RangeMe – A Great Way to Connect? Or Buyer Beware?

RangeMe is a service that specializes in helping connect wholesalers to buyers. They offer their services with two different perspectives: sServices for the buyers, and services for the wholesalers.

Buyers are of course offered accounts for free. It’s a great way to browse products and find connections to new providers you may not have had dealings with before, all at your fingertips. The wholesaler side of the business is a bit darker though.

Wholesalers are lured in with the promise of a free account where they can connect with “over 10,000 buyers” (whether or not this is true is unverified from our perspective, but it does seem likely that they may have garnered over 10,0000 free buyer accounts.)

What you don’t realize when you sign up is that while buyers are able to see your products, you cannot contact them unless they message you first. That is where the premium service comes in. RangeMe offers an upgrade for an annual fee of $1,400. This may seem steep, but the potential for making a LOT of money from new wholesale buyers can make this amount look like chump change.

RangeMe offers no credit services, and charges no commissions on purchases. In fact there isn’t even a way to sell on their platform, everything is set up as a display to show buyers, much like a trade show. The only problem is, unlike a tradeshow, you can’t go talk to the buyers who showed up, they still have to contact you.

In an undercover call with one of their sales agents, Kevin (we won’t use his last name for privacy purposes), we took about 20-30 minutes to go through their services and find out how they could help. We did this in conjunction with a partner company who has elected to remain anonymous for the time being. The sales call was your basic high pressure type of call, some of the features were surely exaggerated, at least their helpfulness, as most sales reps do. However we did not expect an outright blatant lie to surface.

One of the key features that our partner company was interested in was the ability to reach out and message buyers and introduce their products to the buyers. Kevin went on and on about how they had over 10,000 buyers, and how the only way to message them was to pay for the upgrade to premium service. He even offered a discount to $999 if our friends signed up before the end of August.

The crucial juncture was when asked about those 10,000 buyers, point blank by our partner – “Will I be able to reach out and directly message all 10,000 of those buyers to introduce our products?” Without hesitation he said YES! “Yes you will be able to directly message all of them and send in submissions and samples to all of them as well.”

Well this seemed like a great deal at this price – a list of 10,000 + buyers our partners could get their products in front of, who were actively looking for potential new products. In turns out, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

After upgrading to the service at a discounted price, our friends (let’s call them X for convenience) were shocked to find that there were no additional new contact options available to them. They checked the Submissions Page, which had about 93 companies out of the now over 11,000 buyers supposedly, who were actively asking for submissions, and attempted to reach out to them to get a start while they waited on a response from customer service regarding how to actually reach out to those companies.

All but 3 or 4 of the companies only allowed a short 500 character message to be sent to them. There wasn’t a single one that had an address to send a sample to, or contact information of any kind. After an hour of sending submissions (and yes that included time to craft a 500 character message) they were done, and waiting for a response.


It took over a day for the support team to get back to them, as Kevin could not be bothered to return their call, and their response was simple: “You cannot reach out to those buyers, that’s not a service we offer. You can only submit to those 93 companies and that’s it. Tough luck.”

After going back and forth on what was initially promised to them, we decided that this was not worth the money and asked for a refund. It should have been simple, the sales rep lied, and they should offer a refund right? Well guess again – they denied it.

Even after submitting for a refund a second time, and explaining in detail exactly what was said by their representative, they still denied a refund. Almost $1,000 for access to send a short 500 character message to 93 companies and the inability to contact them again for a whole year until you paid your dues again.

This type of fraud and outrage goes on more and more often in today’s world. People have grown complacent that they can lie to their customers and keep their money. This type of fraud has to stop. Companies must be held accountable for the lies told by their sales reps. It is completely unethical for companies such as RangeMe to take money out of the hands of struggling small businesses, and manipulate them with lies, and then when they fail to deliver on their promises, keep the money and walk away, laughing the whole time.

Buyer beware – RangeMe is not a company you want to be associated with. We recommend that if you are looking for a way to sell wholesale, that will not take your money and run, try another a site such as Shoptheglobe.co that is more ethical in their dealings, and who does not charge membership fees for nothing. They only take commissions, so they only get paid when you do, and best of all they had interest in the first week!

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Jay Black

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