Publishing Contributors Articles Made Our First Year Very Successful – Next Up: Freelance Global Gigs Marketplace

We just reviewed an announcement from Twitter congratulating us on completing our 1st year with them, and what a year!  In just 12 months Communal News has made online publishing of news and blogs available to everyone. The growth has been so robust we believe in just over one year CN achieved something very rare and very special in the Internet business– it’s called the Network Effect.

It’s nice to have a newly released article be the “Top story” on Google News, plus top positioning or rank in Google organic search, just minutes after posting.

In one year we brought in over 1,000 subscribers, we are averaging over 14 articles per day, and we’re on a path to soon average over a million readers/visitors per year. We don’t believe the honors belong to us; we have done well because we at CN have done so little. We have let our writers pick the subject they wanted. They also choose the time when they are available to write.  We now have writers from all over the globe.

We do ask them to be fact-based and have a passion about their writing. On many subjects, we’ve seen where two writers have 180 degree completely opposite directions of thought, even though both arguments were fact-based and very professional.  We love that!  We want the readers to have a choice in voices, with an open honest dialogue. This is why we’re becoming one of the Internet’s best open forums for news and blogs, unfiltered by sponsors and not controlled by big corporations (zero!).

If you would like to contribute to our open forum and have your worked published:

We want to thank you the readers and writers for making last year so successful. It truly is your honor. We also would like to extent this opportunity to join the newest service we will be opening soon…

The Freelance Global Gigs (FGG) Low Cost Marketplace

…where you will be able to post your services for free. We hope to match Seller services with our soon to be one million readers. Every new Gig will be shown to our readers.  Our new Sellers will have the ability to post press releases announcing their services free on our Communal News site, but more importantly they will be in the news so the whole world can see their services.

FGG Low Cost Marketplace… The low-cost open platform that helps the Sellers.

Hopefully every Seller will see their services achieve “Top Story” by Google News, plus receiving a top position or ranking in Google organic search like so many of our clients have already achieved (above right photo).  I’m sure even if they just come close to a top ranking, it will provide a very big benefit to their Gig business and give them a tremendous start.

See our Library of Freelance Gig Articles

Our new open platform services will allow the Buyer and Seller to split over 40% in savings from what other platforms in the Gig industry currently charge. We will be charging just 14% compared to the industry norm of 20%. This is significant savings and should be helpful, especially for the smaller business trying to save money and time.

We hope in a year we can achieve the network effect again, and in a similar manner to the way we have already achieved this rare phenomenon with Communal News.  If so, basically everyone who uses our service will save money while using an open unbiased system. We hope everyone will be proud of our  FGG Low Cost Marketplace service.

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