Putin Government Revolution

  • The changes are coming to the Russian government.
  • Majority of the Russian Federal agencies will be dismantled
  • Russia expected to be fully digital by 2024.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin made a series of statements last week. One of the statements is pertaining the public administration reforms. The proposed constitutional amendments that were passed in the summer of 2020 included the public sector reform.

Mikhail Mishustin is a Russian politician and economist serving as Prime Minister of Russia since 16 January 2020. He previously served as Director of the Federal Taxation Service from 2010 to 2020.

It is obvious that the Russian ministries, agencies and services can no longer meet the pace of solving the most important tasks in the context of Russia’s development.

The state apparatus is contradictory and not always effective. it should be noted, Mishustin has  lengthy experience in implementing information technologies in the context of his work in the tax authorities.

Furthermore, there is a possibility of merging ministries. It is highly likely majority of the federal and municipal agencies will be dismantled. The work will be done  and controlled through the ministries directly.

This control scheme allows to maintain control of all the important processes in the state, and the other focus specific artists on a particular individual project via  assigned project managers.

The successful implementation of which will depend on the individual career advancement in the future.  It should be noted, Rosatom, Roskosmos will not be dismantled or amalgamated, but they are already heavily controlled by the Kremlin.

Moreover, Russia plans to become paperless society and 100% digital. The digital transition project is  expected to be completed by the 2024. The digitization will also allow the Kremlin to have tighter control of the citizens. China has been ahead of Russia pertaining the control of citizens and digitization.

The upcoming year will be very busy for the Russian government. The cashless Russia initiative is coming soon. However, there is no official date announced as of yet. This task includes  comprehensive development and social engineering propaganda.

In fact, it is quite obvious that the preparatory work of Deputy Prime Ministers: Andrey Belousov (Economic Development),  Alexander Novak (Energy), Marat  Khusnullin (Construction and Regional Development),  Yuri Borisov (Chief of the Government Staff) should lead to certain results fairly quickly.

Andrey Belousov is a Russian economist and politician, serving as First Deputy Prime Minister since 21 January 2020. Previously, he was an Assistant to the President of Russia and Minister of Economic Development.

According to the Russian analysts there are three development blocks:

1) Production, which includes the creation of the million jobs within technical and innovation sectors.

2) The housing needs to reach the planned capacity of the housing renovation of the whole country.

3) The challenges with the energy sector include  the introduction of the hydrogen energy and gasification.

These blocks are divided into 3 chapters. The first  digitization chapter should be completed by 2024, the second innovation chapter by 2030 and the final chapter by 2035. Hence, the plan is long enough for the Russian president Vladimir Putin oversee the implementation himself.  The new amendments allow Putin to stay in power until 2036.

Overall, Russian military has been undergoing changes, Russia has been actively upgrading its defense arsenal. However, it is expected there will be longer military service terms and changes.

The Kremlin wants Russia to be the leader  on the international area and not just in the field of the hypersonic weapons.

Russia is lacking competitive advantage in the  innovation in comparison to the Western colleagues. Therefore, it is important to have well rounded government system to oversee the next generation technology.

In conclusion, these changes will include the change of power within certain groups and areas. It could also lead to the spike of the high profile murders or “natural deaths”.

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