10 day period is up over 200% from last month. That’s right. 200% more websites have referred us in July than in June.  That is good news for any writer with CN, new or established. We have a strong referral base and we do very well in traditional search as well.

CN  – Become a Contributor & Submit Articles

If you’re a writer and you have an completely different point of view, and maybe even some views readers can’t get from the mainstream news, we will like you. We are a different type of news service and we’re proud to say it’s being very well received.  If you want to write for corporate America and have them tell you what to write about and how to structure your opinions, this is not the place for you. We want original work from people that will be honest about reporting the news.

You might ask us why we’re doing so well and we tried to answer that in this article:

You might ask why we take four more steps than your usual contribution services.

Like every successful company we do have rules and policies at Communal News. We try to make it as simple and as friendly as possible for the writer, but you should read the rules thoroughly before you become a contributor.

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Jay Black

I try to write fact based articles that most people won't. Lets improve this world including both Corporate and Government malfeasance. If you have a lead about a ethical failure please comment on my article or in many of my comments.

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