Putin’s Post Soviet Russia – A New Level of Propaganda – Fictional Movie Portrays Putin as Czar – What’s Next?

  • A new fictional film about Putin with a budget of over $13 million has been leaked.
  • In the movie Czar (Putin) is always right.
  • Russia continues to resurrect the Soviet Union way of life.

Recently, a fictional movie about Putin has been completed. The budget for the film was 800 million Rubles ($13.1 million)  The movie has a historic theme and Vladimir Putin is portrayed as Czar Nikolas I and the whole plot is about how the emperor is always right. The epoch is early 1800s.  It is not a surprise, with the movie budget alone, to believe the film is social engineering propaganda in the post Russian space. Of course, along the golden Russian tradition, the film has already been leaked on purpose. That way it will reach a wider audience everywhere versus people having to go to a Russian movie theater to see it. It is a prelude.

Nikolas I.

Russia continues to be one of the most controversial nations on the global geopolitical arena due to its style of international relations. Russia boldly annexed Crimea, which still remains a contested topic, even though some nations now recognize Crimea as being part of Russia.  The western world implemented sanctions as a result of Putin’s actions pertaining to Crimea.

Relations continue to cool with Britain over the Skripal poisoning case and the Alexander Litvinenko poisoning with Polonium, a chemical element with the symbol Po and atomic number 84. A rare and highly radioactive metal with no stable isotopes, polonium is chemically similar to selenium and tellurium, though its metallic character resembles that of its horizontal neighbors in the periodic table: thallium, lead, and bismuth.  Now, the EU desires to create their version of the Magnitsky Act.

At the same time Russia continues forging ahead with a new generation of weapons and aggressive plans in Africa from a geopolitical standpoint. Russia and China are working together on the Belt and Road initiative, the resurrection of the historic Silk Road trade route.

Russia is bordering nations that are interested in the western way of life and do not want to join Putin’s new “Soviet Union.” Ukraine has always been a buffer between the West and Russia. Thus far Russia is fighting to keep it under its own control but unsuccessfully. Georgia and the Baltic nations continue to deviate from Putin’s agenda and are western leaning.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia did not have a clear strategy from the drunken Boris Yeltsin to the myriad of other candidates in between. It is actually due to Yeltsin and his drunken delirious state that Putin originally arose in Moscow and took control of the Kremlin. Yeltsin was a wrong bet for the West and did nothing to stop the wild 90s era with the rise of the Russian mafia and the oligarchy via stolen government resources.

However, Crimea became a catalyst of change in Russia. Putin, the strategist, calculated the sanctions would only make his position stronger with the populous and he start moving the region further toward a Soviet style of governance, including creation of a digital iron curtain. Suddenly, Stalin became a positive figure and the younger generations seem to have forgotten the repressions and mass murders.

Thus far, the Kremlin has positioned the nation as confrontational with the US and the EU, especially during Obama’s presidency. At this time, it seems Russia is focusing more on Asia, Central America and Africa. Nevertheless, it is possible Putin’s greed and ambitions will cause a negative effect for the Russian economy.

The key players in the world are the US, China, Russia, and India. EU members are still strong players, especially on the western side but everyone besides Germany continues to experience financial difficulties due to a myriad of factors from low birth rates to the influx of refugees. The floodgates were opened once Muammar Gaddafi was removed from power in Libya.

Russia will soon be completely closed off on the digital space, and the Cold War arms race is already back on. The fate of Belarus fate will soon be sealed. Once Lukashenko retires, it will be part of Russia. They already amalgamated their borders and banking system with Russia and are working on having only the Russian intranet as well. Moldova will join too. Iran and Russia will continue their cooperation. Russia also controls almost 80% of Venezuela oil production.

Will there be any change of leader in Russia in 2024? Highly doubtful. The more likely outcome will be Putin being given a lifetime leadership role. Chinese President Xi Jinping did the same.  It is impossible that Russia will become a historic Russian empire with a Czarist way of living. It will remain Soviet in form throughout this century.

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