Republicans vs Democrats; the Two Arms of Freedom

  • Those decisions which have been made to take God out of the constitution are the seed of destruction for America.
  • There is a strong connection between freedom and God much more than the connection between religion and God.
  • Freedom does not allow people to separate themselves from God for God is freedom.

God Bless America. God Bless Israel. God bless humanity.

In the battle with Amalek Exodus 17:12 is says “Moses hands were heavy, and they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it, and Aharon and Hur supported his hands on one side and the other side, and his hands were steady.” The battle with Amalek is the battle for freedom. The stone on which Moses sat is the constitution of the nation of liberty and justice, his two arms are the two arms of freedom the two sides of the democracy republican and democrat and their supporters. America is in the middle of this war President Trump vs Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi and socialist liberals.

America is today in the middle of a political dilemma. America according to the constitution is a democracy which means there needs to be at least two sides. A government with only one side is no longer a democracy. The two sides can differ or agree and watch over the law. America believes in freedom and there is no place for anti-freedom liberals.

Trump by calling building the wall a national emergency is using his power as president. The opposition to him building the wall is given to the democrats in the constitution. In a democracy it is permitted to disagree but not in a dictatorship. Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi by opposing Trump are defending democracy. Even if the left will go to the Supreme Court about the legality to declare a national emergency it is part of democracy. America has a constitution to determine right or wrong. Trump has to respect the constitution of the USA even if it may have in it faults. If he will not respect the constitution he can be impeached.

There is a perfect law for creating a democracy a nation with liberty and justice. America was established in 1776 and is still developing building the law of a free nation under God, One Nation under God with liberty and justice forever. Those decisions which have been made to take God out of the constitution are the seed of destruction for America.

The concept of separation of church and state does not need to separate God and State. There is a difference between church and God. Church is an establishment of a religion with laws of worship for its congregation. Church is a separate entity. A nation which allows in it one church one religion is a dictatorship. Each church is a dictatorship and has its own separate law. A nation cannot be called a free nation when it is attached to one church but it can still be a free nation when it allows people to belong to the church of their choice. Church and religion is not God until they are endorsed by freedom. God is unlimited and church and religion are within limits. Just like freedom implies unlimited choice even until infinity, also God is unlimited not to be defined in one way. There is a strong connection between freedom and God much more than the connection between religion and God. Religion begins with the discovery of God. Before the discovery of God comes freedom. Religion is born from freedom. Freedom is the first energy before the discovery of God. God is connected to freedom before religion. God is freedom and God is religion.

President Trump has reinforced the custom of America to place the words “In God we trust,” on the dollar bill. Where the American constitution the first amendment “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of a religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” does not contradict adding the words “under God” or in “God we trust” on legal documents or on the dollar bill. America has chosen a God whose name is freedom. The God whose name is freedom is not opposed to using other names for God but is opposed to limiting God to one name and one religion. The best name for the omnipotent, master of perfection, Lord of peace in English is God. The use of the word God is acceptable in America without argument. To use the name Jesus for God may create a dispute or God of Jacob, or another name. Christians also refer to the Almighty as God. God is not a religion or attached to any particular religion but is the name used in the religion of freedom. The fact that the terminology God is excluded from the constitution of the USA but included in the Declaration of Independence weakens the Constitution of the USA. God should not be confused with religion. Freedom is God, God is Freedom. “In God we trust” “in Freedom we trust” should be added as an amendment to the Constitution of USA as part of the first Amendment. God implies perfection. Without God there is no perfection of the nation of America, and the people have no incentive to be perfect champions of freedom.

Perhaps this has been the reason why Americans are not seeking to improve. Since they have no God in their constitution they have no incentive to be perfect Americans. Without an image of God attached to America and freedom like it is attached to every human being “man is created in the image of God” America liberty and justice have no goal of perfection. God can be freedom when freedom is perfect. God cannot be imperfect. Freedom cannot be perfect when it is not Godly. A nation under God with liberty and justice forever has the incentive to be perfect; but a nation with liberty and justice forever without God has no goal of perfection. Stagnation brings destruction. It says in proverbs, if you don’t grow than you begin to decline. A person or nation cannot be God but can aspire to become the representative of God on earth which is perfection and for America a nation of perfect freedom.

Liberals today in America have looked toward separation of church and state as a means to separate from God which means remove themselves from life. Freedom does not allow people to separate themselves from God for God is freedom. There has to be improvement in America to be a part of God. When the American ideal declines it leaves freedom; it leaves God. There is freedom which is Godly and there is freedom which is pagan. The freedom which is Godly is a freedom which seeks the ideals of perfection and goals of World Unity and Peace. Freedom can unite the world since the world is divided and freedom is unity. Freedom cannot be republican alone or democrat alone unless the people unite 100% with either party which can never happen because it started off as a democracy and it has a constitution and declaration of independence. Freedom allows the other side to have its voice.

Freedom is perfect but the constitution of America is not perfect for it does not mention God. Freedom without God is not perfect. Make America perfect by adding the words a nation under God to the constitution. Freedom is the God of America, the religion of America which allows freedom to other religions and unites the world in unity and peace. Freedom allows people to be humanitarian, even atheist or agnostic. Humanitarianism is also a religion. People worship God who is perfection as humanitarians.

Judaism has brought to the world the Bible. Before anything at the burning bush God identified himself to Moses as the God of Freedom. The Exodus from Egypt is a symbol of freedom to all of mankind. If the Jews and Moses afterwards chose to build a nation a Monarchy and dictatorship it was their choice. The Bible gives the law for Israel the Biblical Nation which is a model today for America who is writing a new constitution each day improving the law for the Free World a united world In God we trust. In the New World America is the nation of freedom with all the nations of the world under the roof of freedom and liberty. The dictatorships of the past each with their own bible are today the other religions living under the roof of freedom. Judaism began with freedom and with Moses, in the days of the Messiah religion unites again with freedom. Freedom unites all the religions of the world together with God.

The arms of Moses were the two sides of freedom which are republican and democratic in America. When they work together in the goals of democracy they can conquer worlds. When they fight each other for merely political reasons nothing can be accomplished. A story in Genesis 48:13 can give inspiration and be a lesson for the American Political conflict today. Jacob like Moses is called the father of truth the father of freedom. Joseph the son of Jacob brought his two sons Menashe the first born, and Efraim to receive blessings from their grandfather. When Jacob blessed the two children he crossed his hands and placed his right hand on the head of Efraim who was to his left side, and his left hand on the head of Menashe who was on his right side instead of blessings them right to right and left to left. From this can be learned a lesson to politicians that they should be truthful and if necessary they can disagree with the leaders of their party. If they are democrat; they can agree with Trump and if they are republican they can agree with Nancy Pelosi. There is also freedom in politics and even more so when you represent America and freedom in the senate or congress. Freedom loves truth and works for truth. Freedom loves peace and works for peace.

Let the constitution of America begin with the words “God Bless America.”

David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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