REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S21 e S21+

  • Samsung introduces the “phantom colors”.
  • Galaxy S21+ has the biggest smartphone screen available in the market.
  • The triple-lens-grade automatically adapts and adjusts to the scene pointed, including a 64MP telephoto lens.

Unraveling the newest Samsung top smartphone models innovations. Samsung has a wide range of smartphone lines, including less expensive models, but the Galaxy S line is undoubtedly its front-runner. We easily do not expect great changes within only one year from the last model, however, S21 modifications go way beyond the design update.

Here, we list some of the greatest changes that Samsung brought to its top model of smartphone. We must warn you: you may want to change your smartphone by the end of this article.

New design

Let us start with the most visible change: the design. While the three lens set continues on the top left, in the back, now it is surrounded with a metallic plate that involves the smartphone border.

Besides the fancy and elegant touch of the metallic details, Samsung introduces the “phantom colors”, such as Phantom Pink and Phantom Violet, that offer sophisticated options besides the classic black and silver tones.


Except for the Galaxy Note line, Galaxy S21+ has the biggest smartphone screen available in the market with 6.7 inches (the S21 has 6.2 inches). The new model brings back the full HD resolution instead of 2K, but this is not a downgrade: the rate at 120Hz remains and it allows the screen resolution to adapt to the content displayed.

The S21 models come with the new Dynamic AMOLED 2X and Gorilla Glass Victus, the newest model by Corning. The first feature also guarantees a superb color rendering, especially with dark tones.

The Eye Comfort Shield is another innovation because it has not just the blue light adaptable filter, but it also contains a technology that allows you to customize it, so you can either set the automatic mode from sunset to sunrise or choose the adaptive filter, so it follows your own use pattern.

Also, the SGS, one of the world’s leading companies in inspection, testing, verification, and certification, gave the Eye Comfort Shield a certificate in Eye Care for Galaxy S21.

No charger

Following the market tendency, Galaxy S21 and S21+ do not come with a charger or with earphones. Like Apple, Samsung wants to enhance the Galaxy Buds, the companies’ wireless earphones, and defends that the absence of chargers is part of a global effort to reduce electronic waste.

Since we are speaking of battery, although the Galaxy S21 continues with the 400 mAh, the same as Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S21+ has a 4800 mAh, expected to have greater energy autonomy since the upgrade in the core processors with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 — this means it supports both kinds of 5G available in the US.


Both Galaxy S21 and S21+ are equipped with three sensors. The triple-lens-grade automatically adapts and adjusts to the scene pointed, including a 64MP telephoto lens. The back and frontal cameras have Optical Image Stabilization that functions on photos and videos.

Samsung S21 and S21+ also allow the recording of videos with 8K resolution, coming with the Director’s View, which lets the user see all cameras simultaneously. With the Single Take feature, you can easily turn a scene from a video into a photo.

Extra customization 

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21+ come with Android 11 and offer a great range of customization possibilities. With the new Samsung model, you can turn the screen with just two touches, without using any button.

You can also personalize your alerts, choosing the pop-up or the smart notification, similar to the ones used in Facebook and Messenger, which permits you to access and respond to messages without opening the application.

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