Rockets Fired at Southern Israel in Response to “Deal of the Century”

  • “The Deal of the Century” has been received with mixed feelings by the Palestinians, Israelis, Russians, and the United Nations.
  • Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated that he will break off ties with the US and Israel.
  • Netanyahu and Gantz will not betray Trump and will have to join together in a United Coalition.

While attending a flower festival in Southern Israel, Benny Gantz, the leader of Blue and White in March’s elections was forced to complete his speech in a bomb shelter as sirens forced them to evacuate the hall. This was the fourth consecutive day that rockets were shot into Israel from Gaza. Israel retaliated for each of these incidents.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas displays a map of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s peace plan, “The Deal of the Century,” has been received with mixed feelings by the Palestinians, Israelis, Russians, and the United Nations. In Israel, the ultra-orthodox, right-wing Zionist party is anxious to begin annexation of territories occupied by Israel called Area C, which is today under complete Israeli control. The president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, has urged Israel to wait until after the Israeli elections.

According to the Oslo Accords, the captured territories were divided up into three zones. Area A and B constitute 40% of the West Bank and were placed under Palestinian Authority control.  Area C, which is 60% of the territory, is under Israeli military and civilian control. All Israeli settlements are located in Area C. The Trump peace plan leaves intact the PA, but withdraws the map of the West Bank creating two Zones.

Israel is left with 30% of Area C, including the Jordan Valley. The rest of the West Bank— A&B and 30% of C— will belong to the Palestinian State.  America will guarantee support for the 30% of Area C, which will be annexed by Israel, but Israel would agree not to build new settlements in Area C for four years, and not to extend their current settlements. Jerusalem is recognized as the capital of the State of Israel. The peace treaty needs the two sides to recognize each other.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas stated that he will break off ties with the US and Israel. He will not let President Trump bribe the Palestinians by offering them prosperity. In effect, President Trump has changed the strategy in making a Middle East peace deal. In the past, peace was to be made through negotiations between the two sides, with a trade of land for peace. In Trump’s new peace plan, America is alone drawing the map of how the land will be divided.

Abbas has not accepted President Trump’s map, and neither has Hamas, who the last four days has thrown missiles and incendiary balloons into Israel. Negotiations have not succeeded and the new strategy of the Deal of the Century is to force the parties to agree. Israel has its eyes open on annexation of territories and holding these territories under Israeli control through its military strength.

It knows that maybe a new administration will go into office in America in 2020, and everything will return to the negotiation table if they don’t annex now. Kushner advises to wait until after the March elections, but not until September when Trump will run again. Israel will then make gains even if Fatah and Hamas do not agree.  Now they do not agree and prefer to weaken Israel through terrorism.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (right) meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also is not happy about Trump’s peace plan. He prefers negotiations like in the past. However, Putin now is faced with problems in their enormous border with China, which they have closed due to the Coronavirus. He is a friend of Israel but also friendly with the Arab States. The Arab states have difficulty accepting Trump’s peace deal, especially Jordan, who want return of the Palestinian refugees. Trump spoke about freeing of prisoners but does not accept the law of return. The U.N. is against the peace deal, but they can’t stop it because of the American veto.

Trump has not solved the problem but has made available for Israel to annex territories which will give Israel the ability to hold strong and secure until the Arabs will finally agree to the Trump two-state solution. Under the Trump administration, Israel has advanced. Jerusalem has been accepted by America as its capital. America is behind annexation of Golan. According to the Deal of the Century, Israel will soon annex portions in Area C, which they have settlements, and maybe also the Jordan Valley. Trump is good for Israel; the Arabs still remain the enemies of Zion.

The right-wing Zionist religious parties are against the two-state solution, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not betray Trump.  Gantz is trying to appease the less-Zionist religious parties to agree to join with him after the next elections. Trump’s peace treaty will force Israel to make a national unity government after the next elections.

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