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 Advertising The Dollar-a-Day Communal News Ads Strategy
Communal News is one of the fast growing open platforms for News, Articles and Market Research

Communal News is proud to provide a tremendous advertising value for small to medium sized companies, we provide very low cost per click and a simple direct ad sourcing. Using our news service companies can achieve a significantly higher level of accountability combined with significant cost effectiveness, especially for the smaller advertising budget knowing they can completed sidestepping the high cost middleman cost associated in sourcing adverting.  See our:

    The Dollar-a-Day Communal News Ads Strategy

At Communal News you only pay for the confirmed clicks, with the substantial number of impressions, that can enhance any brand at a far cheaper than any other media.

CN Impressions ~ CPM comparisons

CN News gives almost 60 times the value saving money more than traditional newspaper, 10 times the value of radio, 20 times the value of TV over 100 times value of Direct Mail. The average cost-per-click across all industries on the internet in 2019 is $2.69 giving Communal News a per click cost advantage of over 250% compared to its own industry peers.

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We rotate all Communal sourced ads for best effect so your ad will have it’s prorated time in a superior position.  Ads must contain sensible content, and smaller sized companies with unique products or services are preferred.  Any paying client can receive upon request update statistical data at any time,  including but not limited to Clicks, Impression and CTR.

Please,  since as we are small private firm designed to provide an alternative message to the main stream and national media, we ask that main stream national brands and advertisers look for alternatives away from Communal News.

Publisher Direct Advertising – Low Cost, Simple & Easy

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