Publisher Direct Advertising – For Small Companies a Better Path

Communal News is now offering Publisher Direct Native Advertising (PDNA)

Possibly one of the most challenging questions for marketers is whether to buy Publisher Direct Advertising. The alternatives are to contact an ad network to purchase inventory from them (called a Direct Buy), or go through indirect channels using real-time bidding (RTB) like Google and Facebook.  We believe Publisher Direct is a better, lower-cost model but, in addition, with Communal News your price performance makes this an outstanding value.

Publisher Direct Preferred by Readers

Publisher Direct native advertising using Communal News will perform better than any other alternative in this cluttered online universe – namely, because we deliver quality content and news that readers enjoy and because it’s timely, credible and contextually relevant.

Native advertising is a type of advertising, mostly online, that matches the form and function of the platform.

Advertisers are choosing to put a greater percentages of their budgets into native advertising, especially younger fast-growing companies, and they have very good reasons. Recent studies show that native ads are widely accepted by readers, and they are more trusted than their traditional counterparts.  Around 75% of customers say they will engage in content that is relevant and increases their interest, whether it is branded or not, according to Reuters.

Communal News provides a tremendous advertising value for small to medium sized companies. They provide very low cost-per-click and  combine simple direct ad sourcing with a very trusted source. Surprisingly, native ads like Communal News are also proven to result in higher click-through rates, leading to significantly higher CPMs than run-of-set display ads.

Ad Block Software

Sixty five percent of ad block customers say they’d be willing to see online (native ads) if it isn’t intrusive or deceptive; if the ads are labeled correctly; if it does not have attention-grabbing images or headlines; and if it does not disrupt the reading flow. Best of all, most add blocking software does not effect Communal News ads.

Communal News one of the fastest growing open platforms for News, Articles and Market Research and Publisher Direct Advertising.

Problems and frustrations with RTB

To those with experience in the RTB realm (Facebook and Google), it’s well understood to be time consuming, hard to learn, and the outcome is very unpredictable– and often costly. This leads to a lot of frustration, especially those smaller companies trying to optimize and automate their own smaller marketing campaigns.

We’ve Overcome the Typical Downside to Publisher Direct Native Advertising

The downside to the PDNA process is that it’s been very inefficient for both publishers and advertisers in the past. However, Communal News has simplified the process, illuminating the following major hurdles:

  • One simple task of submitting the ad
  • No negotiating: Just one very low-cost price structure
  • No Contracts
  • Simple Billing

Time to Start

With the headaches solved, isn’t it time to start a Publisher Direct Native Advertising campaign? We believe the best place to start, especially new smaller campaigns, is with Communal News.

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