Returning to Normalcy

  • The world will soon return to normalcy after Corona Pandemic.
  • Corona is not the last World crisis.
  • God is eternal; this world is temporary like the life of man.

Corona virus has crippled the world.  Flights abroad have been cancelled. Each nation of the world is living in quarantine closed in their own country. Corona is very contagious and people are forced to wear masks and gloves with other sanitary measures. Through teamwork the world is slowly conquering the baffling virus. Covid-19 was not known in the beginning but scientists have indentified it. Identification of the virus was the first step toward conquering it. Covid-19 damages the hemoglobin impairing the red blood cells to transport oxygen throughout the body, comprising the lungs and resulting in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), an Italian pharmacist explained. Understanding the mechanism leads to producing and using effective drugs to treat the virus.

Corona is not the first crisis faced by America and NYC. Sept 11 the twin towers fell through terrorism. NY has bounced back after this tragedy.

The virus attacks the proteins that carry oxygen throughout the body. With lack of oxygen, the result is Carbon Dioxide accumulation in the lungs. The elderly are more susceptible to develop pneumonia. The Italian doctor pointed to the two drugs Remsdesvir which began as a drug developed for Ebola and Hydroxychloroquine the malaria drug. Both of these drugs can be effective to slow down the spreading of the disease in its early stages.

Two hundred and 11 healthcare professionals and patients came in contact with a healthcare worker who had contacted the disease. They were treated with hydrocholoroquine and after 10 days none of them contacted the virus. Also with Remdesvir when used in early stages before the development of symptoms it proved highly effective. Hydrochloroquine is administered in a one day treatment which stays in the body for three weeks.

Both of these drugs may have side effects and their use should be only when there is known exposure to Corona and after testing that Corona has been identified in the body. The two drugs should be available to prescribe by general practioners or to be given by doctors in clinics not only in hospitals. Only red tape with FDA is holding back the use of these drugs and when they are only administered in hospitals it is very often too late.

Testing is another key to conquering Corona Pandemic. Fast and immediate testing is necessary. The techniques of testing are improving. These tests possibly can be made before plane flights.  Today before flying to certain places is required vaccination like Typhoid fever or malaria. Also a test for Corona may be made mandatory two days before the flight. In this way airlines can be opened.

The use of these drugs are more sensitive for the elderly than for youth. They may cause heart disease in the elderly. Through using these drugs on younger people can be prevented the spread of the disease to the elderly. Even with these drugs the elderly will need special care. Young people almost always are able to develop the antibodies they need to heal. To develop these antibodies takes time while the elderly need immediate help.  Looking just at the danger to the elderly at the expense of the world economy may not be worth it. Poverty can kill more than Corona. The elderly are also more sensitive to influenza and pneumonia, heart disease, and other ailments with fatality. People die from old-age.

It will still take time to develop a vaccine. When and if a vaccine will be developed the first to be vaccinated will be the care workers.  Flu vaccinations and pneumonia are vital for the elderly and those with health issues. In the meantime it may be possible to return to normalcy through these two medicines and testing. It will still take time to develop a vaccine.

Hurricane Irene struck NYC by surprise causing flooding in downtown Manhattan the center of in commerce World. NYC bounced back after this tragedy.

There are other ways to improve immunity from Corona and other viruses. These preventative measures are important for everyone but most for the elderly. Taking Zinc with vitamin C has been used by people with success. A famous Rabbi in Israel in his 60s used Frankincense an old Biblical remedy. Some people are using hyssop plant called in Israel Zatta, also a biblical remedy.  Proper nutrition is important for the middle aged and elderly.

The Universal faith sometimes called Baha”i faith gives the maximum in spiritual help in crisis like Corona. Resurrection faith is for those that need additional spiritual strengthening in addition to simple blind faith taught in religion.  In Judaism in the last eight hundred years through the Zohar The Book of Splendor Jews have become enlightened in the knowledge of the Universal faith. Believing in God and the Bible is the beginning of faith.

It is important to educate children in Bible ethics and morals beginning with simple faith believing in the Bible truth. Prayer has in it emotional strengthening which is also a type of immunity to disease. Good Health is a combination of mental health and physical health. Recognizing the importance of Mental Health is not new. Psychology is a new mental health science but religion and spiritual guidance was here before psychology. Medicine has developed but not to forget the importance of herbal remedies and proper nutrition.

Madonna the American Guru and prophetess in her internet site called Corona the great equalizer.  Corona is bringing together the world to save lives. Corona is bringing together religions which once were at war with each other.

America especially New York has been hit hardest by Corona. New York has been put through several tests beginning with September 11 terrorist attack on the Twin Towers. Hurricane Irene in 2011 caused flooding in New York City which was completely unexpected. Water entered in skyscrapers located close to the shore in Manhattan.

There have been unusual natural catastrophes in America and throughout the world. Pope Francis commented about Corona connecting it to the needs of solving the problem of global warming. China the source of Corona is the biggest offender of Global warming.  The work continues to make the world a better place and a dwelling place for God.

The closing of synagogues and temples points to the spiritual need for individual prayer and meditation from the heart not only with congregations. The Messianic goal is for each person individually to find God. God is not only for the clergy. Jerimiah taught in Chapter 31, In the future the young and old will know how to connect to God without the need of a teacher. Prophecy is a goal in the Messianic era. Moses in Numbers:8 expressed his desire for all of his people to become prophets. He was not afraid of competition. Moses gave the Jewish people and the world the Bible.  He wants everyone to open the Bible. President Trump publicized that he carries with him the Bible.

You don’t become a prophet overnight. It begins with the study of the Bible and finding a teacher who is also a prophet. The Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory publically announced that he and his teachers were not only Torah scholars but also prophets. The world needs to listen to the guidance of Pope Francis to work to heal global warming and the healing of each soul.

NYC will return to normalcy like it did after September 11 and flooding from Irene. The dead buried in these mass burials will be remembered forever.

Israel and Jerusalem are the capital of World Faith. The world needs a Universal place of prayer about which Rabbi Lau the Chief Rabbi of Israel at the interfaith gathering in Jerusalem to end Corona virus pointed to the holy temple in Jerusalem as prophesized by Isaiah “my house will be a house of prayer for all the people of the world.”   When was closed the temples of worship in the world in the Corona crisis, God has instructed for each person to build a personal home for God in his heart.

America, New York and the world is returning to normalcy but hopefully will not forget the lessons of life which Corona has taught. People can continue to quarantine a little bit by dressing more modestly. Love and family are very important. Only through marriage is there a lasting relationship.  Procreation is still important.  Love should be combined with procreation to make it reach its highest goal to bring new life into the world a spiritual unity of father mother son and daughter called in the bible the secret of the name of the unity of God of four letters, the secret of peace.

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David Wexelman

Rabbi David Wexelman is the  author of five books on the topics of World Unity and Peace, and Progressive Jewish Spirituality. Rabbi Wexelman is a member of the American Friends of Maccabee, a charitable organization helping the poor in the United States and in Israel.  Donations are tax deductible in the USA.

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