Russia and Syria Accuse US of Using Coronavirus Aid to Help Rebels

  • Russia and Syria accuse the US of using humanitarian aid to supply rebels in Syria.
  • Syria and Russia issued an joint statement.
  • Russia is also citing a humanitarian report done by a Russian democratic fund.

The Kremlin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad‘s government accuse the United States of using humanitarian aid to supply rebels. The interdepartmental coordination headquarters of Russia and Syria said that the US, against the background of the situation with the spread of COVID-19 in the world, plans to transfer cargo to the militants under the guise of humanitarian assistance.

According to the joint statement issued by the headquarters of both nations, “The American side cynically seeks to take advantage of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus and puts pressure on the UN leadership to bring ‘humanitarian’ supplies to the refugee camp ‘al-Rukban’ under the guise of supplying diagnostic tools for infection.”

The statement also draws global attention to the critical situation of local residents and the need for urgent international assistance to prevent a humanitarian disaster. “Once again, we emphasize that the humanitarian problems of al-Rukban are the result of the illegal occupation of this part of the territory of Syria by the United States,” the statement reads.

Russia and Syria claim they have fulfilled all obligations under the UN plan to evacuate the remaining refugees from al-Rukban. In their statement, the headquarters said that they consider unfounded “further attempts to justify their inaction on the part of the United States and UN humanitarian agencies.”

In October 2019, Maxim Grigoriev, Director of the Foundation for Research on Democracy, presented a report on human rights violations in the rukban camp at the UN headquarters. The report cited is “RUKBAN CAMP: TRAGEDY OF THE SYRIANS IN THE AMERICAN ZONE OF OCCUPATION.”

The report contains: 

  • Outlined Research methods.
  • Main conclusions of the study.
  • American militants and terrorists in the al-Kurban camp.
  • Killings and beatings of refugees by Pro-American militants
  • Rape of women, forced prostitution, and child abduction by Pro-American militants.
  • Forcible holding of refugees as hostages in the er-Ruban camp.
  • Features of the management of the er-Rukban camp by the United States.
  • Living conditions in the camp: hunger, lack and high cost of drinking water and food.
  • Living conditions in the camp: death of children and adults due to lack of medical care.
  • Living conditions in the camp: unsanitary conditions, lack of adequate housing, electricity, and education for children.
  • Opinions of Syrian refugees on the responsibility of the United States for crimes in the er-Ruban camp.
  • Main results of the sociological survey of 219 refugees from the Ruban camp.

All of this is purely based on politics and control. Both sides have been accusing each of other for some time. There is also an issue with Turkey, but that has been on the back burner, since the coronavirus pandemic is on the forefront globally.

Also, how can Russia be an advocate for democracy when Russia is not a democratic nation at this time? Russia is run more as a dictatorship. It is very far from actual democratic principles, minus the farce of “democratic voting” that is done more for show.

The Kremlin continues its geopolitical agenda around the world regardless of the coronavirus pandemic.

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