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  • 22 Islamic states could eventually recognize Israel.
  • Israel is a democracy built on the belief that the Land of Israel is their homeland.
  • Democracy gives the opportunity to reach the highest level of Shalom.

Living in a democratic society until you understand the relationships between religion, faith and freedom you cannot appreciate democracy. All three factors religion, faith and freedom are in the center of life each one making its claims on modern society.  Before religion came into the world beginning with Abraham described in Genesis in the bible, there was freedom and there was chaos.

Jared Kushner prays at the Wailing Wall on his visit to the Middle East. He said 22 Arab nations may eventually join in the peace agreement with UAE.

Abraham is the father of the three religions which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. All three religions originated at Mount Sinai, at the time of the giving of the Ten Commandments. Abraham led mankind in the direction of establishment of religion in the world. God told Abraham in a vision that he would become the father of many nations.

Before religion there was freedom, each person felt free to make his life in the way of his choice. People were led by their animal instincts to use their intellect to satisfy the animal in man. Religion was the first organization of the intellectual capacities of the human species toward a purpose which was peace and building the world into a place with faith in God.

Through religion the animal which is in man was controlled by the intellect toward the goal of peace and good life. The energy within the animal of man is the energy of freedom. Freedom is the energy of the desire to live. Each species has the energy of freedom in its nature and also the desire for procreation. The sex energy and freedom are closely connected.

Religion came to channel the energy of freedom and the sex energy to become constructive. Constructive means to build.  Destructive means not to build or to destroy.  Freedom is in the middle of the two sides the desire to create and build; and the evil inclination to destroy what it has created or not to build at all. The energy of freedom plays on both sides. Nimrod the first dictator on earth used the energy of freedom to build the Tower of Babel for his own personal gains. He tried to conquer the world but failed. Abraham battled with Nimrod. The goal of Abraham was to use the energy of freedom and connect it with faith.

Faith is connected to God. God is eternal. Faith is the connection of man to God who is above the intellect and understanding of the human being. Faith in God means accepting that there is one source of life. In connecting with this one source there is unity in the world. Religions are ways to connect to the one source who is the creator of the universe. Abraham connected to the one source. He was willing to give up everything at the Akeida including his beloved children for this one source called God Almighty.

Freedom is the energy of creation. Faith is the connection of man on earth to the one source of all energy, the God of freedom. Religion is one way of connecting to this source at the same time to build a constructive life. At the base of the energy of life is the sexual desire which contains the energy of freedom.  Religion organizes the sexual energy to build families connected to faith. Freedom is the source of the energy which is the desire to satisfy the appetite, hunger and thirst. Freedom will not allow to be hungry and can even cause people to steal and cheat.  Religion teaches not to steal.  Not to kill. There is a desire in man to be a king which is the desire for wealth.

Freedom is the hidden King of the universe an unlimited power and energy called God. Religion teaches that there is one king of the universe who includes all the other Gods including the ego of man. The ego of man wants to rule over life, to be a king. Religion teaches the rich man is the one who is content with his portion. A million dollars is not enough; you want two million which reveals the energy of freedom called free enterprise. The three evil inclinations desire for sex, desire for food, desire for wealth need to be controlled that the world should be a place of peace.  War comes when the freedom is not satisfied and relaxed.

Nations are units where people are united for their own self survival. A nation can be a democracy or a dictatorship. A democracy gives each person his individual freedom. A dictatorship suppresses individual freedom for the sake of the king and his nation. Religions are dictatorships which encourage self-sacrifice for the cause of faith in God and his kingship. Monotheistic Abrahamic religions believe in one God, and one law. Faith includes in it multiple religions.  Faith is universal while religion is national.

Accepting Democracy was difficult also for the Lubavitcher Rebbe who has representative throughout the world.

Faith is the supernal connection within the soul of man to the one God in heaven. Religion is the revelation of the one God on earth. Faith branches out into many religions according to their prophets of truth. From the religion Judaism established through Exodus from Egypt the revelation of freedom came again through Christianity and Islam. Religions are born from prophets. The prophet Moses included in his soul the prophets which founded Christianity and Islam.

Freedom is unlimited. Faith is unlimited. God is unlimited. Religions are the expression of the revelation of faith which is freedom. Freedom is the energy of God which in unlimited. Faith is the light emitted by this energy. God is the source of this energy undivided. Faith divides up into religions. Abraham brought faith into this world according to the plan of God who created the world in six days. Moses made the connection between heaven and earth at Mount Sinai. Moses is truth and his Torah the Bible is truth.

The principle purpose of religion is to be a guide for man to build a constructive moral life on earth. Therefore all religions prohibit sex before marriage. Freedom and mercy are revealed through the Messiah of the world which includes the universe which is infinite. Through the Messiah of Judaism the Lubavitcher Rebbe is revealed the unity of heaven and earth, the vessel for freedom and mercy.

When life becomes dark filled with suffering is needed the Messiah of freedom to light up the world. The Messiah of religion suffers with man on earth and never gives up hope in the redemption, the end of Corona virus or another Pandemic. Jews are persecuted in each generation but never give up hope in the coming of the Messiah. Two Messiahs are needed to reveal the name of God on earth one connected to heaven freedom and one connected to earth courage.

Faith and freedom are very connected while religion limits faith and freedom to one law and one word. Freedom by definition cannot be limited; neither can faith. Faith is revealed through the unity of three which are one. Religion reveals the One God alone and there is none else. In the Universal Faith God who is One and infinite is revealed through the resurrection of the three prophets of the Abrahamic religions Moses, Jesus and Mohammed.  They are united together with love and dancing together under the holy temple. Each religion is separate on earth but in heaven they are one and united.

The story of the creation of the world and the development of world religion comes together through the revelation of Moses called the first and last redeemer. Moses encouraged prophecy not only for Jews but for all of mankind. Through the connection to the resurrection of Moses, the Universal faith. each person can find his own private connection with God in his heart and soul. The Universal Faith does not limit the revelation of a new light of faith to be included in the revelation of God on earth.

For instance in Judaism was revealed two hundred years ago Rabbi Nachman of Breslov who brought a new light to Judaism and the world.  At the time of Woodstock in 1969 Guru Janardan visited America teaching a unique approach toward Yoga. In the Universal faith, there is always a new light to be added to the light of God in the history of creation.

The conflict in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians is connected to religious conflicts.  Islam and Judaism both have not accepted democracy.  The same problem exists regarding Iran and the rest of the Arab world. The peace between Israel and UAE is a beginning.  To complete the peace will require acceptance of democracy.  In democracy the goal is universal peace.  Both religions Islam and Judaism have national and religious interests which they are still not willing to surrender. Fundamentalist Orthodox religious are against democracy.  They still do not accept that democracy is the will of God.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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