Remembering Eight Years Later – The Unjust Death of Christie Noble-Ross by Coach USA Bus Driver

  • Authorities have identified the 21-year-old city woman who was struck and killed by a motor coach bus while crossing the street this morning with her young son.
  • The victim, Christie Noble-Ross, was struck by a Coach USA bus at about 7 a.m., near the intersection of Main and South Harrison streets, said the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, which released her name this afternoon.

January 23, 2020 marks the somber anniversary of Christie Noble-Ross’s death. It has been 8 years (January 23, 2012) since the passing of 22-year old Christie Noble-Ross, struck by a Coach USA bus driver while with her 3-year-old son. Christie had no idea that she would be a statistic that day! And her son did not know he would survive that day without a mother!  Tell that now to an 11-year-old child that grew up without his loving mother.

According to a witness, Christie had the green light while the bus driver was on the phone when he struck and killed the young mother! Talking on a phone and driving is prohibited in New Jersey!

The incident occurred at 7:00 am near the intersection of Main and Harrison Streets East Orange, New Jersey!

I am so glad I took a screenshot of this article and the witness comments before a Coach USA lawyer requested the website to remove the comments so the world can now see how corrupted this bus company is.

Sadly, like many tragedies, this one missed the mass media’s attention span and the notice of the community. The death of Christie Noble-Ross was an unacceptable ending of a young mother’s life and a baby’s loss of a mother with no real coverage of a mishap that could have been prevented by a bus driver! There should have been community coverage and community outrage.

The loss of a mother from a child (and no coverage of this mishap) could have been prevented if a bus driver obeyed a simple law of no telephone calls! Her death should have brought an outcry on enforcing such laws to the fullest extent!

The casualty was an injustice to Christie, her child, her family, and her community, where laws need to be enforced! We know that her child has grown up motherless due to the bus driver’s destructive behavior!

As of today, the blame for her death has been directed towards her, not the real adversary. That indeed is a tragedy!

Based on a March 4, 2019, law sponsored by our US Senator Bob Menendez, if a passenger assaults a driver, he or she faces severe sanctions with jail time! As of today, there is no law sponsored for any severe penalties with jail time for Coach USA’s killing machine bus drivers who murder people like Noble.

Sorrowfully, the Essex County Prosecutor allowed the bus driver to walk away, a free man without any repercussions.

The original case of the mother must be reopened and investigated to get needed justice and a degree of punitive sanctions. A son has lost his mother, and a mother her son! The issue of an injustice law is a travesty, and the lack of remorse for the dead by Coach USA is offensive.

Coach and other state transit systems like NJ transit need to enforce sanctions on bus staff! We, car drivers, have such sanctions, and fairness must be the rule of all roads and safety always enforced!

These killing and injustice deaths by Coach USA bus drivers in New Jersey need to stop. The bus driver should not have the liberty to escape vehicular homicide.

All drivers, most especially bus drivers, have to be accountable!

I hope Governor Murphy ensures these road killings are addressed in New Jersey with further codified laws and safety training! This mother did not need to die!

It is mind-blowing that Gov. Phil Murphy can pass a law to impose a permanent ban on flavored vape products but can not pass a law for NJ Transit incompetent bus drivers/train engineers for murdering innocent citizens.

The Essex County Prosecutor under former Governor Chris Christie’s administration did not adhere to the New Jersey law; instead, they blamed the victim for her death. Then swept her death under the rug so there will not be any liability on the bus driver. Here is the link on New Jersey law and penalty on drivers operating a vehicle while on the cellphone.

As far as Coach USA’s so-called professionally trained driver, know that he should not be holding the phone while driving putting innocent people’s lives in hand like Noble.

I hope that the newly appointed (by new Governor Phil Murphy) head Essex County Prosecutor and DA (District Attorney) will do the right thing by Coach USA victim Christie Noble-Ross, her son, friends, and her family to bring her killer to justice. The former Governor Christie-appointed Essex County Prosecutor failed the victim. They did not live up to their Mission Statement, which is “The mission of the Essex County Prosecutor’s  Office is to seek justice, to serve justice, and to do justice; to give the victim’s family justice.”

I hope the Governor Murphy appointed prosecutor Theodore “Ted” Stephens II  and appointed District Attorney General Gurbir Grewal can restore hope into Essex County Prosecutor’s fail system by allowed justice for the Noble-Ross family.


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