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It was a hot summer day in Portland Oregon. The cool breeze wicking away the sweat as I sat cross legged in the shade of the jumbotron at the country music festival. People were pouring in excited to hear a mixture of local and Nashville artists playing for the next 3 days, while we gorged ourselves on curly fries, turkey legs, sausages on sticks, and tried to keep cool.

I passed some of the time talking to Drew, the man who was fine tuning the HD camera feed, for the giant video display. He showed me some of the cool features that weren’t available even a few years ago with large screen technologies, and we talked about unique ways to use those for events at a much lower cost than ever before.

He also showed how the big LED rental screen was built right onto a trailer, and how it can be parked, leveled, and raised by hydraulics in 20 minutes flat. They had a pretty cool set up with a combination of live video streaming during the performances, sponsor ads on the top of the screen, and the Snapple selfie display showing our progressively sunburned selfies in between the acts. It’s pretty great how much more sophisticated the tech has gotten over the years and with lower prices than ever before, you get so much more bang for your bucks such as:

* Kiss-cams
* Sponsor ads
* Selfie posts to game scores
* Live feeds for indoor and outdoor events

“Small mobile jumbotrons are changing the game across the nation with more features and lower costs built into easy-to-set-up units for events of all kinds.” – D. Steig

A history of the big LED Screens / Video Walls

A Jumbotron is a video display using large-screen television technology. The original Jumbotron was developed and introduced by Sony in 1985, and was used primarily in sports stadiums and concert venues to show live video feed, and replay close ups at the events. Sony creative director Yasuo Kuroki developed the Jumbotron, which originally didn’t use led lights, but instead used cathode ray tubes containing red, blue, and green phosphors. The original screen was 40 meters long by 25 meters tall. (Approx 131 ft by 82 ft)

Now with the introduction of LED’s, prices for Jumbotrons have dramatically decreased allowing for massively larger screens to be built, and for the advent of the mobile LED big screen rental market. Small companies have popped up in markets across America, boasting both indoor and outdoor big LED screen rentals. Mobile units can range from trucks and trailers with screens built right in, to small pop up units built on crank-stands, to backdrops for concerts and such venues. These small rental companies embody the spirit of American entrepreneurship. Going from event to event, live streaming indoor and outdoor events, but none quite captures the full spectrum of unique opportunities quite like our friends at

From the outside, LED-Trailers may look like just another LED big screen rental company out of Portland, Oregon, but from a fully customizable experience, to sponsor ad revenues, helping with graphics design, and ad placement, their focus on finding every advantage possible has set them apart as the leaders in indoor/outdoor LED technology in the Pacific Northwest.

LED screens rentals today in Portland

With today’s world being overrun with screens of every kind, the integration of newer and particularly lower cost mobile screen rentals into events, fairs, festivals, and concerts are becoming more and more common. Events that do not modernize are being left behind, as even the smaller events can afford small mobile screens for entertainment and advertising. And sponsors are clamoring to get up on the bright flashing screens, moving away from the dull background of outdated banners and signs.

The jumbotron market once was the exclusive purview of the giant arenas that housed them, but as those arenas shift more and more towards social media and phone apps, the true market for LED and Jumbotron technology has quite literally been mobilized into the 21st century.

For more information on the variety of services offered by modern mobile LED companies, Please feel free to reach out to our friends at

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