Putin Infiltrating the US & Canada Through Birth Tourism?

  • Russian children born in USA and Canada, can vote after reaching the age of majority.
  • The purpose of such by the United Russia party is to have future influence in the Canadian and US politics.
  • The Russian government encourages such actions.

Russia continues to be a threat to the west and the democratic elections process. Last month, the UK Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament’s Russia Report was released. The committee was investigating Moscow’s interference in various election campaigns over the past year.

Birth tourism is the practice of traveling to another country for the purpose of giving birth in that country. The main reason for birth tourism is to obtain citizenship for the child in a country with birthright citizenship (jus soli).

Russia continuously tries to interfere in the US election. The Internet Research Agency, also known in Russian Internet slang as the Trolls from Olgino, is a Russian company engaged in online influence operations on behalf of Russian business and political interests. It is linked to Russian oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin and based in Saint Petersburg.

Furthermore, the US State Department on August 6th made a statement that it would offer a $10 million reward to anyone who could provide information on individuals working with foreign governments to interfere in US elections through cyber operations.

However, while the US is focusing on the November election and possible interference, the Kremlin and Putin are planning ahead on how to meddle in US and Canadian politics even after Putin is long gone. He will highly likely stay in power until at least 2036. This became possible after the Russian populous voted in favor of the Russian constitutional amendments on July 1st.

Moreover, the long-term plan includes the next 50 years of meddling opportunities. Here is the possible scenario that is happening now, and the plan is put in place. However, the Coronavirus did cramp the plan, to a certain degree.

Russia has been experiencing a government-stimulated baby boom. The population of Russia has been in decline. Therefore, to stimulate the populous to have more children, Putin originally created “mother’s capital.” The hefty amount was given after the birth of the second child.

Now, the laws have changed, where is the funds are given with the first child and every child. Also, there is regional mother’s capital that is a bonus to the state capital. Sounds great for the population. The amount allows people to own property, etc. As of late, the plan changed, and this is of course done on behalf of Putin’s United Russia Party.

How does this impact future elections in the US and Canada?

United Russia is the ruling political party of Russia. The United Russia party, along with A Just Russia party, supports the policy of Russian president Vladimir Putin, who is also de facto leader of the party.

The plan works in such way: Russian women travel to the US and Canada to give birth. The children automatically are granted either US or Canadian citizenship. After 18 years, the children can return to the US and Canada and pursue politics and vote in the election and infiltrate the government.

There are also specific agencies that are used in this scenarios. The important part is that these agencies would have to have connections to the Russian government. The mother’s capital funds are not given in cash, it is given as a government-issued certificate. In order to utilize the certificate, it has to be approved by the Russian government’s designated agency.

Additionally, the people on Russian social media, who are using these services are pro-United Russia party or its members. It should be noted that to register on the Russian social media, you need to be verified by the Russian government. Hence, you can’t register anonymously on such social media sites.

These are mother’s and women boards. Birth tourism already has been on the news, and more on the angle of the unfair advantage.  In the beginning of this year, the U.S. administration has published new visa restrictions aimed at eliminating so-called “birth tourism,” in which pregnant women travel to the United States to give birth so their children will receive automatic citizenship. This system reportedly was used by hundreds of Russian women each year.

This is why now there is additional focus on Canada. Also, many women are now being coached to go to the US within two months of being pregnant. That way, the consular officer will not suspect the pregnancy. These are the future new soldiers of Putin’s creation.

This is one of the sites that coaches how to achieve giving birth for Canadian citizenship. These are the bios of the admin site. These are the hospitals in Greater Toronto Area that are recommended. There is also Irina Ostanina, in US private chat on Instagram, who facilitates such activities as well.

They are coached to apply and get a visa through the US embassy in Poland. There are daily posts of Russians even now just giving birth in Miami during COVID-19, who managed to enter the US and Canada in March. There is also no tracking or even questions asked about the United Russia members entering the US to give birth for such purposes in the future.

The Russian threat continues and it will have long-term ramifications. Putin’s long-term plan is at play. The West should closely watch the consequences of such actions.

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