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Racism Today

Racism is not necessarily a bad thing.  Every person is born in his nature with racism.  Naturally people favor their own family, father, mother and siblings.  The family develops and grows with time when man procreates.  The family begins with the unity of father and mother.  In the Bible the first two parents are Adam and Eve.  From Adam and Eve develops the tree of life of lineage.  There is one family for all of mankind beginning with Adam and Eve or with the children of Noah after the flood. Within the family tree of Adam and Noah there are branches which are specific families growing from the same root. 

Judaism is the first religion of a family tree which grows from the root of Adam and Eve.  The Jewish people are descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The Bible relates the story of how the Jewish people became a nation given to them by God the land of Israel and the Torah. Judaism accepts converts from the other nations of the world.  Moses is the prophet of Judaism.

Christianity began as a movement in opposition to the racism within Judaism.  The movement opposed the dictatorship in the Jewish Nation of Israel.  Judaism is a monarchy with specific laws given by Moses to the Jewish people which is the constitution of their nation.  After the destruction of the first temple built by King Solomon the monarchy fell and the nation was exiled to Babylon.  The people returned to their land after seventy years to build the second temple without a king.  The Sanhedrin the Great Assembly, the Israel Congress of Sages established prayers each day for the reestablishment of their monarchy and to again become a sovereign nation.  During the time of the second temple they no longer had sovereignty over their nation but were a satellite nation.  They prayed to return their sovereignty through their King the messiah.  King David established the Kingship and his son built the first temple in Jerusalem.  Jews pray each day “should sprout forth David your servant.”  “We should see with our eyes the reestablishment of Zion with mercy.”  The nation of Israel was established by King David through battles and war to conquer the land.  The nation has been reestablished through mercy and peace.  The nation of Israel was a monarchy a dictatorship governed by the Law of Moses. Today it is a free country.

Judaism a national religion had a hierarchy.  The nation became separated into two levels, the hierarchy called the Congregation of God and Jews who had lost their lineage, peasants and criminals.  Through Jesus the outcasts of Israel desired to make a new nation without racism.  They declared Jesus to be their king.  The hierarchy of Israel, the Sanhedrin sentenced him to death as a rebel and a false prophet.  He was crucified by the Romans who also had ulterior motives in his execution.  His followers continued to accept him as their king the Messiah after his death and established a new religion in the world called Christianity, This religion was accepted by the Roman government as its national religion, a religion without racism until began the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition.  

All religions have in them racism in a different way. The racism of Christianity was not based on blood like Judaism but on acceptance of Jesus as the Messiah.  They were not racists of blood, everyone could join their movement through baptism and become Christian.  Christianity became racism through religion.  If you didn’t accept Jesus you would be put to death.  Judaism was racism based upon blood lineage which allowed people to convert by accepting the Law of Moses. People were not forced to convert but if they did not convert they were considered second class citizens in Israel and in the world.  In the nation of Israel Jews had special rights.  Judaism considers the whole world part of their nation but Jews are superior in the eyes of God.  Christianity also considers their followers to be superior not through racism but through religion. Christianity does not have a family tree but the majority of the followers of Jesus are descendants of Esau the son of Jacob called the nation of Edom, Romans and Greeks. 

Islam through the prophet Mohammed and his followers the descendants of Ishmael came after Christianity to make a new religion not based upon racism worshipping God in the way of Judaism without any form or image.  Christianity worshiped God in the form and image of Christ the messiah.  Islam like Christianity are opposed to racism based upon blood but are both racist based upon religion. Muslims consider Islam the nation of God.  Their goal is to unite the whole world with their nation. They don’t consider themselves racist but their roots are in the family of Ishmael.

Another cause of hate between people is through National rivalry.  During the Cold War it was between the Soviet Union and the United States.  National rivalry is rampant in the Middle East between Muslim and Muslim and between Muslim and Jewish. People are naturally loyal to their nation and consider other nations to be of second importance.  National racism is not always based on religious differences.

America tries to be a father for other nations in the world.  America also has its own interests in mind.  It considers itself to be superior to other nations due to its power and economy.  Being a nation with freedom of religion makes it free from religious racism.  It is open to immigrants which is non-racial.  However it has to think first of its own interests and protect its own citizens from its enemies. Therefore Trump has closed the borders of America from immigrants from Mexico and from other countries.  As he has said many times, first comes America.     

Judaism is racism based upon blood.  Judaism and Islam combine national and religious bonds between men.  Christianity and Islam are racism based upon religion.  Racism is a part of the nature of man to favor his family and friends.  Islam and Christianity are the racism of friendship through being part of the same religion.  Judaism is racism based upon family lineage and being part of the same religion. 

Judaism allows conversion so it is open to the world.  It is built upon family lineage of descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Christianity and Islam are closed to the world from one side and open from the other side.  The members of their religion are considered superior in the eyes of God but they are open to accept converts. 

To call Judaism racist is antisemitism.  Atheists today call all religions racists but atheism is also a racist a friendship of atheists against religion. Hitler was a National racist worshipping the Arian race an example of the evil in racism.  Homosexuals marching in the streets with pride preaching against racism and discrimination are naturally creating a new nation in the world with freedom for homosexuals which when it will become more powerful will also be racial.   

There are always good reasons to hate or to be jealous.  There are also good reasons not to hate and to love your neighbor.  Choose your friends and not your enemies. Make peace your first interest. Seek out truth and a better life. You have permission from God to favor your loved ones but not to persecute innocent people because they may not agree with you.  Racism is evil, but freedom also has negative aspects but it is the better of the two evils. 






David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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  1. I have witnessed racism. For instance here goes a tough one with one of the most established transportation company in the mid-south that rose out the ash on the backs on mostly black workers. Today, some of the greatest and honest people experience this while the world and riders remain blind so:

    Attention All past and possible future riders: Groom has been under my observation for sometime. Groom is highly disadvantaging drivers on many spectrums. I decided not to work for the company because Ms. Bush believes drivers should not have a voice and drivers are not expected to hold discussions with white riders. Clarification with white riders are considered arguments. However, complaints from black rider are meritless – lack merit, no need for management to discuss.

    Not only are drivers paid $7.25 an hour, Groome contrived a scheme to utilize the tips of drivers for their own engineered contests amongst other employees. Collection by deception: instructing dispatchers to request pre-paid tips via credit cards. Not only is this solicitation unfair and unjust to riders, its deceiving to drivers who did not gave them permission to make such requests on their behalf. Next, its evenly collection by coercion; deceptive strategies and irregular compliance that underscores unfair practices and theft. Stealing the funds of drivers who may be powerless to stop Groome from stealing their funds; fair of customary retaliation. The drivers are now asked to stand strong – stand tall!

    Groome has been consistently raising fares yet the drives are doomed to 7.25 an hour. Riders are decreasing tips as fares increase but yet, the driving forces of the business have not seen a penny increase as the company sits on its increasing wealth of 50 Million in profit each year. Is it just? Is it fair? Is it right! Is it humane. Yet they claim the customers are most important. Let us be reminded, without the drivers there is no Groome. Modern day slavery by design is not blinded by $7.25 an hr

    Furthermore, Groome expect workers to exercise safety while they compromise the very safety of drivers everyday. Groome switches the shift of drivers from days to nights and nights to days without speaking to drivers. Not all drivers have the capability to drive at nights. This change cause confusion in drivers and poor performance.

    Groome take drivers off the schedule for days and weeks at a time because the driver was either ill or could not make a run. Its not done based on professionalism, it’s done in Malice. Ms. Darleen Bush of Macon office, who is suppose to manage the facility is mismanaging based on lack of managerial experience, including Human Resource abilities. She has no understanding about the transportation business or the type of scheduling required to run the business efficiently, effectively, and with decrease risk in general. She runs the company based on raw power and disparity against blacks.

    Groome trains to limit the front seat to passengers and I agree. Yet, Groome has on its doors priority for the elderly and disabled. Can anyone in safety respond to this. I am an Inspector General and Emergency Response Personnel. Statistics have proven its not only the most dangerous place to place this population, but it also holds the drive to even greater risks since they may not be able to take commands by the driver in the event of an emergency. Drivers responsibilities includes safety and security of persons in a general sense. Not being caretakers to front seat passengers who may need help.

    Groome has no security protocols in place of an emergency; regardless of the type of emergency. Profits are the only interest. As an emergency personnel. My front door will remain lock because no job is more important than my life of those in my care.

    Not only were drivers trained to limit the use of the front seat – it’s justified by existing research. I support the finding by other drivers who are trainers. It’s ironic that management who fails to manage place such conflicting labels on their doors. Not only do drivers in the front seat compromise everyday safety, they speak loud, introduce phones and lap tops, lean over, speak of personal matters that are a distraction to the drivers since most variables block the side view mirror of drivers.

    Groome appears to evaluate the worth of drivers by their hourly rate; worthless beings for the advantage. It remains ironic that Groome tell drivers they cannot use a cell phone or listen to the radio or music even when alone. Adding it’s a distraction to safe driving. Let us evaluate the statement. If listening to a radio is a distraction then drivers are correct to not having anyone in the front seat since talking or listening to a passenger conversing with others equals like distraction. Thereby, limit the front seat use to a full shuttle. Furthermore, Groome expects to increase the driver’s risk with this “Priority Seating” arrangement, yet expects the driver to pay $500.00 should an accident occur. Where is the benefit to the drivers. Should they not try to limit their risk? In other words, Groome is saying F!@! The driver, Groome has to win everytime, pay zero, has no responsibility as slavery continues for all drivers!

    It is even worst that dispatch has taken such approach through the poor management style that suggests drivers should not speak and become robots even when its illegal. Example: not wanting a driver to eat after 8 hours of work; demanding that drivers go on other drop offs before they have a meal. Example: drivers should not drink while they drive regardless of temperatures reaching 105 degrees. NO drinking even with a straw. Drivers are expected to drive to Atlanta for 1.25 hours without drinking and sometimes stuck in traffic for however long.

    Groome has become the modern-day slavery to the middle south. From chains to Groome operating on white supremacy in many instances. This is seen in scheduling. Blacks are subjected to night shifts. Runs to Atlanta are favored to non-blacks, bribes are accepted for favoritism. In particular, Ms. Krissy has accepted favoritism funds from some drivers. This assures them better/additional runs. Sometimes adding riders to their vans to increase tips. PLEASE: ALWAYS TIP YOUR DRIVER NOT GROOME!

    Uniform shirts seem to be a hot topic. Employees are expected to pay for the shirts yet requested to return them to management on resignation. If shirts are paid for by employees it’s their property. In addition, some employees complained that management have consistently been taking 3.00 per pay period for shirts regardless of the span of employment; 1,3,5/7 years. Unjust enrichment by Groome.

    Groome began an exploitation of drivers many years ago. While legally drivers cannot get overtime pay, Groome needs to increase the pay for drivers at $13.00 an hour or close in line to all other drivers in the same capacity. Thereby, increasing the pay of other staff members since they also upkeep their profitable business. They help build Groome from zero. Stealing the tips of drivers is unacceptable to boost morale for non-drivers. I am requesting additional funds because drivers do additional chores; outside the scope of driving.
    The public has to be conscious that Groome drivers expect to be tipped whenever they pick up and drop you off because of the low income and on hiring, Groome emphasized that drivers will be tipped. Unfortunately, this is often not the case as some riders just run into the sunset and darkness without respecting to tip the driver. When Groome solicit tips, drivers do not receive the cash given. I am asking the public to discontinue becoming tricked into leaving a tip when you call in, on visit Groome.

    Groome has failed to hire cleaning crews to upkeep their facility/ properties. Workers are expected to also become cleaners as well without agreement of compensation. Again, too much of an expectation on the part of Groome. As an advocate for Groome workers, Ms. Bush stepped out of line, assuming she can use race bias to address complaints of persons without examining the facts and company custom, conflicting policies and expectation, versus reality on the roads and safety for drivers and passengers.

    Groome drivers are expected to be in Atlanta in 1.25 hrs after leaving its Macon office. Yet, Ms. Bush said Ms. Groome complained her driver was aggressive because she made the trip in 1.23 hrs driving @70mph. If so, is it not Groome’s custom/expectation of drivers? As an advocate for the drivers, to avoid being aggressive, drivers are to begin completing the run in 2 hours to avoid being aggressive.

    ATTENTION DRIVERS, you can change the favoritism, inconsistency, retaliation, the 7.25 an hour, the stealing of your tips, the poor management, the dogmatic assumption that drivers don’t have a voice. The opinion that you need Groome –But Groome don’t need you—IT’S A MISTAKE!

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